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[MW] an imperfect reflection


bitter choco decoration is the sole reason this oc exists

🦋 Name: Duchess Isobel Calliope Aloma of Arelle

🦋 Age: 16

🦋 Pronouns: She / her

🦋 Occupation: Student, magical girl, duchess

🦋 Species: Human

🦋 Place of Living: High Class Magician's Quarter

🦋 Mahou Title: Dauna Hyperion

🦋 Magical Skills:

  • Reflection — With her magic mirror, Isobel can reflect magic and send it back to its source.
  • Power Replication — Isobel can copy most magical powers and use them for herself. However, she can't pull it off perfectly so she can only copy one person's power at a time, and what she gets is often an inferior version of it. 

🦋 Inventory:

  • Elysiel's Mirror — Part transformation trinket, part weapon, part communication device. Its reflective surface is impossibly shiny and as hard as diamond.
  • Makeup palette — Always has at least three on her. She frequently takes time to refresh her look.

🦋 Personality:

    Isobel's a social chameleon, easily wiggling and blending into any social group like she was always a part of it. This makes it really hard to pin down Isobel's true personality — with one group she's a gregarious party girl, with another she's an antisocial punk. There's some things that stay consistent, though. She's always respectful in her speech, and she's almost insufferably calm. She also seems to hold onto an arrogant, spiteful streak, no matter who she surrounds herself with.

🦋 Backstory:

    As an inheritor of a title that actually had some power to it, Isobel was raised from birth to be the next Duchess of her province. Her manners are flawless, her political sense impeccable, her magical skills without compare, and on her sixteenth birthday it looks like she's finally going to get a taste of some real power...

    Then everything gets derailed when some distant cousin suddenly jumps several hundred places up the line of succession, throwing the entire family into chaos. And then again when it sounds like this cousin is in danger, and the king and queen pick Isobel to go play bodyguard. So now instead of learning how to take over her parents' roles, she's chasing down the wayward heir in some backwater realm. She's totally not pissed off about this at all.

🦋 Tidbits:

  • Her birthday is October 12.
  • She's 5' 6", with a petite build.
  • Isobel is fond of poetry, and has several books' worth at home. She entertained the idea of writing some of her own, but dismissed the idea as silly.
🦋 Toyhouse: Right here!

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