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Can I join please  I made a doujinshi  of dragon ball super  it's called grateful 
If you like human x anthro love stories I got the one for you:
One Moment In Time by OMIT-Story
With new pages every Mondays and Thursdays
Can I join your group please? :)
Can I join your group :la: I would to submit my works.
Can I join this group because I would to submit my manga:) (Smile)  
I'm a shy artist, and espeically when it comes in creating pages of graphic consents. I'm working on a story. And I was wondering. When I have a few pages fully done. That I can upload and share them onto here? Though, I may need a bit of time in order to fully get done it. Though, my art and work... Isn't the best, or greatest. Rather. Amature ish. STill. I'm asking! Thanks!
Was browsing through groups when I saw your comment. I hope you're story has been going well <3