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Origami Zoanoid Dragon Ver.2

Upgrade of my original Zoanoid Dragon [link]

Well, this is definitely one of the most complex models I've ever folded in my life

Designed by: Shuki Kato
Folded from: one 30 inch square sheet of tracing paper; painted with acrylic spray paint.
Time spent folding: who knows, maybe 25 hours.
Size: 13" wingspan; 7" tall
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Mar 17, 2011, 2:41:39 PM
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^_^ exceptional work!
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you are an expert at folding my friend! 
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how on earth do you come up with creating origami like this

my mind is blown.

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Wow, I like this one too.
The scales are just pleated diagonally?

Did you try pulling each one out and flattening it like a preliminary base? I know it's a pain but if people can do it for Ryujin 3.5 there's no reason not to do it on zoanoid (except maybe that zoanoid's complexity is higher, even if it takes less time to fold)
я старался сделать его похожим на твой.
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His name is Adam do u know him?
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I know an orgigamist Adam Tran, but no relation whatsoever. ;)
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My friend says that you are like his relative or something.
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Hmm, unlikely. Who is this friend?
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My brain, like, literally exploded. You are fantastic at origami! I applaude you :iconbravoplz: :iconapplauseplz:
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Amazing! I'm blown away by the fact this is created with one sheet of paper. Such complexity and detail, it's gorgeous! Your whole album is amazing!
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I don't know if I commented on this yet because its been a while since I added this to favorites, but this deserves a comment at the bare minimum. What would you say is the most complex part of the design? I might consider folding this in the future when I have more time on my hands.
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Thank you! The most difficult part on this is probably the head, the scales take forever, but once you know what's going on it's not too hard.
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that's awesome!!! I love origami!
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Incredible... Do you use any particular approaches to designing new models?
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I feel like crying...
I have spend some good years folding, but never been able to create a new pattern. And now I feel like a child with pencils in front of Michelangelo.

This is amazing.
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WOW THATS SO GOOODDDDD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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great model
can you send me its create pattern ?
impressive is it 1 piece of paper and what kind?
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this is just awesome, i know few things to fold in origamy but i will never be able to fold that... >_<
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This is certainly one of my favorites too and in mine opinion one of the best origami dragons out there!
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