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Character concept for the Zodiac sign Libra. Illustrated with Corel Painter X3 - thanks for viewing.
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© 2014 - 2021 Orion35
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Gaimoveur's avatar
Absolutely stunning ! By far I have not been astonished this way since a while.
CharaYui's avatar
this is awesome¡¡
also im not libra but ppl say´s that i act more like a Libra than a sagittarius X3 .
corneliapines's avatar
I think that this is a pretty EPIC version of libra. I personally am compleatly ok with libra drawings, but this is AWSOME. I feel like its a courrupt monster interpretacion of libra, and let me tell ya, not everybody is that original or talented to draw these kind of things
InLoveWithSubaruS's avatar
Proud Libra says hi! 😊

I just saw this piece on one site that talks about zodiacs biggest monsters they are hiding inside, there was credit so I found you.

You really have amazing skills and I cannot help but notice how different you interpreted zodiacs from others. Usually they are all about showing their main purpose, like with libra everything is about balance, hence highlight on the scale, but this is totally different and I enjoy it very much.

Thank you for being amazing artist. ^^
MidgarZolom's avatar
This picture makes me totally okay with being a Libra. Most interpretations of Libra are just dull, but this is pretty epic.
ElderLlaine's avatar
Indeed, one of the few truely badass Libra drawings I've seen. Well done Orion35!
Hey dood is it possible for you to mod this to a wall paper size? 
These look terrifying but AMAZING =)
It looks like a demon tormentor. I would love to see those cages filled with poor souls. Excellent work
Thanks so much!
Can u explain your version of the vision you had for this piece?
jaimedeandruart's avatar
Why isn't this a DD yet? Best Libra concept I've ever seen.
Awesome - thanks!
JanusEvander's avatar
The concept of the two empty cages for Libra is one-of-a-kind. Spot on and yet wholly unexpected. Great job!
Thanks - greatly appreciate that!
I5Spiders's avatar
I feel like I connect with your idea of Libra a lot. I definitely think you understand the zodiacs. You got this one perfect for me, personally.
Thanks so much
Nice libra concept
Angelbard13's avatar
I perused your Zodiac gallery and thought the concept and execution was tremendous.  Leo kicked ass.  Taurus and Ares were like mutated brothers of the Minatore and since I've known quite a few Gemini in my life, I truly appreciated your depiction.  Scorpio is just awesome. However, they all pale to the mystic and power of Libra!  Of course, I might be a little biased toward my own sign but come on... Libra looks like a hybrid of Death, a spider and the Alien Queen.  Well balanced Libra with fangs...nobody would dare call this one indecisive.  ;)
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