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Fakemon: Giaruhi and Magikaruhi by OriLance97 Fakemon: Giaruhi and Magikaruhi by OriLance97
Today i decided to do a Fakemon and i wanted to do a Fairy-Type one. i was thinking a good concept and i had a wierd idea i dont think anyone expected of a fakemon and that is... a Fakemon based on Haruhi Suzumiya!

The Student Pokemon
Type: Fairy
Abilitys: Serene Grace/Friend Guard/Melancholy*
* Damage from moves from pokemon who have status affects are reduced to 75% and all the stat boosts as well as the abilities Guts,Poison Heal, Flare Boost and Poison Boost are nullified. Damage from Burned pokemon still is reduced by half, but also counts in special attacks.

Dex Entry: 
X: Giaruhi is very curious against humans and they use to sneak on institutes and colleges. Despite her cheerful nature, they have the power to bring melancholy.

Y: Teen schoolgirls tend to have Giaruhis as pets. They have the power to change reality as their Trainer's desires , so it's also apreaciated by fantasious people.  

Giaruhi's Base Stats

HP: 50
Atk: 60
SAtk: 50
SDef: 40
Spd: 55
Total: 290

Evolves to Magikaruhi by happiness.

Level-Up Moveset.

1 - Pound
1 - Play Nice
3 - Helping Hand
6 - Fairy Wind
9 - Baby-Doll Eyes
12 - Double Slap
15 - Draining Kiss
18 - Copycat
21 - Dizzy Punch
24 - Play Rough
27 - Attract
30 - Moonlight
33 - Moonblast

The Melancholy Pokemon
Type: Fighting/Fairy
Abilitys: Serene Grace/Moxie/Melancholy

Dex Entry:
X: Magikaruhi's power and beauty make her a top tier pokemon between female Ace Trainers. They bring more melancholy than Giaruhis, and her cheerful behaviour is increased at the point of considering her a bratty pokemon.
Y: Magikaruhi has countless and astounding, also even catastrophic special abilies. like the ability to distort time and provoke endless time loops. but that ability is considered a rumor since very few is known about it.   

Magikaruhi Base Stats

HP: 80
Atk: 110
SAtk: 90
SDef: 80
Spd: 100
Total: 535

Level-Up Moveset

1- Aura Sphere
1- Fire Punch
1- Thunder Punch
1 - Ice Punch
1 - Low Kick
1 - Play Nice
1 - Helping Hand
4 - Play Nice
7 - Fairy Wind
10 - Baby-Doll Eyes
13 - Force Palm
16 - Draining Kiss
19 - Copycat
22 - Dizzy Punch
25 - Play Rough
28 - Attract
31 - Close Combat
34 - Detect
37 - Moonlight
40 - High Jump Kick
43 - Moonblast
46 - Fairy Uppercut *
100 - Temporal Break **

Fairy Uppercut (Physical) Fairy
Power: 90 Accuracy: 100 PP: 10

The user attacks with their fists covered in magical light. it has a 10% of probabilities to increase the attack by 1 stage (20% with Serene Grace)

Temporal Break (Status) Dragon
Power: --- Acc: --- PP: 5

The user releases a misterious, ancient wave of energy that will timelock the enemy. Only can be used once per battle. ( Timelock is a new Status Ailment. a timelocked pokemon can't be switched out, and it will be unable to do a single move. this will remain even if the pokemon who timelocked switched out or faints. the only way to heal timelocked pokemon is using the Restore Relic, a new item of mine that heals timelock). 

Timelock is an OP status ailment, but the only pokemon that can timelock are Magikaruhi, Dialga and a new legendary pokemon i'll create sooner or later who has an ability called Temporal Curse, which will timelock the pokemon who kill it unless it dies by residual damage, but that pokemon will be able to learn Temporal Break too. Temporal Break can't be copied by Skecth, so Smeargle won't learn it, as well as the Ability Temporal Curse  that can't be traced. 

Pros: 3 Awesome Abilities ( Serene Grace can be useful with the elemental punches and Fairy Uppercut, Moxie makes her a fearsome physical sweeper and Melancholy can give Magikaruhi cheaper opportunitys to switch in ) Really good movepool and the access to Temporal Break ( this attack's gimmick consists on freezing an enemy completely and then, switch out to another pokemon, set up and sweep, also can be used to completely stop a boosted pokemon from sweeping and recover positions. Magikaruhi does better the first thing, because of her frailness. ) Since her decent Special attack, she can also be a special sweeper. but since she doesn't learn any Special Attack Boosting moves apart from Work Up, better sticking to her Physical side. That doesn't reduce her unpredictability

Cons: Frail, has 5 weaknesses (Psychic,Flying,Fairy,Poison,Steel, i don't know if they're common or not.) suffers from 4th Move Slot Syndrome.

*I updated her Dex Entries, the ability Melancholy and i gave her her Level Up Movesets. also explained Timelock.

Well, enjoy it!


thebestmlTBM Featured By Owner Oct 15, 2013  Hobbyist
Not a bad fakemon. :)

I would imaging what her Mega Evolution would look like. Her Mega Ability will ether be Melancholy or Fairy Guard, which gives her full immunity to all Dragon-type moves.

As for the moves. I would recommend the move listed below.
Pound - :iconnormaltypeplz:
Leer - :iconnormaltypeplz:
Jump Kick -:iconfighttypeplz:
Hi-Jump Kick - :iconfighttypeplz:
Rage - :iconnormaltypeplz:
Scary Face - :iconnormaltypeplz:
Draining Kiss - :iconfairytypeplz:
Moonblast - :iconfairytypeplz:
Thief - :icondarktypeplz:
Mega Kick - :iconnormaltypeplz:
Mega Punch - :iconnormaltypeplz:
Close Combat - :iconfighttypeplz:
Fairy Wind - :iconfairytypeplz:
Mean Look - :iconnormaltypeplz:
Rock Smash - :iconfighttypeplz:
Power-Up Punch - :iconfighttypeplz:
Focus Blast - :iconfighttypeplz:
Focus Punch - :iconfighttypeplz:
Detect - :iconfighttypeplz:
Counter - :iconfighttypeplz:
Safeguard - :iconnormaltypeplz:
Hyper Beam - :iconnormaltypeplz:
Triple Kick - :iconfighttypeplz:
Wake-Up Slap - :iconfighttypeplz:
Quick Guard - :iconfighttypeplz:
Blaze Kick - :iconfiretypeplz:
Freeze Kick - :iconicetypeplz: (fake move)
Static Kick - :iconelectrictypeplz: (fake move)
Fire Punch - :iconfiretypeplz:
Ice Type - :iconicetypeplz:
Thunder Punch - :iconelectrictypeplz:
Double Slap - :iconnormaltypeplz:
Mystical Slap - :iconfairytypeplz: (fake move)
Love Kick - :iconfairytypeplz: (fake move)
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