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Concept character for the Zodiac sign Aquarius. Illustrated with Corel Painter X3 - thanks for viewing.
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shockaLocKerHobbyist General Artist
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alucard688Hobbyist General Artist
Contrary to the criticizm I like the Aquarian depiction. It's very accurate in my opinion to the monsters within Aquarius. Such as the Aries horns are holding his arms back. I like the subtle symbolisms in all the signs depictions, and the slightly untraditional takes on a few.
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As Jan 21 is my birthday, I made this image my Cover Photo on my personal facebook page (and I linked back to your work for others to appreciate). I never pictured myself quite as an octopus, but I have been accused of being one on occasion :)
thanks for the tremendous artwork. Please keep it up!
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Thanks eyeonphotography! Glad you liked my art and shared it! All the best to you.
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d-emonStudent General Artist
This conception is all about Aquarius, unique and powerful. I always imagined that this sign was about rain, and your picture resembles me of storms. A very windy zodiac indeed haha. Beautiful colors and textures, your style is so pleasant for my eyes.
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Thanks very much!
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MahogiHobbyist General Artist
Seems like this -unique- one of your zodiac signs is the one with most complaints xD Although it looks mighty and godly!
It indeed is not as graceful BUT people don't seem to understand that this entire zodiac cycle is supposed to be creepy. It's MONSTERS after all! Rather silly to see the complaints as "gawd my sign is not as sexyy and badass". This is an abstract concept, an idea, that is really UNIQUE from everything I have seen before.

Fantastic art. Fantastic idea, very creatively executed. Your monstrous creatures are an inspiration :) I love basically every single one of them (though Virgo is... questionable but I will let it pass hehe).
Don't sell yourself and don't let people bend your creativity to their will.

And probably you already got to know that, but Libra.. ... is the king of all the 12 nightmares. Insane.
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Thanks Mahogi!
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That's fucking cool.
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Cool &scary. Instant connection with Neil Gaiman&Clive Barker, two of my favourite writers. Awesome.
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Thanks so much!
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Love your work!
The zodiac are some of my absolute favourite!
However, as an Aquarius I am rather gutted =[
On its own, it is an amazing piece!
As the representation of Aquarians, its made me a little sad 😔
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Maheen-SProfessional Digital Artist
Lol, every Aquarius is gutted. xD
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Sorry...I received a commission to do another version so hopefully all Aquarians will be happy (myself included) :)
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xshadowofdreadxHobbyist Digital Artist
The offspring of Cthulu and the Kraken isn't exactly how I pictured my star sign. haha
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haha sorry about that...nice comparison though. I'm an Aquarius as well.
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BaratheThornNinjaStudent Writer
With his vats of red tides, he'll destroy ANY enemies who dare cross his kingdom...
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I like this illustration but please create another Aquarius zodiac. We're known as one of the most powerful of all zodiacs. You're skills are a amazing.
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Thank you for taking suggestions for redos on our zodiac representation. I found you on Facebook and was excited to pop over and check out your art and full zodiac - Aquarius ;). I was intrigued by your concept, then more so when you stated you are Aquarius. Thank you for taking time to review and create another - not a replacement- version. Then, we Aquarians can decide which best represents us for purchase. Yes, if I'm into the new...I want a print.
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Thanks...as an Aquarius myself I got a lot flack for this depiction so I will definitely be creating a new version.
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it has man tits... pretty awesome drawing but didn't like the image of aquarius in my humble opinion, would prefer a buff octupus with mean face at least..
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lol this is badass, I am an Aquarius, artistic freedom for the win. I'm not big on Octopuses but Aquarius IS a tough one imo....its not exactly clear cut, cuz although its a Water Bearer, its also very closely associated with the Wind sign....Very very cool though. I think Virgo and Leo are my favourites! These could be awesome uh...models?...for video game characters haha especially Virgo, could be in the next Final Fantasy ;)
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Thanks - definitely a lot of different directions these Zodiacs could go in so it makes for a good excuse for me to do another series of them and try alternate concepts in the future :)
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