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The Forgotten One
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Through the endless tears I’ve shed And bargaining with all the Gods, I have been left completely alone Forced to face my own façade. With a forced smile here or there And maybe with whimsical laughs, I hide the ugly truth deep inside For my family and friend’s behalfs. They all say it gets better with time But who will fill this empty hole, Left behind by the man I loved And who once owned me heart and soul. They don’t know the emptiness I feel Or the dark thoughts inside my head, They see who I want them to see Not the me who is decaying and half dead. I’ve been told I can’t catch ghosts And I know thi
Surrounded by the darkness Of the eternal night sky, The stars twirling around, Trying not to die. Souls always entwining, In an unending plight, Protesting their innocence, As they continue to fight. As the dust settles, On the blood covered earth, Oozing from the dark abyss, Death giving birth.
The Curse
Standing firm in her beliefs Is a soul condemned to die Knowing that her pitiful life Has gone horribly awry. She knows not of her crimes Only the sentence of death Predisposition is a curse That will take away her breath. With silky hair the color of gold And shining emerald eyes She looks into her enemy And through the deceptive lies. Many whisper in the crowds Of her blackened heart Not know that the courageous soul Is ready to depart. With tears streaming down her cheeks And a gentle smile She knows that it will be done This self loathing trial. So as she looks into the mirror And steadies her nerves She tells the voices in her head That
Dance of Tears
Sometimes I look up at the night sky And wonder if you see the same star The moon shines so brightly upon me And I know that you are so far, My heart aches for you so badly A pain that will never go away Until you are once again in my arms And with me, forever, you will stay. I can still hear your soft voice Whisper lovingly in my ear Not wanting to open my eyes Wanting you to stay near, Even for a moment longer Not wanting the dream to end For even a split second is enough For my broken heart to mend. Now that you are gone from me Time and distance do part I wonder if you think of me And the eternal ache in my heart, I worry about you cons
Eternal tears of the final sorrow Beckoning your last embrace Silent cries in obscurity And a soul to be erased. Existence is a fleeting thought Forever in the darkened heart Lost desires and forgotten dreams Broken from the start.
People say that life is a stage for everyone to see But I say that its a game one that can not be beat. For the world is full of injustices and an enemy you must defeat But once you fail at this game there is no time to repeat. No freedom to find, no extra lives just pain and torturous levels Where you do not get a second chance to defeat the many devils. If you are lucky enough to find the end with many successful travels You may see the higher being That ends with your soul unraveled.
This is for you
For those who long for understanding For comfort and the pain For all the lost loved ones and the blood that stain. For those who look for freedom For who are lost again For all who are forgiven from all the pain and sin. For those who strive for forgiveness For acceptance of the past For all the eternal love that may never last. For those who grasp belonging For who may never care For all that acceptance is so very rare. This is for you.
Morning Sun
     The night had ended too quickly for Shakaku, who had only slept for a few hours due to the night's adventure before. She sat up in bed, looking around and realizing that something was dreadfully wrong. Though she couldn't place it. She yawned quietly and pulled the covers off of her slender body and stood up. Then it hit her.     She slowly approached the veranda, her eyes locked upon the object lying in the very middle of the floor. A sudden intake of air passed through her lips as she crouched to pick it up, her fingers trembled as she touched it. She studied the bloodied rose, knowing very well where it came from. She dropped the ro
February 7, 1985
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