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My mother and I do not get along.
I spent eighteen years fighting to be good enough
fighting to be the best at whatever I was going to do
fighting to make her happy.
She said she just wanted me to be happy
but when I was happiest
she was dissatisfied.
And when I finally could tell her
that for eighteen years
every hour every minute
I’d been fighting
for her,
she wouldn’t hear it,
because it’s not enough for her
and sometimes she can be wrong
but no one else
is allowed
to be right.
And when I told her
- let it all spill out in messy chunks,
my fear and anxiety, the constant pressure of her words and disapproving eyes
glassy and green, something I once wished I had -
it was obvious to her that I was doing it on purpose,
that I could just get over it if I thought about it,
if I considered that every time she told someone
‘my daughter’s an artist, she’ll be amazing’
she meant it as a compliment,
she said it in pride,
and that somehow I was wrong, I was at fault,
because I’d s
:iconoriginal-blue:Original-Blue 2 2
DC - Nightshade by Original-Blue DC - Nightshade :iconoriginal-blue:Original-Blue 45 3 dA ID - 04-04-13 by Original-Blue dA ID - 04-04-13 :iconoriginal-blue:Original-Blue 1 0
Tell me again how you're pressured by society.
You squeeze us into
too-small clothes
and tell us how to act.
You say we should
love the bodies we have,
then say they disgust you.
You tell us to cover up
but still be sexy,
be chaste but attractive,
and above all else
treasure men’s love
and approval.
And then you tell us
after this constant
(every day, every second, of our lives)
on our well-being
on our happiness
on our sense of worth
that we are still
Then wonder why we scream at you,
wonder why we rage,
when in actuality it’s not just a passing comment
without malice or harmful intent
it’s a lifetime
it’s our world
and our flames
are burning
ever lower.
:iconoriginal-blue:Original-Blue 16 2


I Ship It Like FedEx by Heidi I Ship It Like FedEx :iconheidi:Heidi 201 79 Adam Driver by oxboxer Adam Driver :iconoxboxer:oxboxer 517 10 Daisy Ridley by oxboxer Daisy Ridley :iconoxboxer:oxboxer 871 21 John Boyega by oxboxer John Boyega :iconoxboxer:oxboxer 728 24 Oscar Isaac again by oxboxer Oscar Isaac again :iconoxboxer:oxboxer 668 12 Oscar Isaac by oxboxer Oscar Isaac :iconoxboxer:oxboxer 1,421 33
Your wave
Pushed away
My ship to sea
To see
It was me
Tied to your shore
Now rancor's
An anchor
To keep me away
And pull 
My hull
To ocean floor
:iconamweitz:AMWeitz 3 0
NECROPOLIS III by JakeWyatt NECROPOLIS III :iconjakewyatt:JakeWyatt 3,771 304 Brush Pack v0.1 by maciejkuciara Brush Pack v0.1 :iconmaciejkuciara:maciejkuciara 2,171 133 Penny's Graduation Pt. I by PayLe Penny's Graduation Pt. I :iconpayle:PayLe 8,373 855 Transformation_02 by drazebot Transformation_02 :icondrazebot:drazebot 4,985 244 Finale by Dilutra Finale :icondilutra:Dilutra 977 12 Avatar: LOK Discovers Shipping Season 2 by Booter-Freak Avatar: LOK Discovers Shipping Season 2 :iconbooter-freak:Booter-Freak 1,894 234 Gorillaz by JonEastwood Gorillaz :iconjoneastwood:JonEastwood 4,075 375



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Artist | Student | Digital Art
United States
About Me:
I’m Rachel, 22, cis girl. Super duper LGBTQIA & etc friendly.

I like drawing and storytelling, and I have three middle names. I’m an avid reader of everything, but especially comics, fantasy, and satire. I like sweatpants a lot.
I just want to say thank you so much for the Daily Deviation.
I am absolutely amazed by the outpouring of love and support from people. It's incredible to know that there are so many people struggling with the same things I am, and I'm so happy that this comic made people feel better.
I want to thank Istebrak for suggesting my work; she is one of the sweetest, most talented people I've ever had the pleasure of meeting on this site. And I'd like to thank KasumiCR for featuring me - it means so much. :heart:

I wrote this about a really hard time in my life, and spoke about a problem that I'm still experiencing to a different degree. I just want to let everyone who read this comic know, it'll be okay. Someday it will. And you'll feel a million times better.
Remember that there are people out there who are feeling exactly what you're feeling. That's not to dismiss or diminish your experiences - it's to let you know that you're not alone. There are people and resources out there for you to rely on. I promise. You just have to find the right support network.
And remember, being on medication doesn't mean you're broken or wrong, and needing medication doesn't mean you're using it as a crutch. Depression and anxiety can be a chemical imbalance in your brain - all you're doing is changing the balance. :tighthug:

Now go out there and win. Even if it's not today, this month, or this year, I hope you'll remember how strong you are inside.
I love you all. :love:
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