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Cammy and Sakura

Sakura takes a bit from Cammy's sandvich! yes it is that sandvich :D
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Favorited for cute style with two great characters I love.
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I'd do anything to be that sandvich.
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Aaaaaawwwwww i love my beautiful sakura :heart: she is very pretty and the cuttest!!!!!! :heart:
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This reminds me of a manga I read a couple times, actually involving Sakura and Cammy.
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Oh really? what's the title?
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Its called "Street Fighter: Sakura Ganbaru" There's only two volumes, owned by Udon. And even though you won't see this exact picture within the books, you'll understand why I made the comment. And the story is that it is the precursor to Street Fighter Alpha, but how Sakura becomes a street fighter. (there is cammy in it and chun-li)
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my two favorite characters xD nice work xD
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i thought they were holdin a miniature guy,lol
orientalowl's avatar
Lol that'll be funny actually.. I will try that one day
ixzidian2031's avatar
that'll be a great idea, magnificent btw
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:iconsfsakuraplz::iconsaysplz:"I-eat-your-SANDVICHES!" :XD:
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Nom nom nom nom
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yes delish sandvich!!
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awesome Sakura and cammy drawing! :D
i love those 2 girls and you did a great job drawing them. :aww:
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Thanks! :) I love that 2 girls as well!
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I wish to make a team of X-23, Sakura and Cammy in UMvsC3. xD
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And this must the part where The Heavy comes in, right?
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