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Simple Dragon Diagrams

Diagrams for my simple dragon are finally available!

I designed this figure back in 2007, here are some pictures of the finished fold: [link] and [link]
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Saku-Senpai's avatar
Incredible dragon. I've always wanted to try out a dragon.
Now allow me for a moment to be kind of stupid.
I'm having some problems with step 37, where it states to unwrap one layer. Don't know what that means or how to do it, and a crease has already torn...
Eleithel's avatar
oh wow, thanks for sharing, I really have to try this !!!
ArteRojas's avatar
I hope some day you decide to share how do you do these amazing figures from a paper
RaisinDeLoup's avatar
A nice dragon to realize :3 (arf when you use the appropriate paper... /SBAAF/)
Simple, clear and not too long... you're so talented master *-*
CMWyvern's avatar
I folded this several times, with 6 inch cheap foil paper! I love this model, as it is not too hard, but nicely porportioned.
rachygirl5404's avatar
man! even with this straightforward, simple, and very clear diagram i still can't get it! i feel like such an amateur...:ashamed:
origami-artist-galen's avatar
Don't feel that way, it's still complex by Origami USA standards. All you need is experience.
rachygirl5404's avatar
thank you! i love his design
Blastermind's avatar
I think this could be considered the very essence of every complex origami dragon design. I consider this one very helpfull for understanding the basics of making up an own origami dragon :)!
FoldedWilderness's avatar
I just downloaded the diagram and will definitely make one sometime later. The model looks great and at first glance, the diagram seems very clear.
Great job and thanks for sharing!
Origalion's avatar
Yey at long last!! Thx man! However im having a little trouble on step 15 - 16, on the top part after the open sink, how does it come out split? Because in the end when i almost completed the dragon, i realised i couldnt make the legs. Little help on that pls :)
origami-artist-galen's avatar
Uh oh! Let's see, in that step you only sink the central layers in and out, there are two layers on the sides which are not sunk. You should be able to do a little unfolding to fix it;)
Kolnithur's avatar
Thanks heaps for sharing, it's a really nice model
RyuuCid's avatar
Thanx for sharing!!
alejandro-delafuente's avatar
HaniSantosa's avatar
thanx for sharing this. I am downloading :D
twistedndistorted's avatar
Wow, great :D
I already folded it, nice model. You should do a book with all your models
origami-artist-galen's avatar
I'm definitely aspiring for that.
twistedndistorted's avatar
Tell me when you publish it, I would definitely buy it. Your models are awesome :D
By the way, what program did you used to make the diagrams?
origami-artist-galen's avatar
Thank you;)
I used inkscape to draw the diagrams, it's a totally free software that is also relatively easy to use.
twistedndistorted's avatar
No prob :D
Ok, I will try to use it to diagram a simple model I did. I would really want to see the diagrams for your western dragon or the Evangelion 01, I love those designs :)
asuray93's avatar
wah its so nice i'll try it! :D
origami-artist-galen's avatar
[link] Upload or send me a picture when you finish! ;)
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