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So there was this webcomic I had seen around when I was younger. It was about this girl that wasn’t supposed to exist. Like, God had apparently fucked up by making her, and her very presence in the world messed up Their timetables. One of the examples of her doing this was writing a poem as a kid that was so moving it made her teacher make up with her boyfriend or whatever several years before they were supposed to. And over the course of the comic you read about all of these other miraculous, not-supposed-to-happen things happening as a direct result of this chick just living her life. So what does that God do? Nerfs this girl by ruining her life. Over the years this bright, happy child slowly gets turned into a miserable sadsack of a woman so she wouldn’t be inspired to do anything worthwhile anymore, just so the God of that setting could cover up Their “mistake” and have Their perfect little plan go off without a hitch. Also there was a bunch of supernatural entities that wanted


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