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November 10, 2009
" It's folded out of only ONE! piece of paper and looks so amazing, the details are really stunning. " -PatrickRuegheimer

Origami Bull by ~Origamikuenstler
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Suggested by PatrickRuegheimer
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Origami Bull

Mein Origami Stier. Eigenes Design. Aus einem Blatt Papier gefaltet.

Designed and folded by me. [link]
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shaunlergracie's avatar
Very nice fold ... I started folding in march 2015 ..... Hopefully add this fold to my collection very soon :)
Kazikasaurus's avatar
Sponsored by Red Bull...
Barth-Dunkan's avatar
wonderful ,very nice shape :)
Hi! Just wondering if I could get your permission to use your pictures.. typically this one on my page as my page is which is still under construction... Really appreciate it if you could allow me to use your picture, this one! Please, thank you very much! :)
Obalis's avatar
Hey thats how I used your awesome bull. Hope it is ok :) [link]
Why are you stealing this design from Stephan Weber and not giving him credit?
1618Tori's avatar
That is genius! Well done :)
Truly stunning. Such detail in it's simple form. Well done indeed well done.
KaGorio's avatar
hello there. I'm working with some origami right now. Can you please send me the pattern for this one? thanks. :-)
pokefan997's avatar
is this wet-folding?
emiss77's avatar
very neatly folded. can u tell me how long did it take to fold this model.
I suppose the paper is called Kraft. what is the weight of the paper? 100grams or smth around?
ginshun's avatar
very nice bull design!
kranner98's avatar
Nothing infuriates me more than trying to make origami.
Panquem's avatar
OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i want it!!!!!!!!!
Kuro-Churro's avatar
I love bulls, even though they're absolutely nuts.
Lontuku's avatar
Excellent just beautiful, so real...
minnichi's avatar
wow this is amazing!!!
LittleEvilKitty's avatar
wow!! i have an origami book with that in but its realy hard to folow, thats realy good :)
Zerona9's avatar
waaaaa I love it @__@ it's so cool
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