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Asking questions never hurts!
1. Can we submit art of our oc's if someone else has drawn it?
Most certainly! We do accept this, but bear in mind that the person who has drawn it must agree to have it put into the group as well.

2. Can I submit art of other people's characters as long as they are original?
Yes, absolutely! Just be sure if they ask you to remove it you do.

3. My characters aren't humans! Can we still submit them?
Of course! We've made folders to accommodate anthro and creatures. If you're curious about which folder, or feel we need an addition, feel free to note us and let us know!

4. My picture/story has violence/gore/sexual themes in it, can I still submit it here?
As long as the picture has the proper warning on it, that's not an issue.

5. Do you qualify a fandom as a story we ourselves have created?
This one is a bit hard to judge as it varies from person to person; but generally speaking, it's all fine to submit here, as long as you, the creator, are aware.

6. Do you accept stories?
Yes, haha, we have a whole folder for them, go wild!

7. Why only finished/completed works allowed?
Because if it's a WIP, that likely means when you finish, you're going to submit it again. We'd rather only have the finished product.

8. Why did my _____ character get into this section?!
Because you accidentally submitted it there. We don't choose where things go, you guys do when you submit them, sillies.

9. I accidentally submitted to the wrong folder! What do I do?
Simple. comment on the submission telling us your mistake and we'll fix it. Or withdraw the submission, and resubmit to the correct folder.

10. Can we advertise on the main page?
It kind of all depends what it's for. Perhaps journals meant for advertising will come in the future, so all you lovelies can get your stuff out there.

11. Why is it taking longer than others to get my work approved into the group?
That simply means there's a possible issue and we're trying to work it out without bothering you, the creator. If it can't be resolved ourselves, we will then talk to you and get everything worked out!

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(GL/Yuri) Shoujo Heroine... and Friends Chapter 7Chapter 7: You look smarter with them on Writer’s block hit Atsuji like a tower of books dropped by a tired student. He took off his glasses and polished them as if doing so would clear his mind. Once he put them back on, he looked at himself in the mirror.‘You look smarter with them on.’He gulped as the memory faded from his mind’s vision. It had been so long since he had heard those words.You see, Atsuji did not always wear glasses. As a child, he could see perfectly fine. Well, for a while. So, what happened? A freak accident? A violent assault? A tragic illness? Bzzzz! You’re wrong. It was nothing too exciting and dramatic, his vision slowly deteriorated so he had to wear glasses. That’s it.Well, that would have been the end of the story, but one person just had to make that one life-altering statement.‘You look smarter with them on.’This line was uttered by his aunt, who did not realise the effect of her words.Atsuji was not exactly a studious child before he got the glasses. He played in the sand and made jokes and tried to push anyone who annoyed him, just like your average kid. When he received both his first pair of glasses and that comment from his aunt, he started paying more attention in school. After all, he was smarter now, wasn’t he?Of course, feeling smarter and being smarter are two different things, so he inevitably butted heads with teachers who gave him less than stellar marks. Eventually, however, those marks did become stellar as he improved in classes. You can probably imagine how inflated the boy’s ego had become by then.He was smart, he was eloquent, he was a free thinker and he was perfectly obedient. He was… gifted.Did that word send a shiver down your spine? I’ve watched enough lives get ruined by that word to feel the shiver myself.Now, he got the long end of the stick compared to other ‘gifted’ kids. He didn’t quite have the same mental breakdown one would expect. Still, life didn’t turn out great.He never had a friendship last longer than a month or two. Either they drifted apart and he was too busy with schoolwork to hold onto them or people found his increasing uptightness a bother.As middle school thrust him into a testosterone-spiked nightmare, he began writing romantic comedy stories. At first they were thinly veiled fanfiction about his real-life crushes, but he eventually gained a handle on character writing and created his own unique characters.In high school, he didn’t make friends with people but everyone quickly recognised him as ‘the smart guy’. He was dependable and a capable planner who got into everybody’s business but nothing more. Of course he was bound to be Student Council President. He was the smart guy.Whenever he tried to be anything more, it backfired. He tried to make jokes and be ‘the funny guy’ but everyone was too bewildered by him trying to be funny to actually laugh. That was when the jokes didn’t fly over people’s heads and people could actually tell he was joking. Years with barely any friends certainly didn’t help his delivery and ability to read the room. He had to stick to writing romantic comedies on his laptop at home. He swore he could be funny, just not in front of an audience.Of course, all of the romantic writing in the world could not equip Atsuji with the social skills to get a date. He wasn’t ‘the romantic guy’. He was still just the smart guy.He first met Sahana when he had considered shutting down the theatre club due to low membership. She delivered an impassioned speech in defence of the club and the fire in her eyes lit a flame in his heart.In hindsight, he probably should have still shut the club down. Powerful speech or not, the club was still too small to be worth the funding it drained. Did this matter to Atsuji, whose heart was both uplifted and twisted beyond recognition? His decision to keep the club going should give you the answer you seek.To be fair to him, even a ‘gifted’ boy such as him could not foresee a handsome and friendly boy with hair the colour of a robin’s egg joining the theatre club and bringing with him a slew of new members.All Atsuji could really do was fantasise about romantic adventures through his writing, occasionally cleaning his glasses and reminiscing over how clever he was supposed to be.
(GL/Yuri) Shoujo Heroine... and Friends Chapter 8Chapter 8: Today’s the obligatory Valentine’s Day Special Nowhere was safe. The hordes invaded every inch of the school. They were hungry for blood and they got it.Well, okay, it wasn’t really blood so much as a chance to give chocolates. When it comes to hormone-pumped teenage girls, it’s kind of hard to tell the difference.Poor, poor Toyomi. His arms quickly started aching under the weight of all the chocolates he received. Why, he could barely see anyone underneath the sugary tower in front of his face! From far away, he looked like he was carrying a whole library’s worth of books. Out the corner of his eye, he could see Fumie a little. ‘Hi!’ His voice shook the tower of chocolates in front of him until it collapsed into the girl’s arms. ‘I’m sorry! I didn’t mean.’‘It’s alright.’‘Oh, while I’ve got you here, I’d like to thank you. You know, for defending me earlier. I thought I was alone and no one would come to help me, but you came at just the right moment. Uh, Fumie? Are you okay?’Poor, poor Fumie. She could barely concentrate now that Toyomi was standing so close to her, looking straight into her eyes with his own beautiful set. Her chest rose in temperature and she could barely breathe.The sight was too blinding, so she had to look down. When she did that, she finally noticed the chocolates in her arms.‘It was nothing!’ she yelped as she put them back into Toyomi’s arms. ‘White Day’s going to be a pain for you, isn’t it? Haha. Gotta go!’ True to her word, she zipped out of there.The next person Toyomi could just barely see was Atsuji.‘Hey, I need your help with something,’ he said to the purple-haired boy, who was looking away but couldn’t avoid getting found. ‘It’s about Sahana.’Atsuji’s words had to be squeezed out from his pursed lips. ‘I see. What about her?’‘I know guys are supposed to wait for White Day to give presents, but since she and I are dating, I want to get her something. I don’t want to give her what I already gave her when I asked her out. What do you think I should get her?’Atsuji blinked in surprise, then smirked. The heavens had blessed him with an opportunity. He looked up at the ceiling in thought.‘Have you thought about getting her food? Try a can of sardines. She loves those so it’ll be romantic.’Sweat ran down Atsuji’s face as he wondered if he was too blatant. Luckily for him, Toyomi smiled and put his fist in his hand as if he had come up with the idea himself. This led to him dropping all of the chocolates in his arms.'I see. Thanks!'He ran out of the school, abandoning the chocolates. Atsuji considered calling out to him that leaving the school premises was forbidden at this hour, but his drooling mouth as he stared at the chocolates was much too distracting.The student council president looked side to side before picking up a box and opening it. With all these chocolates, Toyomi surely wouldn’t notice, right?It cost Toyomi ten minutes and 400 yen to get the Sardines and bring them to Sahana. Unbeknownst to him, Atsuji was watching over them from behind a corner. Don’t worry, dear reader, he is most definitely not a stalker. See? He’s not wearing a long jacket nor densely tinted black sunglasses that look like the windows in a mafia boss’ car. He is certainly, totally, without a doubt an upstanding member of society who would never participate in stalkerish behaviour.What we can accuse him of, however, is being just a little bit sadistic. He grinned with anticipation. Would Sahana slap Toyomi in the face? Would she run away in tears, leaving a heartbroken Toyomi? Would she simply yell in his face?Make your guess in three… two… one…Bzzzz! She grinned and gave him a hug. Atsuji was grateful that he was not drinking any water or else he would have spit it out and possibly given away his location. Sahana took the can from Toyomi’s hands. ‘I ran out of sardines and Mum keeps forgetting to buy more. Thank you!’Toyomi sighed in relief. The couple walked hand in hand to the shoe lockers so that Sahana could store her new sardines. There they saw Masami and Kunie.Sahana and Toyomi said hello and delivered small talk before leaving. Kunie scoffed a laugh upon hearing Sahana giggle at a joke Toyomi made.‘Those lovebirds… Well, I mean, today’s the obligatory Valentine’s Day Special. May as well let them act like lovebirds. I can’t imagine acting like that, though. You know I love Sahana to bits and Toyomi’s great with her, but… I don’t get it. What’s so special about dating anyway?’Masami tucked a strand of hair behind her ear. ‘I’m not sure either. To be honest, I’ve… never really fallen in love before.’Kunie grinned at her. ‘Same here! It’s like, what’s wrong with me? Why don’t guys do anything for me? Am I just a late bloomer?’‘I know, right? And Valentine’s Day’s just this giant neon sign saying ‘You’re alone!’ And don’t get me started on PDA.’Kunie scrunched her nose. ‘The worst, right? I don’t want to see you flaunting your boyfriend with your tongue. We get it, you got a guy to have an interest in you for five minutes. You don’t need to let us know every other second.’Masami giggled, then blushed at how similar she sounded to Sahana. ‘Yeah, it’s ridiculous. And I still don’t know the real difference between a friend and a lover. Other than tongue.’ ‘And spending your hard-earned money on heart-shaped pieces of diabetes and flowers that are going to die in a week.’Masami’s giggling turned into a guffaw. We’ve reached guffaw levels, people. Before Masami could blush and shut her mouth, Kunie joined in.It took them a good minute to settle down. By me, these ladies laughed a long time for that little joke. Warmth spread through Masami’s heart. She guessed it was because of the mutual understanding. Meanwhile, I gathered up some red string. Just in case.
(GL/Yuri) Shoujo Heroine... and Friends Chapter 9Chapter 9: That was so cool! Sahana narrowed her eyes at the tickets in Toyomi’s hands, one eyebrow up. ‘Wrestling?’ She lifted her head, her eyes wide with apology. ‘You did mention liking that sort of thing. What date is it on?’Toyomi gave her the date and time. ‘Would you like to come with me? I promise it’ll be fun.’ Sahana answered with an excited hug and the invisible trumpets surrounding Toyomi played a victorious tune.‘You’re going to have to teach me everything about wrestling, starting with why you like it.’Toyomi scratched his chin. ‘I think it’s because it’s a lot like theatre. A lot goes into making a wrestling show. You’re basically staging a bunch of action scenes except they’re live rather than in a movie, so you have to find ways to make it look and sound like a character hurt another without actually hurting them. It’s really clever what they do and the wrestlers are usually a lot of fun.’‘Well, I guess I have something to look forward to, then.’ Sahana spotted Masami and Kunie walking to the Home Ec room and ran towards them. ‘Hey, guys!’Kunie responded, ‘Oh, I was going to see a play this Saturday and was wondering if-’‘I’m sorry, I can’t. Toyomi’s taking me out to wrestling. It should be fun watching a bunch of sweaty men pin each other down.’ When Kunie laughed, Sahana put on a shocked face. ‘What’s so funny?’Toyomi finally caught up to Sahana. Between pants, he said. ‘You… don’t… need… to run… everywhere…’Sahana bowed her apology but smirked. ‘Maybe you should get better at running.’Kunie’s jaw dropped. An insult? Who was the Sahana that stood before her?Sahana realised her error and chuckled awkwardly. She grabbed Toyomi by the arm and whisked him somewhere, anywhere, else.Masami and Kunie turned to each other. ‘Mind if I go to the play with you?’ Masami asked. ‘What play is it?’‘Well, it’s a Takarazuka musical. So yeah, it might be more suited to you than Sahana. I just haven’t hung out with her in a while so I thought it might… I’d be glad to go with you.’Saturday night lifted its curtains and soon The two pairs were at their respective events. Let us begin with Sahana and Toyomi.The term ‘verbal assault’ took on new meaning as Sahana stepped into the sizeable room with her hand in Toyomi’s. Her ears were hit by cheers and heckles from wrestling fans. The hype pulsed throughout her body.She copied Toyomi’s chants and clapped along with the crowd. The first match was between Benny Beta, an American man, and Kouki Boushi, a Japanese man. Toyomi clutched at his chest and looked like he was about to cry. Sahana put her hand on his shoulder and he smiled. He leaned in and whispered in her ear, inadvertently tickling it.‘These two used to be a tag team but became enemies when one of them joined an evil gang. They spent so many games getting closer and closer only for that one event to shatter everything. It’s such a shame. Hopefully after this game they can go back to being friends or lovers or whatever they are.’ He turned his head until it was facing the ring. ‘Ooh, it’s starting!’The first thing that stood out to Sahana was the booming of the wooden floor as the wrestlers fell onto it following a hit. It resounded through her core and made each attack from the wrestlers feel impactful. She could barely hear the dialogue above the crowd, but the wrestler’s moves seemed to tell a story all on their own. She remembered what Toyomi said about the wrestlers potentially being lovers and noticed a degree of sexual tension between them. She knew next to nothing about these two characters and yet all she wanted was for them to get along again.As if the gods granted her wish, the two ended the match with a big hug, with the heel returning to the side of the face. Toyomi cheered them on.They had to wait a while for the next match and the cheering gradually died down, giving Sahana and Toyomi an opportunity to talk.‘So, what did you think of your first match?’ Toyomi asked.‘That was so cool! I didn’t realise how complex the storylines were, plus the acrobatics were really impressive.’‘Yeah, Kouki Boushi’s pretty light on his feet.’After all the matches ended, the couple went to a nearby restaurant. They talked about wrestling while waiting for their orders but once they got their food Toyomi steered the conversation in a different direction.‘Hey, uh, I’ve noticed something about the way you speak to your friends. You make a dirty joke and then act like you don’t know what you said. Is that an in-joke between you three?’Sahana’s shoulder’s rose. She stood still for a moment before scratching her cheek and looking away. ‘You caught me.’ She brought her shoulders down even lower than they were before. ‘I don’t know. I guess I’m playing a game to see how long it takes them to realise I’m not the pure innocent maiden they think I am. It’s weird, I know.’ She slurped some noodles before twirling her chopsticks around the bowl without picking anything up. ‘I kind of want them to figure it out, but at the same time I kind of… don’t? What if I go too far and they think I’m some sort of pervy weirdo? But I still do it, trying to be as subtle as I can. At least if they don’t know they can just think I’m unintentionally funny.’‘Do you think your friends are the type to judge you for something like that?’Sahana stopped moving her chopsticks. ‘Probably not.’‘I wouldn’t worry too much about what people think about you. I mean, it seems like half the school thinks I’m gay for some reason.’‘Well, you were on the verge of tears over the reunion of two male wrestlers who may or may not be lovers.’‘Fair point.’ Sahana leaned forward, her eyes half-closed. ‘You don’t need to prove anything to anyone, but if you, for whatever reason, want to prove your interest in me, my lips are here.’‘Is this the real you? I like it.’Toyomi’s lips were soft enough to tickle Sahana’s. She giggled at the sensation and took in the smell of ramen from his hot breath. Her heart alternated between shocks of joy and warm contentment. She felt as if she had moved into a new house and immediately settled into it. Toyomi’s gentle touch was now her home.Now, how were Masami and Kunie doing? Before the show started, they chatted about theatre and, for the first few minutes of the musical, struggled to keep quiet. The glares from the people sitting around them eventually sewed their mouths shut. Plus, they had pretty and talented women to watch. The grand movements and powerful voices of the performers captured Masami and Kunie’s very souls. At one point, Masami turned to Kunie and could vaguely see a blush on her cheeks whenever the stage lights got brighter.She followed Kunie’s eye line and saw that she was staring not at the woman wearing a suit and singing in a deep voice but at the soft-faced woman in a dress. The feminine woman wasn’t singing at the time.Something bugged Masami about that woman. It wasn’t like she had any reason to. Her singing was fine and she played the role well. What was it about her that ever so slightly heated up the blood in her veins?Masami’s blood cooled down when intermission began and Kunie rapidly fired off all the reasons she was enjoying the performance.‘And the costumes are gorgeous too! I think you’d look good in the outfit Mieko Chage wore in the last scene.’Masami’s cheeks matched Kunie’s from earlier. ‘Wasn’t that a wedding dress?’ At this point, I had my red string in my hands. However, her thoughts went elsewhere. In her mind, she explained away her blush as the result of the embarrassment she would naturally feel from someone making such a suggestion.‘I’d hope you’d look good in a wedding dress. You will invite me to your future wedding, right? I’d hate for my friend to look bad on her special day.’‘Who on earth would I marry?’Kunie shrugged her shoulders. ‘Maybe no one. Or maybe I was right about us being late bloomers. You could find someone. Just make sure he treats you right, okay? And for the love of all that is good, please don’t use tongue when the groom is told to kiss you.’Another guffaw from Masami. As the two laughed, they got closer and closer until Masami’s head rested underneath Kunie’s chin. While calming her own laughter, she could hear Kunie’s heartbeat and felt like she was in front of the fireplace on a cold winter’s day.After a few moments of them slowing their breaths, Masami removed her head from Kunie’s chest and stood up, holding out her hand.‘Want to get some ice cream or a drink before intermission ends?’Kunie grabbed her hand and let her pull her up. ‘Think we can get to the front of the line before then?’Masami shrugged, giggling and taking her to the candy bar’s long line. Only then did she realise she was still holding Kunie’s hand and let go. Her hand felt colder by itself. Only a bit, though.
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You Saw Nothing by Obelis
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Warm evening by Cranash64
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Sorry I haven't been on enough recently to accept deviations. Not gonna make excuses but I should be on more now so hopefully less expired submissions. To those that have, please submit again and I will see to it.

One note I want to make, the folder 'Group activities' refers to deviations that are made for some activity relating to this group. Activities run by the group which will be posted in a journal or some format when they occur. NOT for works just of featuring groups of characters. Please note this in mind when submitting. There is no group activity ((at least I have not been made aware of one)) happening right now so there shouldn't be any submissions to that folder. Please and thank you.

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