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Two doctors

There are the 10th and 11th trying on each other's shoes.
I love the 10th's clothing but I gotta say.. that converse look good on the 11th!

You can check the painting process here - [link]
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these two just have to exist at the same time... it only has to be like 5 mins for all i care XD alot could happn in 5 mintes!
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They just, they just REALLY need to get these two Doctors together!!!
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I think matt smith could rock the converse but no! i like the 11ths style just the way it is!
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This is adorable, I love their expressions. To me they look kind of like "eh..." but also kind of like "huh, not bad..." :)
Its awesome.
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NIIIICE!! :la: I like it!! Very fun idea!! I think the 11th Doctor should keep the converse, well, the 10th still needs a pair.

I liked seeing the process, well done on the sketching!! I have a VERY difficult time sketching on my tablet. :P I just sketch on paper and scan.
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I feel you, I have the same problem! I wish I can just sketch it easily on my tablet.. but I'm getting use to it! :-)
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I've had my tablet for a year now, and I still can't get it. :P
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