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[MW] sleepy royal

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for the slumber party prompt!

when rune first came to the realm they were suffering from severe insomnia due to the stress of being heir-apparent and the target of several assassination attempts and basically didn't sleep at all their first few months at the academy. then they happened to stick their head in a creacher shop and get a shleepy plopped in their lap and they just. fell asleep on the spot

rune's bed is absolutely smothered in pillows and blankets and they often wake up buried under all of them. they bought a shleepy with an extra strong sleep charm on it, and their quality of sleep has greatly improved. there are times where the sleep they get is still not quite enough, though, and on those days they shamble from class to class like a cranky, pissed-off zombie
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I would die for them to get sleep 
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same hat rune
same hat

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