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[BNHA OC] Miharu Fuurou


:star: May, 31: UPDATED REF YAY

I'm really excited to post this!!! First of all, thanks to mochibii95 for helping with the names! :>

Name: Fuurou Miharu (美原 風郎)

Age: 15 

Gender: Male

Nickname(s): N/A

Hero Name: Fuuten (風転, variation of Fuujin, the Japanese god of winds)

Nationality: Japanese

Birthday: February, 1

Blood Type: A

Voice Actor: Natsuki Hanae (Kaneki Ken/Arima Kousei voice tone)

Education: Yuuei/U.A.

Department: Hero Dept.

Class: 1-B

: 166 cm

Weight: 60 kg

Appearance: Pale skin, light blue eyes and slightly fluffy gray hair that covers his right eye. Has two beauty spots under his right eye but the hair covers it.

Personality: Miharu is quite a quiet type of person who is often mistaken as shy. He will speak when he think its necessary and can maintain a regular conversation with his closest friends and classmates. When it comes to people he thrusts he will even show a humorous side and crack some jokes.

He is terrible at expressing his feelings and will keep a straight face as hard as he can even if he is boiling in anger or dying from embarrassment inside, but once a person gets closer to him they will be able to notice his signals. He finds silent ways of expressing his affection towards people he likes. Due to his silent nature, he became a really observant person.

Fears: Spiders.

Likes: Banana milk, strawberry desserts, stationery, bananya (mascot).

Dislikes: Cold, bugs, spicy food.

Hobbies: Scrapbooking, taking pictures of his pet.

Flaws: Slow learner, needs to make more effort than normal to catch up with things.

Gifts: Good memory, can remember details about new places even if he just visited it once.

Birthplace: Japan

Character Background: Born in a family with a civilian father and pro hero mother, Miharu grew up with the idea of becoming a hero in the future. Differently from what happens regularly, his quirk manifested when he was around 6-7 years old. He prefers to pretend it never happened but, his quirk manifested triggered by jealousy, right after his younger sister manifested the same quirk as his mom and got praised about the possibility of becoming a hero in the future. 

Having a sister only two years younger than him, and with his best friend Mamoru, he never felt alone, always having someone to play with him. He has no problem talking about his personal problems with them since he thrusts them, even if his sister annoys him on purpose sometimes.

After an incident where his mother disappeared, he was too young to do anything about it. But even after the investigations stopped and his own family accepted her as dead, he didn’t accept it so easily and wants to keep investigating by himself, doing his best to become a pro hero and find her. He is a bit bitter about his father and sister accepting everything and moving on “so easily”, but he still loves them so much and can’t hate them for it.

Without his mother around, Miharu started to isolate himself and got depressed during some time. In order to cheer him up, his sister gifted him Miki, his current pet chinchilla. He is extremely dedicated to taking care of his pet and it actually helped him to get better. 


Power - 3 

Speed - 3

Technique - 2 

Intelligence - 3 

Cooperativeness - 4 

Quirk: Wind Vortex

Type: Emitter 

Range: Close - Medium

Fuurou can manipulate wind within a radius of 2 meters around his hands and arms, but only in spiral form. Manipulating it's speed and pressure, making it work pretty much like a miter saw. It can be used for offensive moves and sometimes defensive by manipulating it as a shield. Despite it's effectiveness in physical combats in general, this quirk is basically useless agains't extremely hard surfaces.

This quirk depends on Miharu's stamina, meaning he is dedicated to working on his physical strength in order to use his quirk for longer. During the first year at U.A, he can last in combat using his quirk for at least 10-15 minutes.


  • At the moment, his hero uniform is designed to keep his movements easy on battle;


  • He follows a strict diet along with his training, but at least twice a month he will threat himself with his favorite things;

  • He loves banana milk and is sad about not drinking it all the time;

  • Miharu’s best friend lived near his house but they never actually studied together. After he entered UA, his friend got accepted into Shiketsu and moved to live closer to his school so they don’t see each other as often as before, but still maintain contact.

Art and character © Oriiwu 
Template © seungcheol

Do not edit, repost or use in any way without my permission.
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Stolen from you

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Thanks for letting me know, just filled a dmca

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Great! I wish you the best of luck <3

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YOUR STYLE HAS MUCH IMPROVED BBY. The anatomy, the hair, the poses, the outfits! I love him in that sweater sooooo much jmgjkrmgjrm Heart

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meu bb <3 <3 <3

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Omg I love his design~ Pastel Blue Heart Bullet 
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he is awesome and so cute Neko Emoji-28 (Yay sho happy) [V2] 
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Que hermoso está tú baby!!😘😘😍😍 finalmente he visto un poco más de bnha y me ha agradado mucho este anime, así que puedo decir que tú niño es tan maravilloso y me gusta mucho!😍 es muy original y esa relación con Todoroki, OMG😘💕💏💕
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aaaaaaah muchas gracias bby <333de verdad me alegra muchisimo que te guste TTTT
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give him the banana milk
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I love him so much ;;
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I'm in love with your oc ;;
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sakdhsd thank you :heart: I'm really happy you like him! :iconsawbplz:
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Ele é um nenem e eu queria dar um abraço nele, principalmente depois de ler aquele pequeno bg que vc escreveu dele e da mãe dele IUSAOIUSIUHS
Serio, eu gosto do design dele pra caramba, é simples mas é bonito. O cabelo dele é topissimo demais, e as cores dele são menos saturadas e da um ar interessante pro personagem, o hero costume dele é muito bem feito e amei as roupinhas causais kkkkkk
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