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April 10, 2010
: Naruto - Open Your Eyes : by *orin is completely overwhelming! Sometimes we don't realize what we have until we lose it. Sasuke seems to be understanding what Naruto meant for him all along now that he's fading fast before his eyes.
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: Naruto - Open Your Eyes :



Kill or be killed. Hardly a choice, but whatever happens between Naruto and Sasuke, I think that Naruto will never regret meeting Sasuke. Even if it takes something like his death to open Sasuke's eyes.

... teeny bit of a double meaning behind the title of this.

The background is a ruined Konoha. Or, it's supposed to be. Of course it's raining. Whether Sasuke was the one to kill Naruto or Naruto died trying to save Sasuke, I'm not going to say. Either way, Naruto is smiling.

Image completed in Painter 7 & Photoshop CS4. With a Wacom Intuos 2.
Uzumaki Naruto and Uchiha Sasuke are © Masashi Kishimoto.
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I ship them so hard