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Based off of: :date: || Plz account: :icongaydateplz:

I realized that dA doesn't have any LGBTIQ-themed official emotes other than :pride:.

That's right folks, no rainbows, no gay emotes, no lesbian emotes and no trans emotes! So in a burst of inspiration, I present to you 1 of 2 gay date emotes.

2 of 2 can be found here: :lezdate:!
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I commend you for creating these emotes and the lesbian ones. It's nice that you've made homosexual emotes in support of gays and lesbians.

Five Stars by Fleshgrinder (Customization) 

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Both :icongaydateplz: and :iconlezdateplz: are adorable!
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aw thats awesome!
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Adorable! Good for you!
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Could you make a trans one?
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I wanted to make a trans one and a bisexual one but haven't been able to figure out the schematics to do either yet. If you've got any ideas let me know!
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bisexual can be purple
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IDK, because I'm stupid like that... :/ sorry. I'm lame. ^^" Anywho..... Yeah.
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that is so cute!
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you're welcome!
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Aw, cute! ^^ Although, I call myself gay more than lesbian even though I'm a girl. ^^;
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Aw, I love this.
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No problem. Being gay, I love it.
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I might use this if it was a plz account.
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I think two people told me this already today lol.
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awesome and adorable ^^
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It's so cute! I love it :)
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