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Rise of the Extraordinary Avengers - Coreline 10
Alright. I'm really trying to get back into the swing of this story. But after doing what I can to make amends for my earlier mistakes and...all of my baggage with Operation: Endgame, I'm having a very hard time keeping my anger in check and being fair with my writing.

This chapter marks the end of the overlap with A Tale of Two Maris, another Coreline story. And...well, I have heard people asking why I'm doing this when I could have just ignored that story.

And I think the most honest answer I can give is...I really do hate A Tale of Two Maris. I know that I've earned some bad karma with my mistakes in the past, and I tried to stay silent about it, but...I honest to god hate that story. As far as I'm concerned, it's nothing but an excuse to have Mari beaten up and humiliated.

Now don't get me wrong. I get that the moral of A Tale of Two Maris is that you should trust in other people. And that Mari would have been better off and saved herself a lot of trouble if she had just trusted Turnot and Karin to do their job and take care of the villain of that story. But if I'm being really honest here, if I had been in Mari's position, if I was being framed for murder and had the power to conceivably go after the killer myself...I'd have done the same thing. Because trust is basically worthless.

No, wait. I suppose that's not quite the right way of putting it. Rather, people who work together and genuinely trust each other can accomplish great things. But in my experience, that kind of trust is so rare that it's virtually non-existent. That's because people that deserve such trust are few and far between. We have cops who frame the innocent because its easier than tracking down the actual culprit, and I've read a story about a cop who frame an innocent man so said cop could continue to pursue said innocent man's wife. And I also have had plenty of instances in my own life where my trust was punished, not rewarded. As such, I've made it a rule in my life to trust only as far as I can verify that the person in question is doing what he/she should be doing. Because blindly trusting anybody will generally result in you winding up with more knives in your back than a TF2 Engineer in a server that's loaded with Spies.

Seriously, if that story had only been about trust, then I can think of a much better way of handling the ending.


Well, I'll be damned! Mari thought as she hovered in the shadows of the abandoned Play-Doh factory. Because of problems on her end, she had been unable to reach this place in time.

And yet, it seemed that her intervention had been unnecessary. Because before she could even fly inside the abandoned factory, the Champions Turnot and Karin, along with what looked like a female Clayface, had successfully defeated the impostor that had been killing others while disguised as the Super Soldier.

They had her down before she even knew what happened! Mari mused, not just a bit impressed with the ease of the capture. Then, with a tired smile, the Super Soldier gave a slight shake of her head. I guess...I haven't been giving the Champions enough credit.

Satisfied that the crisis had been resolved and feeling a bit more optimistic, Mari turned and flew away. Promising to thank the Champions in question at a later date.


Okay, that was a bit short, but you get the idea. Mari flies in, but she's not in time to get involved in the fight. She sees the Champions having gone to so much trouble for an innocent and having done their job well, and feels a bit better as a result.

As it was, that whole story just felt set up for Mari to lose. And as a result, even though I kept silent...I still felt the need to do something to soothe my abraded pride and my irritation. I suppose that's pretty pathetic, all things said and done. A petty and spiteful thing on my part, but...there you have it.

Here's hoping that I didn't screw up too badly and I can finally get this story back on track. Along with my other works.
Sword of Protection Texture Test
Well, I've finished UVMapping and applying 3Delight textures to my Sword of Protection model. Haven't finished the Iray ones yet. Nonetheless, I decided to subject the sword to some harsh light and see how it looks. does it look?
Sword of Protection Iray Test
I've begun some preliminary work on a new cosplay costume. Namely, She-Ra, Princess of Power. Partly because I was inspired by some comics I've been reading online. And partly because I needed to do something to wash out the rancid taste left in my mouth by the abomination that Netflix has the temerity to call a reboot. :sick:i am sick :X Facepalm :angry: 

Now this sword isn't 100% accurate to the original design. This is because I felt that the original Filmation design was, well...a bit too simplistic. Plus, I spotted some cosplayers' take on this sword, and couldn't resist taking inspiration from them.

For the record, these textures aren't permanent. Just some quick shaders I slapped on to see what would happen. But does everything look thus far?
Kinniku Kiss 2-10
First: Kinniku Kiss 1-1

Previous: Kinniku Kiss 2-9

Next: To be released.

After spying on Shizune and the others, Anko's giving strong consideration as to her next move. With one key factor leading her to make a fateful decision.

Naruto Uzamaki has plenty of good intentions and a very big mouth! And both are about to get him into all kinds of trouble when a special project Tsunade's been working on has some unexpected results!

My first foray into creating my own fully drawn digital comics featuring the kunoichi of the Hidden Leaf and beyond getting in touch with their inner Amazons.

A project of this scale is not easy, nor is it cheap. And so producing this comic would be much easier with your support and (of course), funding.

Which is why I need your help.

By donating to me on Patreon, you can help make this comic happen, while getting some extras I'll be cooking up in return!

So please, contribute here!

Tier List:

$5.00: Early access. You'll get the pages a month before public release.

$10.00: Early access + Hi Res versions. You'll get the full resolution pages a month before public release.

$15.00: Lineart Pages + Previous Tier Rewards

$20.00: Flat Colors + Previous Tier Rewards.

$25.00: Full Photoshop Files + Previous Tier Rewards

$30.00: Hi Res PDF of Completed Comics + Previous Tier Rewards

$50.00: Access to All Versions + Unreleased Alts + Extra Art

$60.00: Comic Cameo(BG only) + Access to all previous tier rewards

Kinniku Kiss Chapter 2 Cover by OrionPax09

Naruto © Masashi Kishimoto

The Kinniku Kiss Has Been Stolen!

Journal Entry: Thu Jan 3, 2019, 7:35 AM


Ugh...2019 has only just begun, and I'm already stuck dealing with a load of BS that I don't need.

I was recently informed by multiple sources that this deviant, Deadpool00017, has been uploading works that most definitely do not belong to him!

Numbering among these works is the first chapter of "The Kinniku Kiss" and colored pages of Pokkuti's "Magic Muscle" series.

Ugh...I need this the same way I need another hole in my head...!

Update: After this journal was posted, Deadpool00017 erased "The Kinniku Kiss" from his page. Guess he saw my journal and decided he didn't want to get busted. Still annoyed by this, though.


United States

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Below is a list of people who have commissioned pieces from me who have not yet paid at least part of what I am due upon completion on the piece(s).



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