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Jader Breeding Artist Positions: CLOSED by Benathorn, journal

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i posted my DA in the intro channel on the discord
I only just now noticed them, but the newest teen pup lines are so darling!! I really like the look, and the blend of stylization and that original sleek build.
May I know what traits separate these dudes from wolves and dogs? Just curious.
I think they have slender bodies like dobermann, but they have longer, bigger, and fluffier necks, they also have these long thin tails with big tufts on the end of the tails by default!
Oriental Jaders are essentially a breed of "dogs" from the world Eldemore. To know more about Eldemore, go to www.eldemore.com. There are Dire Wolves in Eldemore too. It is a whole world created by Benathorn and therefore are not directly related to dogs and wolves that you would know here in our reality :) 
Looking for my first Jadar! info here!
I love the icon!!!! Very festive!!!