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Spirited Away Sticker Set by orinocou Spirited Away Sticker Set by orinocou
I was lucky enough to see Spirited Away when it came out in theaters. My dad and I went together and it was a nice bonding experience. Good memories.

In researching for this sticker set, I rented and rewatched the film. Apart from the nostalgia factor, which made it fun to watch, I can't say I like the story too much. A lot of the parts feel disjointed and not fully explained. Ubaba's sister seems to come out of the blue in the second half, and the quest Sen has to go on just feels so separate from the world that was already established in the first half. Some of the character's motives seemed ill defined and ambiguous. But I guess that was kind of the point and intentional on Miyazaki's part? But you can forgive all that because of the wonderful sense of place and mood setting that this film has, that no one can do like Studio Ghibli. 

These stickers are the result of my revisiting this piece of my adolescence, the sense of growing up and exploration that both I and Chihiro went through in those days. In August 2018 you can see this set up on my Etsy shop:
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July 25, 2018
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