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Princess of the Night

I find the difference in the people who look at my OCs versus the people who look at my sorta-cannon stuff hilarious. Have some Moon Celestia. :Y

Luna? No idea who you're talking about, Celestia's always been the Princess of the Night. :P 
Probably just broke so many rules in both the Rebellion and the Empire, but hey that's why I'm called Evenstar.

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Princess of the Day by Orin331
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firmamentlumineux's avatar

she is beautiful, your night celestia and your day luna, are a very lovely duo,

Potato-Astral-UwU's avatar

To be honest, her hair seems like something rarity would do. Also, her color scheme is amazing!

spiritroro's avatar

May I use this plz I promise all credit you. Like this looks like the best oc/ princess moon alicorn ever.

Beast-Playah's avatar
One of the most beautiful things I've ever seen!
AmrasFelagund's avatar
Celestia as the Princess of the Night still with a bright coat... well, the Moon does indeed have a bright surface. The blue hair is a really pretty choice...!
Cybra2003's avatar
I think this is the prettiest redesign of Celestia if she'd been the one who'd raised the moon instead of Luna.  Usually it's just a palette swap of the two of them, so this is so much nicer!
bbb35's avatar
Ooooh Beautiful!! I love this interpretation of a Night Princess Celestia!!
Rubie-Gold's avatar
Do I put this in "Luna" or do I put this in "Tia"? Oh Noes XD
Orin331's avatar
Celestia, of course. :P
Rizarus's avatar
this is so beautiful
kiddinsdeluxe's avatar
white and blue go so nicely together
shadowslayer23's avatar
I feel like I should make an oc off of this
dove0162's avatar
Awww Princess Luna is so gorgeous 
Orin331's avatar
...This is Celestia.
dove0162's avatar
Damn, I thought it was Luna because the whole Princess of the Night title
HappiestPony's avatar
Luna met snow and decided she wanted to  be snow
UnbreakableOath's avatar
Really, and I mean REALLY Good
XxPrincessluna2007Xx's avatar
I wanna talk to her shes hot as hell
Deadpone's avatar
Interesting. :)
JustSomePainter11's avatar
She looks like an ice princess
NeosTH2001's avatar
Imagine Ponyswap!Celestia here as Nightkeeper! Yeesh!

As for Ponyswap!Luna, I was thinking a semi-fiery mane, sorta fiery colors, but the same Luna mane we all know. And her Nightmare Moon form would instead be called Daymare Sun.

Their nicknames are Selene and Solara respectively.
XxPrincessluna2007Xx's avatar
um  theres daybreaker now
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