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Welcome by OriensPhoenix Welcome :iconoriensphoenix:OriensPhoenix 1 0 Trespasser by OriensPhoenix Trespasser :iconoriensphoenix:OriensPhoenix 4 2 Spazy Ezio by OriensPhoenix Spazy Ezio :iconoriensphoenix:OriensPhoenix 13 2
Generic Title: Chapter 8
"OK time to move on back to the bus!" Gizmo called out. "Someone help Zoro…" He added as an afterthought. The pirate was switching and bleeding out on the floor.
Skye and Phoenix ninja'd down and helped him back to the infirmary on the bus. Seeing as it was their show they felt they should take care of their guests.
Once he was in the hands of their on board healers, they headed off to the fandom known as Sherlock. They parked outside 221b Baker street and yelled until they came out – because fifty-seven of them wouldn't fit in their apartment.
Once they were on board they headed to the next fandom – Harry Potter. They picked up Ron and Hermione. Then they all went on a picnic.
Since they'd abolished the 'random fact' crap they left the newbies to socialise amongst the others.
Then they arrived at their picnic location, Fish Park. Sitting on one of the empty fields, four ninjas spread the picnic mat out and tied it down.
Everyone else brought chairs and the food out. The
:iconoriensphoenix:OriensPhoenix 0 0
Generic Title: Chapter 7
The next morning everyone fought for the bathroom for an hour then they all settled into their seats on the bus.
"OK." Phoenix said, megaphone in hand. "To brekkie we go!"
This was followed by cheers from only half the crowd as the other half hadn't had their coffee yet so they weren't 'awake'.
Just then, because he had been hired by Skye and Phoenix, Gizmo came out and threw coffee at everyone yelling, "Taste the caffeine!" The hot brown liquid coated everyone, burning their skin.
There was a rush for the showers and by the time everyone was back in their seats they were at their destination.
"Alright everyone, we're here." Phoenix announced on the megaphone. "Single file out the door please."
The group walked into the restaurant. Said restaurant was so awesome that its name was Noodles Over Meat aka NOMs but they just called is N.O.M.A.N. because that was what all the cool kids did.
They all sat down and ordered. Except they didn't because it's a buffet. They sat for a moment while o
:iconoriensphoenix:OriensPhoenix 2 0
Generic Title: Chapter 6
"Alright, now that we know each other better let's move to the fandom!" Skye shouted. "Please remain seated as we go to Naruto-verse. We will see all the sights and the Shinobi can pick up some gear."
The passengers all took their seats -the bus was put on autopilot- and they zapped to Naruto.
The Shinobi were giving people advice and filling them in on the rules.
"OK," Kakashi was saying, "You can't eat dogs, or piss off the ANBU or eat with anything but chopsticks, oh and you shouldn't throw stones no matter the housing situation."
They arrived in the verse, parking the bus in the Hokage Mountain in the Hidden Leaf Village fire land.
"Everyone stay together – anyone who falls behind stays behind! Just kidding, but stay close."
They walked to the Hokage mansion, the Shinobi grabbing some gear before joining the group which Iruka was showing around.
"…and here we have the Fandom's biggest ball of yarn, and over here we have the Hokage mountain with the faces of all the Hokage
:iconoriensphoenix:OriensPhoenix 0 0
Generic Title: Chapter 5
"It was YOU!" Homer shouted, pointing at Naruto.
"What the hell is that fandom doing here?" Harry Potter yelled from nowhere.
"FOR NARNIA!" King Peter yelled, charging the group with a sword.
"Screw you!" Jay yelled. The seven young heroes ran at him.
"Almost dead you are." The little green thing said, joining the fight.
"DOOM," came Girs voice.
"OK, everyone stop!" Kakashi yelled over everything. No one acknowledged him as the Flock had just swooped in, wings on FIRE!
Suddenly Liv and Elliot joined the fray. Then another dome fell over the entire state.
"SHUT UP!" Everything went silent, Kakashi ninja'd onto a table. "All right. Listen up." He said. "Let's party!" He guzzled an entire vodka bottle just then.
Everyone broke out in jazz hands. "Don't stop til it feels natural." He instructed.
They danced like that for two days then they killed the annoying person on the Coles ad, with FIRE. Then they went back to partying ALL NIGHT LONG! Whilst singing 'Like a G6' at the top of their lu
:iconoriensphoenix:OriensPhoenix 4 0
Generic Title: Chapter 4
"So where are we going?" Kakashi asked. They were in the elevator. Pakkun was in Kakashi's arms, alert, but tired.
"Conference room," was the reply. "Need our medical examiner to get a look at that eye of yours."
"Ok." Kakashi smiled and went back to petting Pakkun. The doors beeped and opened, Gibbs walked out leaving Kakashi to follow. Gibbs held the conference room door open for him. Kakashi sat on the end of the table, folding his legs and let Pakkun walk across.
"So…who are you?" Gibbs asked sitting at a chair on Kakashi's right.
Kakashi smiled. "I'm Kakashi Hatake and I'm a Jōnin level Shinobi." He said. Gibbs just stared. "Oh and this is Pakkun." He went on pointing at the pug in his lap.
"Sup sonny boy." The dog said. Gibbs stared wide eyed.
Just then there was a knock at the door and Ducky walking in, first aid kit in his hand.
"I'm here, Jethro. Is this the man I'm here to check?"
"Duck this is Mr. Hatake."
"Kakashi, please." Kakashi smiled at the M.E.
"Hello Kakash
:iconoriensphoenix:OriensPhoenix 0 0
Generic Title: Chapter 3
Meanwhile in a town called Whisk…some spoons were loitering around a 'Knives only' Club. Some of the younger knives were feeling uncomfortable with the gi-friggin-nourmous teaspoons about  but when the forks arrived an all-out war broke out between the three groups.
The local police had trouble keeping everything under control, especially since they all had Spatula blood, but they managed to finish the job. Shooting every spoon, fork and spork in sight. Because they're racist.
The paparazzi came in forms of potato mashers and then the news reporters –egg beaters- came and all hell broke loose!
Suddenly some spatulas came in and sorted it all out, one even shouted that it was "Totally G-G-Gaaaaaay"
"Are you done?" asked a reporter.
"Totally G-" He was shot.
Out of nowhere his wife appeared screaming bloody murder! Just kidding, she killed him and was going nuts with an AK-47.
Every spoon, fork, knife or variation thereof rejoiced. Until the Utensilator appeared and k
:iconoriensphoenix:OriensPhoenix 1 0
Generic Title: Chapter 2
A bomb fell from the sky, closely followed by a giant dome! They were trapped!
"No freaking way." Naruto said. "We just got out of the stupid 'Meese/Kakashi stab' arc and we don't even get a break between. I mean come on. What's this arc called?...better be something awesome." *runs to check arc name* "Oh my god, it's called the 'Dome Arc', so lame." He screamed.
Anyway, continuing with the DA, they unleashed hell on the dome but it did nothing. Giving up on that idea they set out in search for a sink hole 'cause those things are friggin awesome, brah!
They couldn't find one so they just dug a hole instead and tunnelled the hell out of there. They ran to Sauna and went to the Kazekage for help, but got side-tracked by the second biggest ball of yarn in the continental US.
"Oooh it's purdy." Kakashi said as he leaned forward and poked the soft wool but as he did the alarms went off and they ninja'd their way out of there with minimal casualties while Naruto yelled:
"Help us Kazekage hel
:iconoriensphoenix:OriensPhoenix 2 0
Generic Title: Chapter 1
The sun was setting high in the sky as Sakura walked to the meeting spot for team 7 when Katara appeared and challenged Sakura to an Agni Kai which she turned down as neither one of them were fire benders, and she kept on walking because she would be late.
When she reached her team she found them playing hop-scotch. Leaping into immediate action she passed on the spot just as Kakashi won again, making Sasuke and Naruto face-palm. How could they lose?
"Because your mother was a hamster!" Kakashi yelled passing his milk to Gai Sensei as he gave an award-winning smile even though no one could see it because of his mask.
He then welcomed the Doctor into the story as this story was taking on a Naruto 'verse vibe but the Doctor couldn't stay for long so he had to go, but before he did he reminded Tahnee that she would soon understand Naruto 'verse soon enough.
As the story went back to the Naruto world, Sasuke decided enough was enough and leapt out of the Naruto world and into Life.
:iconoriensphoenix:OriensPhoenix 4 0
Canoe Madness by OriensPhoenix Canoe Madness :iconoriensphoenix:OriensPhoenix 15 16 Eye of the wolf by OriensPhoenix Eye of the wolf :iconoriensphoenix:OriensPhoenix 1 3 Something Cute... by OriensPhoenix Something Cute... :iconoriensphoenix:OriensPhoenix 0 0 Art for the blind by OriensPhoenix Art for the blind :iconoriensphoenix:OriensPhoenix 1 0 Fire Ball by OriensPhoenix Fire Ball :iconoriensphoenix:OriensPhoenix 6 8


Summoning Demons by bluefooted Summoning Demons :iconbluefooted:bluefooted 290 9 Bookcon 2018 Poster by bluefooted Bookcon 2018 Poster :iconbluefooted:bluefooted 190 8 Connor Detroit Become Human by Brilcrist Connor Detroit Become Human :iconbrilcrist:Brilcrist 2,332 52 Number One by Scarlet-Ajani Number One :iconscarlet-ajani:Scarlet-Ajani 417 40 AVENGERS ARE INFINITE by CoranKizerStone AVENGERS ARE INFINITE :iconcorankizerstone:CoranKizerStone 1,851 44 Bulbasaur by sharkie19 Bulbasaur :iconsharkie19:sharkie19 2,855 103 D.C. Morse by tillieke D.C. Morse :icontillieke:tillieke 104 6 Thor and Snake by volkradugi Thor and Snake :iconvolkradugi:volkradugi 41 5 Sabaku no Gaara In Real Life ^^ by xKuroArt Sabaku no Gaara In Real Life ^^ :iconxkuroart:xKuroArt 2 0 The Lady by Calmality The Lady :iconcalmality:Calmality 605 29 Commmission, Maori Barbarian by Ioana-Muresan Commmission, Maori Barbarian :iconioana-muresan:Ioana-Muresan 76 3 Icarus by zanephiri Icarus :iconzanephiri:zanephiri 42 7 Diana of Themyscira by theDURRRRIAN Diana of Themyscira :iconthedurrrrian:theDURRRRIAN 4,015 130 with her mind in space by kelogsloops with her mind in space :iconkelogsloops:kelogsloops 2,794 54 Mother by pugbytes Mother :iconpugbytes:pugbytes 811 31 Relics by pugbytes Relics :iconpugbytes:pugbytes 306 4



Name: OriensPhoenix
Hight: 5'10
Likes: :iconlachoirplz: Singing, :iconreadingplz: reading...
Dislikes: Lemme get back to you on this.....

Current Residence: Narnia
Favourite genre of music: To many to pick from.
Favourite style of art: The awesome kind. Clearly.
MP3 player of choice: iPod Nano
Shell of choice: The swirly kind :D
Skin of choice: Leopard
Favourite cartoon character: So many people to pick from.
Personal Quote: "Everyone wants hamburgers...BUT I DONT KNOW WHERE THEY ARE!"
Ok Guess who woke with a cold on Sunday?
yup and it sucks.
The only good thing about this is that I got to bunk in the lounge to watch the last episode of Sherlock XD
Stupid cliffhangers.....I really wanna know what happens, but I guess I will have to wait. Ah well.


So sad, but I can't wait for the new season coming out next year :D
And I had desided I wan't the first Season for Christmas. It come's out in November (I am not sure if in the UK or AUS, the ad didn't say)

Can't wait for Harry Potter DH part 1. I am going to see it with my best friends :D (I wanted them to wear awesome Hogwarts robes but OH NO, they didn't want to. Would have been so much fun guys, SO. MUCH. FUN. O_o)

Well thats all.
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2. Ezios hidden blade spaz out thing. 

3 One of the 'party' photos.

4. Baby Zetsu in a pot being fed fertaliser.

5. Finish everyone as penguins.

6. Altair teaching History of Magic, "Who killed ____? I DID!"

7. Ezio being teaching, sitting at students desk "So, what are we learning?"

8. Altair being interrogated by Gibbs with Ziva translating.

9. Red Power Ranger in wheelchair.

10. Lief with black hair.

11. Our Mary Sue-lette.

12. Snape in his office and Dumbledore + Poppy arriving with 15 ferals in tow. The 15 the go batshit cray-zay and eat everything at their height. Dumbledore = Trololololol.

13. Altair running down hill "You're going to hurt someone at that speed." Running...running...fall. Bunny's snickering.

14. Someone wearing the Sorting Hat to a party.

15. Leeching off a story.

16. Kidnapping a peacock.

17. Everyone (who had a dog) with their dog. (pg 149)

18. Trolling troll trolling under the bridge.

19. Torch mouth - midnight snack.

20. Young Talent Time judge exploding.

21. Haku beating up [some random] while apologizing to them.

22. Gaara yelling "Daddy! You've come to love me!" with his arms out for a hug.

23. Raidos peacock, Sir Nimrod, strutting around with a pimp cane, monocle and a top hat.

24. Five Rangers on a one person bike (or unicycle for lolz).

25. Sherlock rolling in Moriatys blood.

26. Mycrofts revenge.

27. The eye room - featuring Colin Morgan, Benedict Cumberbatch and Itachi Uchiha.

28. Chick with slit throat wanting someone to kiss her boo-boo better.

29. Lazy Games: *food sitting on table in front of people* "You get it." "No, you get it."

30. Black Widow with moustache.

31. The Assassins Creed crew as the Avengers.

32. Adelaide does over-the-top dance on stage. Receives polite applause. | Sydney gets on stage; does nothing. Receives over-the-top, excessive applause and departs stage.

33. Hawkeye showing off his snap-out-bow. Then someone showing off their snap-out bow, complete with insane amounts of gear. What now, Hawkeye, what now?

34. Gollum as Luke; "My PUZZLES!"

35. Harry receiving a rifle instead of a broom.

36. You and I talking at same time: 
You: "Blah blah blah, and it was like."
Me: "Blah blah blah, and it was like."

37. "Donna Noble, you have something on your back." It's a koala.

38. Sasuke trying to get into the Avengers.

39. The Oreck air thing. And portable version.

40. Wally, Dick and Roy doing 'the Creep'. And Roy's solo.

41. The Death Note arts of the card you did for dad.

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