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:iconorionline:OrionLine posted a status
Gods... I finished my final work for this year and honestly? I really wanna burn it. They told us to make a design for a hallway in our school and the idea of the realization (which is like 5x bigger than that huge thing i did) makes me want to mess it up really badly, because the school isn't really pretty either way, so I don't know how this is going to help. Everyone is pissed, because we have to have the final work with us physically and no bloody printer will be able to print this huge crap (it's like 4 metres long), so we can't just paint it in computer, which would be much easier, but hell goddamn nope, we have to paint it with collors and it makes me very angry. Dude. I will be that pretty girl hanging with old rich dudes. I am less and less confident in my graduation.

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