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Smug Shim


Ponies are really catlike if you think about it. This little Sunny Shim pony is exuding an aura of smug to shield herself from an agressor. It's working. :u

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That is one smug unicorn (well done Orin most creative).

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Sunset Shimmer Smirk Emoticon. I'm a kitty cat. *meow*

Smugset Shimmer should be her official canonical name. In the name of the DWK, the Glimglam and the holy Chicken tender Amen!

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Musta pulled a fast one on Pinkie! ;) (Wink) 
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Put her in a smug dancin' pose!
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Orin tell me how you do it. How do you create such adorable creations? My lovely artist you are a genius.
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When you're more popular than the main character.
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>When you usurp the main character.
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By any chance, where you inspired to make this cause of the Catra pic I sent you earlier... or is it a complete coinky dink? :u
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Now I wish you would allow people to make a base out of your work xD
This face would work PERFECTLY with my OC.

Or I could be dumb and not realize that this is already "traced" from an episode or somethin
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Dude, I'm totally okay with bases of my work, just credit me. ouo
Rarity makes a similar face, I just edited it to further enhances her smugness.
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Nice, thanks, dude! I thought you didn't allow cuz people have stolen your work a lot recently
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Nah the only thing I'm absolutely against is bases made from my OCs. That's a nono, my boys are mine alone! My precious...
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actually i've seen quite a few of his pieces turned into bases floating around DeviantArt, and thankfully those who do have left credit for him. just wait a few days and maybe, juuust maybe, this will fall plunder to basedom.
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