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Gonna be tabling at the Vancouver Comic Arts Festival May 20-21, 2017 in Vancouver, Canada! This will be my first time in that city. If you're around, come see me at table I-3! I'll have comics and stickers. 

VanCAF 2017 by orinocou
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The years are short but the days are long. Another month has slipped by and I've been hard at work. Next on the horizon is Chicago's very own Comic and Entertainment Expo- C2E2 in McCormick Place April 21-23, 2017. Despite being from that area, I've never actually attended this one. But reports are that it is massive and a lot of fun.

C2E2 2017 announcement by orinocou

Apart from that, I'm chugging along with One Lucky Bride, finishing page 27 out of a 36 page story. Then there will be an additional 4 page scene exclusively for the book, bringing the total up to 40 pages. At first I wanted the count to be just 32, but that proved unrealistic. I simply couldn't pack the story in without making it too forced and stilted.

The next project is going to be with mermaids. Will tell you more when I get some pictures ready.
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Hello everyone!
A lot has happened since last we talked. I've moved house again, this time to New Jersey. I am one river away from New York City and can see the skyline when I walk to the grocery store. In the fall I tabled at a con for the first time in centuries, and later this year I have a few more cons I'll attend. With it being March already, it's scary to think the year is a quarter over. The days are long but the years are short.

Last spring I took samples of the Final Fantasy 6 comic to a convention and got portfolio reviews from three editors. Their indifferent and sometimes dismissive reactions so my best pages were, I suspect, due to the fact that its a "fan work". I'll admit it took the heart out of me in a big way. That's why you've not seen any new pages and why I've gone and run away from DeviantART. 

More than anything I want to make a living off my comics and art. Who doesn't, right? Those portfolio reviews convinced me that I need to have a few original stories under my belt in order for an editor to look my way. So this past year I've been working on One Lucky Bride, a 40 page romantic comedy. It's actually itself one big love letter to Buster Keaton's 1925 silent film Seven Chances. But the characters are mine, which I can never say about the FF6 comic. You can see what I got so far at its site:

Because I don't know when to quit, I will resume the Final Fantasy 6 Comic one day. But first things first, I need to get more original short stories under my belt. Storytelling is a skill that I am definitely weak in. If you're interested, I'll share more of my work here on DA. I've missed you guys. But I've also been scared.

P.S. My girl Clarakerber ( is actually resuming her Final Fantasy 6 comic. Go Clara! Support her on Patreon to make it happen:

P.P.S. I'm much more active on these social media recently:
Twitter julia_the_hut
Instagram julia_the_hut
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I want to give a shoutout to a friend who has recently (re)joined DA, :iconladylaguna:! You need only look at her avatar to understand she's pretty awesome. Check out her gallery of original and fandom art, including, yes, Final Fantasy VI. Her Locke design is pretty cool. So please, go take a look! And tell her I sent ya ;)

Uranus and Neptune by ladylaguna  Cullen with Mabari Pup by ladylaguna  Erroneous Allegations by ladylaguna
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This is exciting news. For the past several months my scanned line art would come out all scraggy and bumpy. When I put my pages into Photoshop to remove the blue lines, I ended up with very rough and sketchy lines that I'd try to doctor up best I could. I thought there was something wrong with my hands.

Turns out it was just a crummy scanner! I found a much better one today- I'm in the library using it as we speak. Can't wait to see how the pages will look now. Currently I'm finishing up an Edgar/Terra/Banon scene and picking up the next Doma scene. It is a heartbreaker. Y'all know.

Over at my website I wrote an article about tips for inking traditionally and my top picks for cartooning tools. If you're interested in trying comics the pen-and-paper way, please check it out. There are also sneak peeks of that Edgar/Terra/Banon scene, if you're curious.

Lastly, gonna start offering $20 character sketches. This will be a piece of original hand drawn and inked art on 5x7 bristol board that I will mail to you. I'll do an official "commissions are open" picture with all the details. Do you need your OC drawn? Your friend's OC maybe? Think ahead to the holidays! Haha. But seriously, any commissions would be very welcome and deeply appreciated.

That's all I got. Thanks for reading! Talk to you soon.
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Did a post over at my website about my workspace and current inked pages. See photos of my "studio" and a sneak peek of upcoming pages here:

Yesterday I drew and inked for 12 hours. My hand cramped up but I was so happy I did not give it heed. Today I pay the price. Ouch. It's because I am drawing the Edgar, Terra, and Banon scenario again. They are my favorites! This is great because there's now a hefty buffer of pages. I could start updating twice weekly, but then the buffer would be gone twice as quick. And I want time to gloat (to myself) over the regular update schedule I've been keeping. 

Are you doing Inktober? If so, reply and I will follow you. I want to see whatcha got. :)
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Hello all! These days my time is divided between doing art and doing the job search. To supplement my income, I am considering putting my original Final Fantasy 6 Comic pages on Etsy for sale. Original art has always fascinated me, the way you get to see the artist's hand and thought process in the work. Even better are original pages with lots of white out, which proves that even the professionals make mistakes. What do you guys think? Is that a good idea? 

Am also going to be offering commissions soon, again to support this nasty food-eating and art-supply habit I've got. I'd love to draw your OCs or whatever else is on your mind. In a little bit I'll put out a formal announcement with samples all pretty.

Finally, friends, as you might have seen in your "watch" feed, I got a new comic to share with you! Going off my desire to do more real-life stories, here's a little something about the time I went to New York last month. The main thing I wanted to see, the Museum of Comic and Cartoon Art, appeared to be closed for an extended period of time. Gallery switch? Renovations? I was disappointed, but it teaches me to look at the website a little closer before barreling out there. 

  New York- page 1 by orinocou  New York- page 2 by orinocou  New York- page 3 by orinocou  New York- page 4 by orinocou  New York- page 5 by orinocou  New York- page 6 by orinocou

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This week I did a colored version of my 8-page mini comic about Utah. I think it's more fun to look at than the black and white version. My idea is to print these into little booklets to mail to publishers. Kind of a "hello, this is what I can do, I am available to do gigs" type of promo mailing.

Utah Comic Page 1 by orinocou Utah Comic Page 2 by orinocou Utah Comic Page 3 by orinocou Utah Comic Page 4 by orinocou Utah Comic Page 5 by orinocou Utah Comic Page 6 by orinocou Utah Comic Page 7 by orinocou Utah Comic Page 8 by orinocou

Came across a neat blog from someone who lives in that canyon country of southern Utah. She posts beautiful photos and it's pretty interesting. utahscanyoncountry.wordpress.c…
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This is a portrait of myself as a teenager (tho I am not currently a teenager). Figured it would give you a better idea of who's doing the art here. 

The image comes from a short 2-pager I did for comics class about a rabbit I owned. I liked the self portrait panel because I really did look like that 13 years ago.

I guess it would be better to provide a more up to date depiction, but trust me. Aside from the backpack, not much has changed. Plus, I don't know, it cracks me up. And it was either this or a polish chicken. Maybe I should still do the polish chicken.

Should I color it? What do you think?

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Went back and reworked the opening pages introducing Cyan. I did these pages in December 2014, after a who-knows-how-long hiatus of the comic. So the art was a bit rough as I was just getting back into things. I added in more backgrounds and replaced the greyscale with screentones. Check out the result below:

Final Fantasy 6 Comic page 253 and 254 by orinocou   Final Fantasy 6 Comic page 255 by orinocou    Final Fantasy 6 Comic page 256 by orinocou

So this evening I sat down to work on the comic, and ended up rereading much of the archive from Figaro Castle to the Returner's Hideout. A lot of the pages were cringeworthy. It was very obvious to me that I half-assed the backgrounds way more than I should have. But reading the comments was very encouraging. It warms my heart to see all the kind thoughts and comments you guys have left over the years. Its also interesting to see the responses to comments that the 2011 me wrote. They are in more-or-less the same "voice" that I have now. Which is comforting. I am the same person.

It's so stupid. I keep wishing for more updates, wanting the story to keep moving. I forget that new pages only happen when I work. And tonight, I did no work! Augh!

Oh, and in other news? This weekend I am visiting New York City for the first time! It's about a 6 hour bus trip from my city. I got a few things I want to see but will not stress too much about a schedule. I expect just being there will be enough to overwhelm a newcomer.

Tumblr users can get their comic fix at the new website,, where I post new pages on Monday and the occasional post about the process. This week you can read about how my newly inked pages got caught in the rain and I was afraid I lost them.

Thanks for reading, everyone! We keep moving onwards and upwards. No where else to go. Will see you Monday with a new page!
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If you've been following me for a while, you know that I've always struggled with deciding on a home for my FF6 comic project. Over the years its been at three sites, including this DeviantART account. But the thing is, DA is meant to be a gallery and was never meant for page-to-page reading of a comic. I've always been aware of that limitation. 

So! I created a Tumblr page, using a very nice webcomic template. It's got all the features I want in a site and simple enough that I can manage it easily. It's even got its own domain:! I am HOPING this will be the permanent home of my little project. 

I will still upload pages to DeviantART like always. But I hope you'll check out the new website and let me know what you think. If you can think of any way to make the site better, please let me know. I love hearing all your comments and suggestions.

I'm excited about this new site and where the comic is going! In a little bit, we'll be leaving the Imperial Camp scene and moving on to different characters... I even added a scene or two that I hope you'll like. And, as always, thank you to all my readers for sticking around! It's been a long ride and the party is far from over.

P.S. I adjusted the page numbering in the new site and will need to rename some pages on DA to reflect that... if you notice the page numbers being off, that is the reason.
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We're unpacking our stuff at the new place in Rochester. Best of all, we got the Internet hooked up the other day! During July I was lucky to be able to find wifi to upload the Final Fantasy 6 Comic pages semi-regularly. Now, starting next week, I'll upload them either Sunday night/Monday morning.

I'm having mixed feelings on the new black and white look of the pages. It feels like it needs something. I tried adding grayscale to a few, will share those results with you later, but still I'm a little meh. Color is still out of the question because I want to see what I can do with b+w. A lot of my favorite comics were done b+w (Bone, Lone Wolf and Cub) and I'm using them as examples to guide me. 

So! Not in school anymore. My next challenge is finding where I can use a scanner and how I can remove those blue pencil lines in Photoshop. The current version I have, the one I've used to make all my digital art so far, is in fact pretty bare bones. It's actually Adobe Photoshop CS, the free version from my Wacom tablet! Haha, that's a little embarrassing to admit. It doesn't have the black and white Adjustment layer option that I've been using to get rid of lines- I been using the school computers for that last year. So that will be my challenge.

Thanks again everyone for reading; hope you're enjoying the comic so far!
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So here's the thing, friends. I'm moving to New York state this Friday. We are driving coast-to-coast. And I won't have regular access to Internet for a while. If I can manage to get online, I will, but consider the FF6 comic to be on hiatus for the month of July, returning in August. 

I hate to do this so soon after relaunching the project. I've already started the General Leo pages and can't wait to show you his character design. Plus, if you remember the story, Kefka shows up soon!

Today I posted two pages as a "sorry" for the delayed updates. I know Premium Members can do scheduled submit, but that won't be an option for me.

Anyway, thanks all again for your patience and I'll see you on the other side (of the country)!

Final Fantasy 6 Comic Page 259 by orinocou

Final Fantasy 6 Comic Page 260 by orinocou
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My one year at art school is officially over. Now that challenge is to take what I've learned and actually build a career as a creative. My biggest fear is sliding back into an old career path which was good but isn't what I want to do with my life. So I must fight.

I'm also leaving Portland! We will be moving across country to upstate New York sometime this summer. I'm very sad to be leaving the Pacific Northwest area, and hope to return one day in glory.

Projects I'm working on now:
-Prettying up portfolio/website for SCBWI children's book conference this weekend. Looking for an art rep.
-Assembling mini comics I've done into zine. They're mostly bird related.
-Finishing thumbnails for Cyan/Imperial fight scene. I've ignored it for too long.
-Should I take on another comic project aside from FF6?
-Replenishing Doctor Who pillow inventory for Etsy
-Maintaining online presence. DA, Tumblr,Twitter, Etsy. I'm bad at it.

Onwards and upwards.
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I have a portfolio website now: Longtime followers will remember I used this URL originally for the Final Fantasy 6 Comic project before it went on hiatus. I still don't have a plan for where exactly that comic will live...for now I'm happy just keeping it on DeviantART.

Webdesign and code writing is a weak point for me, always has been, but this site was put together using a Squarespace template. I'm happy with it. It's slick-looking, showing the stuff I am proudest of. Still trying to get the hang of some of the features though.

And I have a tumblr account. You know its mostly scribbles and reblogs from things that make me laugh or that I want to refer to later. There's a lot of FF6 posts and reblogs there, because... well, there's no "because". It just is. :)

Anyway- happy new year! Did you guys all live it up? Here's to 2015- so full of promise. Make it your goal to do art every day, in some form. It will do your heart good.
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I've finally got a name for it- that feeling of intimidation in the face of college educated artists. The feeling that, because my artistic knowledge was mostly gained outside the classroom, it can never truly measure up to people who went to a four year and got a degree. It dogged me for years, the sense that I wasn't "allowed" to make "real" art and so stayed away from showing my stuff and even from entering art supply stores.

It's called being a bastard. An artistic bastard. 

Pretty mean, but don't misunderstand. I am not using this term to describe anyone but myself. Self taught artists abound and flourish in careers everywhere. But for myself, this feeling of being illegitimate, suddenly I've got a label to put with the feeling. Like my thoughts aren't good enough, my work doesn't count and my application for the Artist Card has been denied. But even by my own rules, its inaccurate. If going to art school makes you a "legitimate artist" (which it totally does not) then I'm doing it. I'm doing the art school thing right now. But deep in my heart, the bastard idea persists. I have a strange sense of peace about it. Giving it a name is the first step towards acceptance, maybe.

If you ever feel like this, then let's set the record straight. You become a full, legitimate artist the moment you call yourself that. No one needs to give you permission. Produce work. Keep going. You are allowed to make art. Allow yourself to make art.

Lessons its taken me 30 years to learn and am still learning. 
I log into DeviantART after many weeks of inactivity and find everything looks different... it is disorienting!

Art school is going fine. Am learning a lot in the classes. My classmates are all very talented; they kick my ass and show me how much more I really have to learn. Its humbling.

Class work has me turning out an uncharacteristically large amount of non-fanart work. I'd love to share it with you.
Tomorrow we leave for Portland and in early September I start art school... a very exciting time but I'm afraid my Internet access is going to be touch-and-go those first few weeks. 
In August I'll be leaving central Illinois to move to Portland, Oregon for art school. I'll be a full time student once again and afterwards will attempt to transition into a career in the art field. It's something I've been wanting to do for a while and am finally going for it. It is terrifying.

The Final Fantasy 6 Comic, while appearing to be dead, is still on hiatus. I still fully intend to return to the project, though when I cannot say. Rest assured that I haven't forgotten it and really feel very bad at leaving it for so long.
Am excited to attend this year's Chicago TARDIS, the biggest Doctor Who convention in the US Midwest. I'll be selling Doctor-shaped pillows and meeting some cool people. Learn more: