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hunters guild application Team Terrors Sword



Terrors Sword
Guild: Hunters
Star coins: 0

Merits: 0
Strikes: 0

Name: Tsuyo
Species: Dewott
Gender: Female
Age: 34

Height: 73 cm (very short for a full grown Dewott)

Nature: Brave
Characteristic: Proud of its Power

Ability: Torrent
Move set:
- Scald
- Razor Shell
- Ice Beam
- Dig

Strength: 4
Intelligence: 3
Agility: 2 (type bonus: +2)
Charisma: 1

Personality: Tries to be very stoic and strict but can’t stop herself being distracted by cute and furry things. She is gentle by hart but fierce in the face of danger.

History: She has had ninja training at a temple. After her sensei died she took his scarf and started out to find her own way. Her travels led her far and wide and time and time again she lost her way, figuratively and literally. Until she eventually settled on raising a little orphan she found.

Accessories: Template scarf
Items: n/a

Name: Ubu
Species: Deino
Gender: Male
Age: 11

Height: 91 cm (fairly big for a Deino)

Nature: Naive
Impetuous and silly

Ability: Hustle
Move set:
- Thief
- Dragon Breath
- Incinerate (not always on purpose)
- Thunderwave

Strength: 2 (type bonus: +2)
Intelligence: 1
Agility: 3
Charisma: 4

Personality: Goofy and with his head in the clouds he tries his hardest to learn and with that help people around him. He hopes that when he evolves he will be of more help to Tsuyo.

History: Fell on his head while he was younger. Now that he is growing up his concentration is getting better but he is still not the “sharpest tool in the shed”. Does not know where he came from and wandered around on his own before he was found.

Accessories: template armband 2x (on his head)
Items: n/a


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Aww! I love this Team! Ubu is cute and Tsuyo is heroic! Perfect combination! :D