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Welcome to Original-Worlds!

Worldbuilding, headworlds, paracosms: no matter the name, many of us have created our own fictive worlds and are immersed in the art of constructing them. We even write characters and stories to fit within their boundaries, creating a living and breathing fictional universe in our minds.

The art of shaping a fictional setting within our imagination is prevalent throughout our culture, and here on deviantART we have a bustling niche of artists who have taken to crafting their own universes, characters, and stories within them. The endeavour to etch out every detail of these settings creates an ever-growing canvas upon which to inject new life and ideas into our work, and it grants a context, colour, and depth to our creations that can't help but draw people in.

Here at original-worlds we aim to collect all works by you, the authors of these worlds, which are connected to your creative projects. Share your work with other writers and illustrators of the worldbuilding art, be inspired, and showcase your ideas to the world!


The focus here is on world-building, so we're going to want you to tell us a little bit about your creation before you can be a member. Just hit the "Join our Group" button over on the left, introduce yourself and give a brief overview of your original world. Provide links to relevant works in your gallery if you have some.

You can submit anything digital, traditional, or written that is related to your original worlds, their characters, environments, and stories tied into it all. This means we do not accept fan characters or fan art of any kind, as well as stand-alone OCs. While we are all for people writing their own original stories and being creative, we are for original worlds exclusively. So as awesome as your stories and characters might be, they aren't suitable for our group if they're not part of their own world distinct from the world we live in.

Note that we do accept Earth-based settings if they are significantly different from the present day. For example, of a world-changing event happened in the past that changed how society developed into the present and has resulted in a very different Earth entirely that is almost unique in itself from the reality we know. Because of this divergence point humanity has developed very different cultures and societies and so on.

If you do not make it clear in your deviation that your work has ties to an original world, you will be declined if very little evidence of a world is shown or mentioned. If it looks like your work may be tied to a world but we aren't sure, you will be be asked in the correspondence message about any connections, as we wish to be sure to accept only relevant works into our group.

If you do not respond to our inquiries and/or ignore them, you will have your artwork declined. So please be attentive to your correspondence logs and confirm if a member of staff asks about your original world; this will often entail explaining a little about your setting. It doesn't have to be "complete", since they are always works-in-progress as we develop them, so don't be afraid if your world is still in its early stages. Just let us know what you can and we'll judge it from there.

:thumb387314971: Please read our full rules and folder descriptions list, which can be found Here. :thumb387314971:


We offer some special features here in the group! We have:

• A World Development Guide in progress, to lend advice and inspiration for creating your worlds and adding further detail;
• As well as a Featured World system where you can get your very own folder dedicated to your world! Want one? Find out how.

Please feel welcome to participate and, of course, we hope you enjoy your stay at original-worlds! 

Gallery Folders

Bramble undies by AngelWarriorQueen
Mother by Jetera
Noble of Kherabat by 0laffson
The Swamp Golem Emerges by AlexDRomero
Featured Worlds
Evedir Amrath and Gaidara by MaddalinaMocanu
.-New Beginnings-. by Deus-Nocte
You can't escape by Retromissile
Ancient Egyptian Mystery Schools by FrancisLugfran
Cosmic Rose - Sapphire by FrancisLugfran
Vibrance [Rave Dragon] by xXSerena-CrosseXx
Manga - pag 13 by Darkmistmix
Manga Bifrost. Pag 2 and 3 by Darkmistmix
Travellers (cover) by PagodaComics
Waterway Afterglow pg. 2. by TiamatART
Ancient Toran Tablet by MoonRaiserDragon
282 by Atanata
Sketches and Rough Work
Sketchdump: Tyal' species by CamaroLp
Roots__compilation2 by Tytoquetra
Roots__compilation4 by Tytoquetra
Ancient Toran Mourning Mask by MoonRaiserDragon
Original Species Meme/Reference: Banshee Fae by Eclipse-The-Awesome

Mature Content

Mature Content

Mature Content

Maintain Holding Pattern
OW Challenge


Gallery Submissions OPEN

Sun Jul 26, 2015, 5:36 PM by ChimeraDragonfang:iconchimeradragonfang:

• Links

• The Reason We Exist

Our purpose here at original-worlds is to showcase deviants' unique settings for their works of fiction and their characters therein. We are a home for all worldbuilding work relating to your unique and imaginative creations!

• Resources

:bulletgreen: Worldbuilding Guide: Intro

• OW Challenge

The OW Challenge System

Submissions will be closed for a few days -- definitely for the weekend but not longer than one week from the time of posting this blog entry -- while some updates are made to our gallery folder structure and set-up.

Join requests will remain open during this time.

Changes are coming and I hope everyone will like them. Among them are: folders for memes, folders for sketchdumps and rough scribbles, and a place for works relating to your worlds that have been commissioned from other artists.

Now I open the floor to suggestions from all of our lovely members. Voice them in the comments below if there's anything in particular you'd like to see.

:bulletyellow:UPDATE:bulletyellow: Submissions reopen tomorrow (June 26), probably sometime early evening GMT, which I know is a day later than I originally said, but I want to write up a journal post with an overview of what should go where in the new setup before opening it all again, and I am far too tired to do a proper job of it right now. The new folders are all more or less set up and ready to go though, so please do take the time to look over the new gallery structure and tell me if I derped and forgot something incredibly obvious.

:bulletgreen:UPDATE THE SECOND:bulletgreen: Okay, once again it took a little bit longer than I wanted and planned it to, but SUBMISSIONS ARE OPEN AGAIN. Please check out the Submission Rules journal for an updated list of what goes in which folder. I hope it's pretty straightforward, but please do let me or another admin (but probably me) know if something confuses you. We want everything to be as clear as possible.

(The somewhat redundant-looking names for some of them is to make them easier to identify in the "Add to a Group" modal's drop-down list, since it doesn't do anything to separate folders vs. subfolders.)

Along with the restructured gallery folders, we have now opened up the Favourites folder. This will now be the place to submit works that were drawn/written about your world by other people, things like a commissioned drawing of one of your characters, or gift-art that a friend or fan sent you.

Main gallery folders = works made BY YOU about your original world
Favourites folder = works made BY OTHER PEOPLE about your original world

Contributions to Favourites are subject to the same quality control guidelines and three-per-week limit as regular submissions.

Skin by CypherVisor
More Journal Entries



Other wonderful groups who focus on our original creations, universes and stories. Check them out and gain your work more exposure!

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