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Group Info

This club is aimed to the ones who have an Original Character (OC), and want to developt it, and make it knew around another people to help it to enhance, and become a better designed character, this club accept any kind of OC, but as well all have to be good supported and somekind designed, we will be selective with the OC, but that doesnt mean you cannt join and see the works on the site, feel free to see and develop your own OC.

All kinds of Art are accepted, traditional or digital, even fan fics will be accepted.
Founded 9 Years ago
Jan 7, 2010


Group Focus
OC Development

11,260 Members
8,430 Watchers
195,507 Pageviews
Daily Pageviews

OC Mission and Rules + Affiliates

This group have a target to improve the ideas and design of all OC, since addin them to our gallerie, the members between them will make some constructive comments:

To how to improve the proportion, the look, personalities of your OC, as well you are free to join and try those ideas and give your own.

How do i join?
♥ Click the Join button and ready, also, if you want just watch the group and recive the submission of our members.

:damphyr: Rules:

:bulletblue:To submit:

♥ You have to have an oc well developed at some point, random chars won't be accepted.
♥ Only your own work is allowed.
Please consider a good quality of your works! no wips, sketches or linearts is ok but not quick/random sketches or doodles, base, re-color or similar, only your best works.
♥ Can to be, cute, sexy or mature.
♥Oppai/big breasts it's ok, just in MATURE folder
♥ As well this group wont allow hard core of fetish pics, naked and ecchi pics are ok but Grotesque fetishes (as gore, vore, dismembering, killing, limbless etc...), also in case of sensitive theme NAZI themes as symbols related to are NOT ALLOWED!!.
♥ They need to have a lil explination and some kind of background on them.
♥ The submission will be on any style you want, traditional, digital even fan fic, chibi, normal, furry/anthro, but all must be good developed.
♥ If you leave the group, take your art with you or you will be banned.

:bulletpink: The submission limit will be 2 per week in Featured folder and 4 per week in"fully developed chars" folder, the submission to critique timprove will be open to any number of submissions, for the fully developed chars it need to send a request and await to be approved.

:bulletgreen:The Members of this club are supposed to to...

:bulletyellow:In the case they need to help to Improve or develop new OC their, have TO SEND A NOTE TO THE GROUP ASKIN FOR HELP TO PUBLISH ON THE JOURNAL TO MAKE IT OF KNOWLEDGE OF THE GROUP MEMBERS.

♥ Being friendly and objective to the comments you make on the OC of the other members.

:bulletred:Expulsion offenses....
♥ If a member report you that you being rude or do unsuitable comments, we will add your icon at the journal to make sense you are on sight, if we get a second report we will be forced to expel you from the group.

-Notes about contributors-
to become a contributor you need to fullfil a quality level and the recomendation of the founder or 2 co-funders or 3 contributors.
- please dont send contributor request-

If you have any question, comment on our group page




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iKouichi Featured By Owner 13 hours ago  Professional Interface Designer

Language: PT-BR | ENG
Information: Click!

Takahashi Rie no Konban Nanitsukuro? by iKouichi   Ikishima Midari - Kakegurui by iKouichi   Takagi-san - Karakai Jouzu by iKouichi   [Summer] Kirisaki Chitoge by iKouichi
Voice-sama Featured By Owner 1 day ago  New Deviant Hobbyist General Artist
Okay, so here it is! I'm offering everyone who sees this the challenge to come up with their own versions of this. It is so that I can draw creative inspiration from other people's ideas and finalize my own established version of this character. I'm inviting everyone who sees this to give their best ideas and their best renderings! It will help me create something truly great, and ultimately, it will help make my online movie truly great!
Wind (description) by Voice-sama  
Voice-sama Featured By Owner 5 days ago  New Deviant Hobbyist General Artist
Hey, guys.
I'm a new guy who's visiting for the first time, and I have a request of my own.
I don't know how to submit it, though.

Could you guys please get back to me as soon as possible and let me know how and where to submit it? I have developed a great OC and I am EXTREMELY passionate about it. So, I'm going to need all the help I can get to improve it.
Alas-Carmesis Featured By Owner 4 days ago  Professional Digital Artist
on your picture there must be a section of groups where the picture is featured, press the button add to a group, type the name of the group you are member and the menu of folders where you can submit will show up, then press submit
Voice-sama Featured By Owner 2 days ago  New Deviant Hobbyist General Artist
Okay. Before I even bother, here is what I intend to do with this character.
I intend to create a full-fledged anime movie with this character as its main/titular figure. It will be a non-profit online movie for Youtube, of course, but even so, I need to explain why I'm submitting this character here.

I have an initial idea and general concept for this character's design, but I have not yet perfected it. I'm looking for creative ideas and perspectives from others on how to improve this character's design. It is as if I were putting up a poll or hosting a contest challenge. I'm asking people to take a look at the initial concept design and challenging them to come up with their own imaginative theory designs. From these theory designs, I can derive inspiration to perfect my own final established design for this character.
I will NOT use any of these people's actual work. I simply intend to see the ideas people will have and to come up with my own ideas which will be very lightly based on the ideas I happen to like.

My question to you is whether or not the fact that I intend to use this character in this way would at all violate any of your policies.

If so, I will refrain from this without question.
Alas-Carmesis Featured By Owner 2 days ago  Professional Digital Artist
it doesnt go against any policy, is your character and what you decide or plan to do with it is your decision.
(2 Replies)
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