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[MAHOU WANDO] the unyielding one

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goth lady

(also she's technically for the character creation prompt thingy too, so her ask box is coming in a day or so)

🌌 Name: Amaranth Thalia Haros

🌌 Age: 25-ish?

🌌 Pronouns: She / her

🌌 Occupation: Leader of the Arcadian Rangers

🌌 Species: Elf?

🌌 Place of Living: Common Magician Quarter

🌌 Mahou Title: Arcadian Ranger Solstice (also used to go by Amaranth the Unyielding)

🌌 Magical Skills:

  • Arcadian Solstice, Suit Up! — The voice command that activates her communicator and starts the standard sentai transformation.
  • Dark World Magic — Extremely worringly, Amaranth can tap into the Nevermade, the same source of power as the Rangers' main foe. These powers are stable in her hands, but she does her damnedest not to use them, preferring to rely on pure physical prowess to win fights. Powers she has include:
    • Nihilikinesis — Amaranth can harness and weaponize the power of nothingness. To the untrained eye it looks like your standard destructive power: Amaranth infuses her weapon with energy and strikes her target, and the target seemingly explodes. In reality Amaranth is severing her target's connection with existence, causing them to become unmade and disappear in an instant, and the "explosion" is energy rushing into the space the target used to inhabit.
    • Resurrective Immortality — Amaranth can resurrect from any injury or fatal status effect, no matter what. Since this power comes from the Nevermade, it comes with several downsides. First of all, the resurrection process involves bursting into flames, so it's horrific to watch. And secondly, the more traumatic the injury, the more likely the Nevermade's power will overwhelm her and transform her into one of its violent, bent-on-destruction denizens. Thankfully, that last part hasn't happened since she joined the Rangers.

🌌 Inventory:

  • Tully — A peercat she found on the streets. The poor thing is scared of its own shadow.
  • Communicator — Doubles as a transformation trinket. All of the Arcadian Rangers have one. Hers is in a plain, beat-up black case she refuses to replace. It's a miracle the communicator still works.
  • Red ribbon — A gift from her guiding star. Her heart twinges oddly when she looks at it.

🌌 Personality:

    There are two sides to Amaranth. On one hand, she's a grounding presence to her teammate, easy to talk to and always willing to lend an ear. On the other she's a hardass taskmaster who wastes no time and minces no words. She's social but not overly so, preferring to have a few close friends over a wide network of acquaintances. She's loyal to a fault, and is fully ready to protect those she calls family.

🌌 Backstory:

    Dragging herself out of the darkest bowels of deep space and landing in the shining city of Arcadia, Amaranth has helped defeat evil throughout the galaxy as part of the Arcadian Rangers. She was already thick as thieves with one of the other members, and as the missions went on, they slowly became each other's confidants. However, her guiding star was losing faith in their quest little by little, and Amaranth resolutely ignored the signs...

    ...until he fully turned to the dark side, and his betrayal tore their song from her heart.

    Now having successfully beaten back their greatest foe, the rest of the Rangers have come to Mahou Wando for a desperately-needed break. And while everyone else has somewhat settled in their new lives, Amaranth continues to flounder. Domesticity still escapes her as she's fought for most of her life, and she's still reeling from the loss of her guiding star. What does she do now?

🌌 Tidbits:

  • There's no telling what Amaranth's birthday actually is, so she celebrates the anniversary of when she landed in Arcadia instead — February 14.
  • She's 6' even, with a muscular, wide-shouldered runner's build.
  • Amaranth is a closet romantic and loves reading and watching the mushiest love stories she can get her hands on. It is a secret she will take to her grave.

🌌 Toyhou.se: Right here!

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