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Bell Guide
Bell Guide

Bells are the group currency - just like in the games! - earned via drawing your character(s), NPCs, or other user's character(s). You may also earn Bells from writing about your character(s), NPCs, or other user's character(s) with their permission!
Bells are used in the many shops scattered around Lilypad, and may be traded or gifted to other users for things such as commissions and just generally being nice! Check out the shops to see what each one offers so you can know what to spend those sweet, sweet Bells on.
To make tallying your bell count easier please be sure to post how many Bells you think you've earned for each piece of artwork/literature you submit to the group!
Also it is up to an individual user to keep track of their Bells in our Tracker System! If you are found to be cheating the system actions will be taken against you. Please track fairly.
To begin earning Bells
:iconcreature-crossing:Creature-Crossing 51 15
characters for art OPEN
EDIT: a ton up for art offers now, all from my main account instead of my sales account
I really, really, really wanna downsize and only have characters I use, so I'm putting a bunch of characters up for art offers as no one seems interested when I try to sell them
these are the characters ufo. please keep in mind that I am very tent on some of these characters, and I have every right to refuse an offer on anyone
please specify what kind and how much art you are willing to do, and please provide examples
:iconkvetcher:kvetcher 9 173
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HEHEHE Ask her anything ♡ 

Noelle is my child <3
[CC] Paris App
Name: Paris
Birthday: Feb. 14
Species: Bat
Catchphrase: "Anarchy!"
Quote:"Let's go crazy! Start up some ANARCHY!"
Character Type(s): Normal, Lazy
Personality: Rebellious, Silly, Confident, Fierce

History: Paris isn't one to go by the rules, and loves to get others going crazy. They mean this all in good fun of course! Paris only likes to have fun, and only starts up some "anarchy" so there isn't anything boring, unlike their childhood, one of which was filled with strict rules and harshly boring activities. However, they can go from fun loving to protecting in the blink of an eye. They are quite fierce and will always fight anyone who even DARES to upset their friends. It is NOT wise to pick a fight with them, Paris is known to not take bullies lightly, and will go head on.

Other: -is only active at night -sleeps all day -will be extremely grumpy if woken up anytime in the morning -lies to throw parties -sometimes doubts themself -really loves chips

Here are a few examples of my art! If you are interested in a commission, please DM me on Discord OR note me! (I would prefer PayPal) As for pricing? Nothing less than $5 usd, but other than that, I am totally flexible. This goes for both digital and traditional.  Discord- OrionStar87#1161 If you have any questions, feel free to ask via notes/DMs.
Tickle tickle!
Hehe finally did my part x,D Second part the collab, Sparky is owned by Achronix

5/225 wyns
Noelle Application




Birthday January 4th (20 years old)

+Kind +Caring +Empathetic +Motivates others +Loves to be generous
-Worries often -Gets stressed easily -Doubts herself -anxious -Blames herself if something goes wrong

Noelle is a kind-hearted girl, and she absolutely loves to help anyone she can. She hates to see others in trouble, and would gladly give away an item to someone else who needs it more than herself. She always tries to understand and help with problems, although she secretly doubts she can help. She constantly feels that she doesn't do enough-- as though her help isn't really helping at all. She will often get stressed after thinking this way, and it’ll continue to affect how she acts and talks to those around her. Sometimes, she’ll get so lost in thought that it’s as if she is in another world. But despite this, she still continues to stay determined, and tries to not give up easily. She refuses to ever truly allow her anxiety and stress to control her.

Noelle comes from a kind family, although they are mildly strict. She wasn't allowed to go out with friends on her own until she was 16. She was quite a rebel though, as she often snuck off to watch Splatfests take place and learn all she could about being on a team. Sometimes her parents would catch her, and she’d be grounded for a month, but this never stopped her from watching them on her tablet in the privacy of her own room. She always enjoys playing video games on her tablet, and will sometimes get so lost in the game as though she were truly a part of it! One time when she was 15, she got so into it that it took her a few minutes to realize she was home alone and not in a world where her parents were gone forever. (Her parents had left to attend a party that was only for adults, although she had forgotten about this).

Noelle never fancied working on weapons, to her father’s dismay. Although, she does keep what he has taught her very close to her heart and tries to use that knowledge whenever she can. Noelle was also not too big on designing, which truly broke her mother’s heart. She’s been told she has such a good eye for matching colors and designs that were unique, but she didn't really enjoy it like her mother did. Instead, she wanted to become a battler. The rush of battling and keeping her guard up excited her, and although her parents didn't quite understand why, they still support her. She strives to be the best, and although she does want to make her parents proud, she also wants to prove to herself that she is more than just a shy girl who loves to compete. Unfortunately, Noelle has issues with believing in herself. She is quite a hypocrite, telling others to believe in themselves and to never give up when she doesn't really believe in herself at times. This is due to the fact that her parents always seemed to keep her hidden away, as though she were too horrible to allow out of their safe home. Her parents frequently explained it was for her own perfection, so that she wouldn't be harmed for being a hybrid- for being a bit different. She has listened to them several times, but still seems to doubt their reasoning. She has never really been discriminated for being a hybrid, but sometimes she’d get a few dirty looks or a rude comment- but she simply brushes it off.

Despite how she feels, she still always tries to practice with her Splattershot Jr., often using the “ink room” in her home. They aren't the richest family, but they do have enough room for about six people to live in their house. The “ink room” was a spare room her parents had fixed up in order for Noelle to have a place to practice. She bought the Splattershot Jr. with her own money, proving to her parents that she takes good care of her money (and is thankful it was so cheap). She has decorated the weapon with her own small designs and colors, truly making it her own. Something she did get from her mother’s love for designing was drawing and making pottery! Although very messy, Noelle loves to make pots and containers for those who are needy, and will always give them away every weekend. She makes these beautiful and high quality, putting her heart and soul into each and every single pot she makes. She also gives these to family, allowing them to use it to store water, items, money or anything else they’d please. Sometimes, people will gladly pay her for one, in which she is always thankful for the kind but unnecessary tip.
-Making pottery -Looking at dream weapons or gear -decorating her own weapons to give them a bit of her own flare -Writing poems and short stories -Watching Splatfests

Weapon Splattershot Jr.!

Extras/Fun Facts
-Secretly loves plants very much -Sometimes goes by Elle -Dreams of being on the greatest team -Loves spicy food -Loves autumn -Can be crazy competitive when she is comfortable with those around her 



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Just wanting points for adopts...selfish I know I sorry. Also, you can pay for commissions here!

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Your Fledgling is in the central city along with a gathering of other Fledglings of the same age, and you must all choose a Cardinal Gate to pass through. The Four Gates are described in more detail in the story below of the ceremony conducted to see off all the Fledgling's on their journeys. You can read through the story to set the scene and give you a sense of the setting for the Fledglings about to set off on their journeys, and receive some final advice from the Elder Kaleo of the Spirit Trials.
To Complete the First Trial:
Draw or describe your Fledgling passing through the Cardinal Gate of their choice.
The 4 Gates:
Wind Gate of the East: Built of enormous conifer trees that withstand tornadoes.
Fire Gate of the South: Etched from volcanic glass: black, sharp and rippling.
Sea Gate of the West: Carved from coral taken from the deep Western Sea.
Mountain Gate of the North: Gate formed of bone, st

And here is the Spirit Trials Folder with all the current submissions, if you want to see what your fellow Fledgelings have been doing on their journeys!…
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