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Finally managed to draw something
embedded_item1445691750201 by OrionLine
I'm so sorry guys, but my computer was broken, so I couldn't do anything, but everything's fixed now. So happy about that.
Sooo, what if I would star to do youtube speedpaint videos? How about that?
Ok, so I have plenty of drawings in my folder, but I can't post it until 8th January. Why? Because there is one (understandable) rule which is saying that art which you are showing to the judges can't be posted anywhere on the internet, so you can't cheat so easily. I am looking forward to psting them, but I am NOT looking forward to that day, you can't even imagine, how nervous I am.
Oh yeah, I love christmas, why not? I got a new comtuter (so I can finally do designs YAY- Brace yourself! My designs are coming!) and I am so much excited about win8 and angry, because skype is sometimes working kinda weird... So much for christmas, I know that no one is reading this, so I don't have to apologize for not giving my not existing watchers a christmas gift (kinda sad, but I was so much bussy this year). So have a good day :)
When I was starting this project week ago I was like: No, this is not even possible. 16 or 13 chibis? No, I was expecting that they will tell me after second chibi "What? Oh, those chibis, nevermind, we've already chosen something else, you can drop it.", but nothing like that happend. I was surprised, when I made the first chibi and they laughed saying: "Yes, this is it! Make it, it's awesome!". I don't think that it is so awesome, but I like it :) And now? I am so tired. Nothing much changes in my life, because I am still sitting behind the computer 10 hours, but I was never doing something meaningfull, something that has to be done. And those hairstyles! Who the hell invented boys hair?! I spent with one chibi three days and I still don't like it. Keep your fingers crossed for me, please :)
So, I didn't post anything since my first work and seriously, I don't expect anyone to care, but I am planning to show you everything I did when I was off :)
Btw. I am now doing a huge school T-shirt project and I am doing literally anything, but chibis :D