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Here at Original Fantasy we aim to bring artists and writers alike together through the fantasy worlds they have created by their writings and artwork. This can be forms of comics / graphic novels, illustrations, original characters, role play, written etc. We stress that all work is ORIGINAL Its fine to have bases in common fantasy grounds but no fan work, we promote fantasy worlds and realms created purely from your own imagination not others.
All mediums and ages are welcome as long as they abide by the rules and enjoy themselves.
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The Shallows by WolfRocket
Crystalized Star-Eater by Sky-Shifter
Aventer// Adopt Auction (CLOSED) by ashtrall
Gotcha, daddy! by Cranash64
[COMMISSION] Skeleton Hydra by s0ulafein
Familiars by HunterBeingHunted
TiRoc versus Unicorn by BlueWingedCoyote
Itharr portrait by LeksaArt
Original Characters
[COMMISSION] Nelaiose by s0ulafein
Queen Niiso by FieryWarhammer
Zaphi by FieryWarhammer
Itharr by LeksaArt
creature feature
Flight of the Snow Fae by JBergen1910
Ghoul by Joel-Bisaillon
It lives among Cattails by DoomofNirnTelvanni
Avian Mecha I by X-Cytilinsk
[OPEN Auction] Dragon by DasFireEbony

Mature Content


Mature Content

Sheen - Adopt Auction - [Closed] by FrankyVixen
graphic novels
Hollowland I1 P3 by DoomofNirnTelvanni
Hollowland I1 P4 by DoomofNirnTelvanni
Hollowland I1 P5 by DoomofNirnTelvanni
Hollowland I1 P6 by DoomofNirnTelvanni
Flamcon by FableWorld
Tot Norobia Heavy Infantry by Yumaboy1814
Tot The Red Eyed Maidens by Yumaboy1814
Sky-Shifter: Morphs by Sky-Shifter
Knaokha - Adopt Auction - [Closed] by FrankyVixen
No flying weather by Hoch-Spannung
Kirimu: Master of the Deep Forest by OGYungLilBig
Kirimu - 7 Headed African Dragon King by OGYungLilBig
Original OC Fan art
30DIC/OC - 19 - Sweet by Elise-Lucy
30DIC/OC - 22 - Song by Elise-Lucy
30DIC/OC - 26 - Mind by Elise-Lucy
Raffle Prize: YessieMaltese by undeadfriend
Map of Thrae Traditional Dragons Ashes by DuskaDoesArt
Dedde-Funny Color by LadyDeddelit
Commission Info
[OPEN] COMMISSION INFOHi! I updated my commission sheet, so I will be glad to draw something for you!,I am a professional semi-realism artist, but other styles are OK too. I have a lot of experience in illustration, I have worked on indie-game projects and art for video. ,WHAT I DRAWIllustrationsPortraitsRef sheetCovers...everything related to the characters!,,,I retain all right to reject your commissionWhen you initially enquire about a commission, please send me a description of what you have in mind. Perhaps most importantly, mention what category of commission you'd like, and attach screenshots of your character(s) if relevant. I need this info to give you an accurate price estimateI will only begin your drawing once I receive 50% the payment (100% for sketches). The payment will be†transferred over PaypalI will send a sketch for your approval before I proceed further ó this is your chance to request minor edits and suggestions without chargeWhen you are commissioning me, you are purchasing a license to use my artwork under my conditions for non-commercial purposes - this means no selling, marketing, promotion, merchandising, or any other commercial activity. I reserve all rights to revoke your licenseI reserve all rights to the imageIf you have a concern, let me know - want progress pictures? due-date? etc., just let me knowAfter work has done - no refundsIf you are flexible with me, I will be flexible with you - I do my best to be considerate on a case-by-case basis. Life happens to everyone, letís make the world a better place knowing thatHOW TO ORDER: Note me on DA or simply on mail with a description.
I'll Be Waiting For You by RReddVar
dragon competiton 2010 closed
Dragons - chai-oh CC by RegineSkrydon


As you might have noticed, the Eclipse redesign caused something of a backlog (due to notifications being somewhere else - sorry ^^;)
If you had a submission expire, feel free to resubmit it for consideration
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Group Rules

All member requests are automatically accepted.

:bulletred:Submissions must be of your own work. Please do not post work that you have found online or that contains material or stock without the original creators permission and consent, along with proper credit on your original piece. Failure to do so is considered Copyright Infringement, and we will remove any pieces immediately without question. If you have used stock please give credit with links on your piece and follow their usage terms; stock artists work hard so give them the credit they deserve.:bulletred:

:bulletred: Artworks must be related to the Fantasy / Sci-Fi genre.

:bulletred: No explicit submissions, but mild artistic nudity is acceptable at the staff's discretion.

:bulletred: Artwork must NOT be fan art of anime, manga, t.v games an books, we only WANT fan art of other deviants/ members own ORIGINAL universes / worlds and its characters.

:bulletred: No excessive blood/gore, sexual explicit material or implied sexual innuendos.

:bulletred: No depictions of any other inappropriate subject matter, whether implied or obvious.

:bulletred: No vulgarity whether through text or pose.

:bulletblue: To submit art, click the Contribute Art button and select the piece you want to submit. The piece will be subject to vote by the staff.

:bulletred: Please note, this process may take anywhere from a couple of minutes to a couple of weeks, so please be patient.

This club is intended to be viewed by a general audience with a wide age demographic. Please keep that in mind when submitting your work.

:bulletblue: It has been brought to my notice that trolling has occurred and will not be taken lightly by this group in any form! We wish to promote a warm and friendly environment for all our members with Critiques that are fair and just. Not ones that repeatedly point an artist's flaws and do not suggests methods of correction or fair reason. Also that the artist has a right to ignore the critique if they wish to do so, and members should respect these rights of the artist. You should not make the artist feel pressured or under attack by your comments by not listening fairly to their own responses.

Those who have been reported to us will get a warning; if they are reported again they will be removed from the group.

Must adhere to all deviantArt submission guidelines and TOS at all times.


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MisterBlackwood Featured By Owner Apr 4, 2018  Professional General Artist
Thanks for accepting my work :)
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No problem ^^ It's always fun and exciting to see new art and styles! X3
Mrdodobird Featured By Owner May 21, 2017  Professional Filmographer
Hey all! I don't know if this is the best place to ask, but does anyone have any tips for making custom maps?
Orr8571 Featured By Owner May 27, 2017  Hobbyist Writer
Hello Mrdodobird!

The first thing I'd recommend is to look around for tutorials. Depending on the scale of map you want to make (satellite style atlas? continental or regional scale? One settlement and its environs? A single building/dungeon/complex?), there'll be various methods people have discovered out there.

Personally, I hashed something out from a tutorial for starfields, in which I mashed and overlayed multiple stock textures from the internet to create a combination heightmap and satellite-imagery texture. The map itself i worked out by toying with this map to identify coasts, woodland and mountain.

There's also tools out there, like Inkarnate, which can do the map-building for you. Have a look around the web and see what takes your fancy.
thesilentblade75 Featured By Owner May 2, 2017  Student Traditional Artist
nevermind, just found great writing here, nice.
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Hello lovely peepz,
Are there DA's out here interested in a collab with their OC's included? (with me of course)
Go here and read all about it:
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We hope you will enjoy our story! :D
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What happened to the journal post about dA having the right to sell your artwork without your permission?
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