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The witch: Me
The Hunter: Timmy Eagle
Taken by: Petlover905
Font: bratpop
Anime expo 2011
Left4dead(c) Valve)
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JAZZYFERDS13's avatar
at that camera angle it looks like shes picking her nose
otaku-drea's avatar
You guys are so coote :3
InkTailedDragon's avatar
not a fan of this paring, however... the cosplays are amazing :heart:
Orihime-Whatsit's avatar
Thank you very much :)
JapanFreak01's avatar
I SAW YOU! though i couldnt get a picture...the cosplay group was great!
so many people surrounded you guys! <3
love your cosplaysss
Orihime-Whatsit's avatar
Aww thank you :3
I'm sorry I was so busy the whole con :<
JapanFreak01's avatar
its alright~ :D
there are plenty more cons, did you hear about the Comikaze con thats going to be at the Convention Center this November?
Orihime-Whatsit's avatar
No o.o
But I am going to Comicon and Anime la :O
JapanFreak01's avatar
oh well i found out its going to be on November 5-6th and me and some friends are planning on attending
ahh! i really wanted to go to Comicon, but I was too late to buy the tickets, they are all sold out :(

ohhh Anime LA, I've heard of it but never gone, I should go to more conventions!
Adding to list~!
Orihime-Whatsit's avatar
Yeah we are working for the host club at Comicon so we get special passes. I dunno about that other con but Anime la is really fun. Thats probably going to be the only con I really stick to.
It was my first <3
JapanFreak01's avatar
oh awesome~!
well perhaps next year ill buy my tickets ahead of time

Really? I have never gone to Anime LA hopefully this will be my first time.
I already pre-registered to go, hahah! Huzzah~!
Orihime-Whatsit's avatar
Hahah okay xD
Ala is alot smaller then most cons but its where I have my best con memories :)
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oh Timmy and Ananess~
xAssiduityx's avatar
It loooks like your hunter is protecting you :heart: :3
Selene200's avatar
lol he kinad was XD
it was cute and funny at the same time
xAssiduityx's avatar
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