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[CLOSED] ai no kotoba

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    College student by day, writer of schmaltzy fanfics by night, this eccentric mahou dances to the beat of her own drum (although her rhythm has been off as of late). Hailing from a world where soulmate marks are The Biggest Deal Ever™, this mahou was born completely blank — no first words scrawled on her skin, no symbolic tattoos, no spots that would go rainbow at a mate's touch, nothing. Tired of being pitied and judged, she decides to transfer to Agatha to find her other half at her own pace.

    This mahou doesn't have a lot of magic on her own (because that's another reason people are soulmate-crazy — completing the bond gives you a ton of power) but she's very well-read on spellcraft methods and she has a sigil for every occassion.

i have another mahou in the works for the design prompt so i'm putting her up for ota! if no one bites in a week or two i'll just keep her lol

also if you autobuy her i'll throw in a sketch of her like this for free

what i'm looking for: USD (autobuy is $30) > characters > art

once you own this adopt, you can...

  • use the design for personal or commercial purposes (but credit me for commercial use)
  • edit the design at your leisure
  • change as much of the backstory as you want, or drop it all together (i reserve the right to reuse the original backstory)

but you can not...

  • use the original art for commercial purposes
  • edit the original art
  • resell for more than what you paid, unless you have your own art or commissioned pieces to go with her (gift art doesn't count)

owner: :iconjkdreamer:

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AB PLEASe. I TRIED RESISTIng. But I have ideas.
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i'll note you my paypal! i can't wait to see what you'll do with them :3c
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