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Hi. I'm Orin. I'm 14 15 16, and I do Pony Aaaaaaart. Steven Universe and Pokemon art used to be a thing, but then the horses took ever. Woo, horse art! Except, I'm hardly ever happy with whatever I make because I see the tiniest errors and I swear everyone else can see them too. Whatever, though! I art for my friends too!

I also find it incredibly difficult to write about myself.

Also, like, I don't plan to do much else with my art besides doing it for fun?



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You may also know me as:
Meralos - on the Dragonfable forums
Orinuri / Evenstarchild - on Tumblr
@ Orin331 - on Twitter

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Definitely not gay
Gallus is definitely not gay. 
noooo sandbar das gaaaay

:iconyouareplz::iconallowedplz: :iconnoncommercial1plz::iconnoncommercial2plz: 
On the prowl

"And that's how I gave myself cat ears... Stellar?"

Evenstar's temporary new features are a result of a silly little magic experiment gone wrong. He wasn't the only one affected. :P
Doggo Dreamcatcher's gonna give his mate some huggles!

Unsurprisingly, Stellar Dusk belongs to :iconstellardusk:
Cat ears 2

Evenstar sure has evolved since last year. Though speaking of evolving, I'm trying out a slightly different style for my Equestria-people eyes, because I wasn't too fond of the outline I was giving them. Is it any good? :P
I had a version of this with Evenstar biting his lip but somehow that looked too saucy to post
Tagged by :iconprettycelestia:


  • -Post these rules
  • -Post 8 random facts about your character
  • -Tag 8 other creators
  • -Post their OCs name along with their creator's name/avatar

Orin profile 5 by Orin331

1. "Orin" is just a random nickname Evenstar thought up of. He's kinda surprised at how many people think it's his actual first name.

2. Evenstar's hair was originally blue, before Nuri went and magicked it permanently red after Evenstar accidentally dyed it purple the first time. (Bonus fact: Evenstar was also super emo back in those "Bloo days")

3. The Evenstar of the past would not be caught dead wearing a tanktop. Nowadays it's pretty normal for him to wear one instead of his usual purple shirt. Hooray building of self-confidence!

4. This red boyo loves calzones, and would express how much he loves them to his boyfriend through some bites. Dreamcatcher is almost jealous.

5. Evenstar never really stopped being a crybaby, his tearducts are connected straight to his emotions. He's an angry-crier and a happy-crier. Also a sad-crier. :c

6. He claims he didn't have any friends during his time at Crystal Prep, but he did in fact have one. Magus Eveningstar was his friendly acquiantance there. Their similar names are a coincidence. 

7. Evenstar has been writing a special kind of forbidden book with another friend, Stellar Dusk. Its contents are some things Evenstar would not feel comfortable at all with sharing. It's forbidden!

8. Orin has a fear of ladybugs, and other tiny probably-harmless insects, but is strangely completely okay with things like Lovecraftian horrors. 

And thus I shall tag:
:iconfantasygerard2000:, :iconstellardusk:, :iconro994:, :iconlavender-doodles:, :iconmlprocker123:, :iconiamsheila:, :iconbubbly-storm:, :iconlimedazzle:

Y'all don't have to do it but it would be pretty fun to learn some OC facts. >_>
Evenstar Gleam Ref Sheet

Peculiar how I gave Evenstar's hypothetical daughter a ref sheet before I gave him one. Heck, Dreamcatcher hasn't even had some standalone art to him yet! I am a lazy boy. >:c 
If you're new around, I have soooo much more written about Evenstar in my other pieces, the ones listed are just the surface!

Also putting so much faith into this right now, all I can think of is somebody not using this for the purpose of drawing Evenstar! =S


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I adore your drawings of the supposed gen 5 leaks for MLP!
They're absolutely gorgeous! <3
Orin331 Featured By Owner 3 days ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Y'know, I never expected them to get so popular. The magic of fanart of leaks I guess. It's nice hearing you like them, though, thanks!
Princessprecure459 Featured By Owner Aug 9, 2018
i loved your work :3
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I see how it is, Orin. Pearl Emote 20 
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You'll earn your -est back when we hold more conversations! Myaaaar! :U
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Okie dokie!
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OMG! What if Sunset gets a Gen 5 reboot to her appearance and they make her a Pegasus with phoenix-colored feathered wings! :D
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Just found your DA through Google and instantly fanning over it! It's really great! :D
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