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Mega Complex Origami Dragons

This is my collection of all my scaled origami dragons. I thought it was neat to see the size comparison between them all.

Left to right:
Zoanoid dragon, 24" square designed by me
Scaled Wyvern, 19" square designed by Chad Killeen
Ryu Zin 2.1 and 3.5, 19 and 38" squares designed by Satoshi Kamiya
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1024x768px 67.6 KB
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10/250 second
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8 mm
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Date Taken
Nov 4, 2009, 3:49:54 PM
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Phenomenal, as always
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Well done this is soo cool
How long did it take?
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An amazing collection; i wonder how much time did you take to make those designs?
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I look at this and then I look at mine... You've been folding for years haven't you? If not, this is even more amazing! Wonderful work! I really like how you folded practically every individual scale... speaking of which, how long did it take you to make those?
origami-artist-galen's avatar
too long, haha! I have no idea really...perhaps 15 hours each on average.
Even the ryujin 3.5? 0-o
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0_0... I barely had the patience to make a tiny decorative bat... You are amazing.
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holy dragon this is amazing!
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your Ryu is so tiny, how is that possible? (mine is huge compared to that) I have long admired your Zoanoid but have little clue how to fold it.
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that is amazing!!!!
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respect! I love to fold paper, but my results don't look like your genius art.
Nice really nice <3
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I came here after seeing your stuff on Flickr. You have immense talent, I don't think I've ever seen such detail before. I've been doing tessellations almost exclusively for the past several years, but I kind of want to get back into making 3D models, as it's something I was never all that great at. I wanted to ask about the techniques you use to shape and finish works like this. Do you wet fold? Use any tools?
You SirFlynn: Smolder 
Have talent which I wantFrozen - Elsa Crying Icon
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Never had the patience for something that complex myself, crease patterns alone are hard to interpret. Most of my folding experiments have been pure trial and error.
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I love the first one.
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are they all just made of regular paper?! OoO
idrawforraven's avatar
They look like some sort of tissue or tracing paper.
gatsugakiba's avatar
Oh. thanks
I like your icon btw
idrawforraven's avatar

No prob xD

Thanks, you can find a bunch of pokemon icons like this around here... but I forgot who makes them D:

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