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Welcome to Origami-United!

This club is dedicated to the honor of any and all origami enthusiasts regardless of skill level. We are a gathering of origami enthusiasts who fold items from basic animals and flora to modular polyhedra to tessellations.

Anyone is welcome to join Origami United, even if they don’t do any kind of paper folding themselves. Just having an appreciation for origami is basis enough for you to be welcomed into our community. So without further ado, welcome! And enjoy your time here at Origami United.

Helpful Links:
:bulletgreen: How to Join
:bulletblue: Submission Rules
:bulletred::bulletred: UPDATED SUBMISSION POLICY, PLEASE READ :bulletred::bulletred:
:bulletpurple: Origami Resources

If you want to help contribute to the club, just send us a note! We're always looking for more origami resource sites (diagrams, instructions, even sites to buy origami supplies at). Feedback about the group is appreciated, as well.

Celebrating Origami Artists!

Celebrating Origami Artists! is a series of weekly news features run by the group to promote origami artists all over dA.

:star: This week's feature :star:

:new:Celebrating Origami Artists! 13 (Theme: Stars) 7.1.10

:thumb126937099: Star Twist Ornament by mnemosynestar

...and much, much more!

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Celebrating Origami Artists!

Gallery Folders

Pentakis Dodecahedron by mystichuntress
The Invaders . . . ? by kaioian
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Week 4, thumper by synconi
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3D Origami- Heart Box by Pandas55
Holiday 09 Contest
Seven Origami Swans a Swimming by pandaraoke
Origami Illustration


Killer Queen Bee


More Authority


Intimate Deviants


Hello again, Everyone!

Let me start by thanking everyone who is part of this group, to all who have commented, watched, given encouragement, submitted, and especially a huge thank you to the current admin we have who have made this group possible.

I know things have gotten slow lately, but as the founder of the group, I am personally responsible for what has happened here. The current administrators are absolutely wonderful people, and they are all amazing artists. They are my friends, and they do things that I can only hope to acheive one day. The thing is, roles in a group like this have to change eventually. Time passes, things change, real life butts in, you get the idea...but enough rambling!

I am looking for 5 new administrators to step up and help make this group lively and active like it used to be.

The role of the administrator includes:

-Prompt voting on member submitted works

-prompt voting on acceptance of new members

-Answering comments and commenting on comments when you have something to say.

-Being known in the community so that your voice is one members can go to if they have a problem.

-Keeping check of what items are submitted to what category, and sorting out the categories to contain proper submissions

-Quality checking! Use sound judgement when determining what goes in the featured folder (don't be afraid to reject requests, and to weed that folder out!)

-Being active in the community. Hosting contests and events. Creating new categories for people to submit to. (If you wish to include some type of prize in a contest, contact me and I will arrange an appropriate reward)

-Being a creative contributor. Continue refining your own style of origami. Submit your work. Be skillful. Know how to troubleshoot where others cannot, and offer constructive advice.

-Being responsible! If you can no longer perform your duties as an administrator, please inform us. Know when it is the right time to step down, to ensure the smooth transition of your role to another.

All potential future admin please send a note to :iconrokte:
In the note, tell me about yourself, about your work, and why you are fit to run a group. Please be thorough, but concise. Have personality, be yourself. Please show me examples of your work as well.  

Thank you very much everyone! I look forward to hearing from upcoming hopefuls! :D

***Just a sidenote, to all current admins: You may also opt to keep the position you have, however, Any and all admins will continue to retain their voting rights for this group. The old admin will simply be relieved of any obligation they have to timely see to the day to day upkeep of the group. :love:
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Stumm47 Featured By Owner Sep 7, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
Is the group still active?
shy-pet Featured By Owner Feb 9, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
just beginning origami. I'm working on learning the four pointed star/ninja star. when I put them together at the end, no matter how carefully I thought I folded, the points are not even and some don't fold into proper points to also fit in their tucked in flaps. what am I doing wrongly?
Candy955 Featured By Owner Nov 8, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Ugh! My join thing is broken for the sixth time already! So could you invite to join?
structure-of-chaos Featured By Owner Dec 23, 2014  Hobbyist Photographer

Important news to all Origami fans!!! New scientific project called Origami BioBandage has been started! If you are interested in how two 18-years-old girls use CELL ORIGAMI method to revolutionize the medicine, you definitely must check out our fanpage…. Our project’s website will be published there tomorrow!

And merry xmas everyone :)

Meeyho Featured By Owner Jun 6, 2014
hi to everyone i hope my gallery will visit and like my models 
i would be so nice to make friends to allMidori (Happy) [V3] 
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