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Dragon crease pattern

My Western Dragon. The main axes of this model are at the one third point. The head can be modified easily ( I based mine on Kamiya's dragons). Happy folding!
Finally, a much clearer image! (although you can see it's not very clean)
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I'll have to try this later
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its kinda hard to see the pictures :( i can only see a few lines
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this is cool. i would try, but i have no idea what those creases mean.
you said you based it off of someone's. where did you find the original one? in a book or something?
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Thanks very much! Actually the head was strongly influenced by the ancient dragon in Works of Satoshi Kamiya. Yeah, it is very difficult. Basically the different colors on the left side of the pattern correspond to mountain and valley folds,while the pattern on the right just shows the underlying structure.
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cool. i still can't understand it.
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I know, But when I scan it, the edges get cut off. I still haven't even attempted to draw crease patterns using computer software.
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It's a bit hard to see... But that's cool!
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