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This drawing is dedicated to Esmee!

EDIT: 5-1-8 Another update indeed, it's progressing faster than I thought it would, but that's because the outer buds don't need that exact drawing (for the middle it's very important to keep the light really light, for the depth effects) though I have to be carefull :P
About the structure of the buds, I really don't know what I'm doing, I try to draw it so that it seems to look good. :)

I reallty don't know how much time it has cost untill now :S
EDIT: hmmm scanning isn't everything... I think it will come right again when I've finished it :P :D
YAY! I've started drawing this way back in July, I think. But other drawings came first...

I've noticed that my drawing skills have inproved! When I first started this, I was just colouring different kinds of grey in lines.. though, I've worked on it after finishing 3 portraits, and I have much more feeling for different colours of shadow! So I think I can work this one out, but if it will be better than the reference... ? :D

I have to say though, that the drawing never will be a exact copy of the reference.. That is not what I'm planning to. When you draw a face of somebody, it is nice to see that the face of that someone is really in the drawing. Though, a rose is a rose: I don't want to draw it completely alike. :)

The beautiful photograph from :icontulipafortuna: inspired me to draw this. I think it's one of the greatest photograps of a rose ever. Check it! --> [link]

Now I stop, it's about the drawing!!! Not about my moron talking! :D
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the level of detail makes my brain melt a bit...

Excellent job!