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: Uzumaki Naruto - Maelstrom :



So. IT’S NARUTO’S BIRTHDAY TODAY OKAY? (It’s the 10th here already.)

I couldn’t think of a nice title for this but as ‘Naruto’ roughly translates to ‘maelstrom’ when written in Kanji; I decided to go with that. A maelstrom being a large swirling body of water/vortex and cooler sounding than ‘fishcake’?

This pic is over a month old and it was an attempt at a more Kishimoto-style-Naruto which fff I can’t DO. D: And of course there’s also Kyuubi. Because the world needs more Kyuubi.

Anywho. This is supposed to be Naruto working in unison with the Kyuubi. Which. I WANT TO SEE HAPPEN SOMEDAY. (Hence the blue-red chakra going on there.)



Uzumaki Naruto © Masashi Kishimoto.
Image done in Painter 8 & Photoshop CS4
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