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1. Please follow the Golden Rule; treat others the way you want to be treated. Regard the admins and other Pasta Eaters with respect.

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5.a Art of Laughing Jack/associated and Sexual Offenderman/associated are no longer allowed in the group.

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6. Theories on existing creepypastas belong in Fanart-Creepypasta, as well as any written work about existing creepypastas(creepy fanfiction- canon x OC, canon meets canon, etc). The only thing that goes into the pasta folders should be the pastas themselves.

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8.aNo hate speech or hate art. No ableism, racism, sexism, or rape culture. If you can't make a story scary without falling back on demonizing or exploiting minorities, you need more practice. This includes pictures of Jeff/whoever killing 'fangirls' or 'Mary-Sues' or visa versa. This is not the place for your vendettas against fictional characters.

8.b No straightjackets. Straightjackets were once used as a tool in the rampant medical abuse of the neurodivergent. Pictures that romanticize straightjackets or other forms of medical abuse (ex. chains being used to restrain a patient) will not be allowed in the group.

9. No low-effort work such as bases, MMD, recolored game-sprites, etc. It doesn't matter how bad your digital/traditional art is, you'll get better with practice. If you draw it yourself, it will make it into the group so don't worry! This is a place for artists to get better, we don't have a quality standard.

There is a three strike system in regards to violations. For works submitted to the group, any rule violations in either the piece or the meta (descriptions and comments by the original poster) will issue a strike.

First strike is a warning. Second strike is a month ban on submissions. Third strike is being kicked from the group.

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Creepypasta: Below ZeroThe Victini’s eyes struggled to open at first, but light had soon flooded his vision. He stared at the ceiling, once again being greeted by its dull gray texture. Except, he realized that the texture didn’t seem right. It looked less like the stone of his lighthouse and much more metallic; almost sterile. Finally provoked into movement, Victini slowly sat up and saw that the bed he was sleeping in was just as cold as the ceiling with its ghostly white sheets. In fact, the entire room seemed positively uncaring and devoid of anything that could invoke feeling. The walls were the same metallic texture as the ceiling, the lone table and chair in the room were unremarkable, and the floor tiles were eerily shiny. Victini compared the feeling to visiting a Pokemon Center during the middle of a Pokerus breakout. No one wants to talk, and everyone is scared out of their minds or feeling numb from the experience. Just looking around the room actually made the Victory Pokemon shiver slightly, which was unusual for him. Normally, he never found himself cold in anyway. But the sheer sight of the room he was in awoke a nameless fear in his flaming heart.The slight opening of the door jolted Victini back to his senses. A female’s head poked through the gap. Dark, almost black hair and bright orange eyes greeted the Pokemon along with a small smile. Victini tilted his head slightly and had a concerned expression on his face, which didn’t go unnoticed by the woman. She opened the door slightly more and stepped into the room, giving the Pokemon time to look over her outfit. She seemed to be a scientist of some sort with her flowing white lab coat. Taking a seat on the chair, the woman’s smile didn’t leave her face as she spoke.“Hi, there. Do you know where you are?”Was she crazy? Of course, he didn’t know where he was. Obviously, she was making sure that he understood her, but something about her optimistic outlook was off-putting. Still, he nodded. The woman’s smile seemed to deepen slightly.“That’s great! Now I believe introductions are in order. I’m Dr. Anna, researcher of renewable energy sources. Is there any other way that you can communicate with me? Telepathy, perhaps?”Victini hesitated before going ahead with Anna’s question. Anna then heard a light, slightly rasped voice in her mind.“Yeah. If it helps to make things easier for you”.“Excellent!” Anna had spoken excitedly before stepping up from the chair and walking over to the door. She looked back at the Pokemon before beckoning him over and out the door. Victini hovered off the bed and flew out of the pale room to find that they were in some kind of laboratory. Several other scientists appeared to be hard at work on things that he couldn’t even begin to understand. For the first time since his arrival, Victini smiled with amazement as he saw how advanced everything was, a fact that pleased Anna even more. She stepped over to his side before speaking once more.“I take it you’re enjoying the sight of our work?”“This place is amazing!” Victini had said, doing a small twirl in the process.“What exactly do you people do here, anyway?”“Well,” Anna pinched the bridge of her nose as she went on. “This is the Plasma Energy Labs. Here, we work night and day to find alternate energy sources that can be used to help sustain society and possibly make life easier for Pokemon as well. You see, we found you because you have a special talent that interests us, Victini”.Victini looked over to Anna, head tilted and a look of confusion on his face. Anna slightly chuckled before explaining her theory. Supposedly, Victini’s body was a source of near limitless energy and the Plasma Labs hoped that they could find a way to safely harness it. For this, they would need his full cooperation. The very thought that he would be able to help so many people and Pokemon at once was one that raced through the Legendary’s mind ad nauseum. Plus, it would be a nice way to pay back the people who had seemingly freed him from a life of eternal solitude. Victini happily agreed to the prospect and would do anything he could to help Anna and her team with their research.The next few weeks found Victini being put through various tests of varying difficulty. They ranged from simply being hooked up to various sensors and monitoring his vitals to something more strenuous like a few battles to judge his energy output. It was quite exhausting at points and Victini did have physical limits to worry about; something that the scientists, save Anna, didn’t seem to understand. They always tried to push the Victory Pokemon as hard as they could, trying desperately to find results as quickly as possible. Anna, however, found this rather worrying and forced her colleagues to allow him to rest as long as he needed, much to their chagrin. This behavior was becoming somewhat concerning to her fellow scientists, with many claiming that Anna was becoming too attached to the subject. Such talk was kept to a minimum and obviously out of her earshot, but the concerns soon turned to frustration with a lack of tangible results. However, this would soon change thanks to the inhumane actions of a single scientist named Nathan. He had suggested a new plan to a small group of associates and found that they also were fed up with Anna’s “slow and steady” tactics on the project. They knew that it was time to act and act fast. Thus, did they slip into Victini’s resting quarters and quietly snatch the Pokemon under the cover of night, leaving no trace of their interference. What happened next would have grave consequences for all involved.Anna shifted slightly in her sleep before her eyes opened slightly. She didn’t know why she was awake this early in the morning, but couldn’t ignore the nagging feeling in the back of her head that something was wrong. She slipped out of bed and into her lab coat, walking out into the living quarters of the lab. Looking around, she found that everyone else was sleeping like babies. She then headed down into the lab to check on her precious little cinnamon roll, Victini. Anna wasn’t deaf to the complaints she was getting. Various colleagues telling her to be careful about getting too attached to the subject or telling her that if Victini’s energy is limitless, it shouldn’t need to rest. With each and everyone of them, she shut them down in spectacular fashion. Out of every jaded scientist there, she was the only one who seemed to understand that limitless energy or not, Victini was still just a Pokemon. And much like all living things, he still had limits and could be exhausted. Shaking these thoughts from her mind, Anna peeked into Victini’s room and smiled slightly, seeing the fox-like Pokemon’s V-shaped ears peeking out from the sheets. She quietly closed the door, not wanting to go in and rouse the poor thing.That was until she heard a shrill scream ring out from deeper in. Immediately, Anna turned and ran towards the source of the noise, finding that it came from the main testing chamber. When she peered through the window, the sight she found was soul-rending. Four scientists were in the test chamber, with Victini hooked up to some kind of transfer device. Said device was attached to what seemed to be a Life Orb that was glowing an eerily pale purple. Victini’s face was contorted into a sculpture of agony, his eyes no more than white voids. Anna rushed into the chamber before she was quickly seized by two guards. Nathan walked over to her and kneeled down, giving off a slight smirk. Anna screamed at him.“What are you doing to Victini!? He’ll die if you keep this up!”“And?” Nathan coldly responded. Getting up from his squat, he explained his reasoning.“Your attachment to the subject was an active hindrance to any kind of true progress. This “slow and steady” tactic of yours is nothing more than you spending what little time you have with your “precious cinnamon roll”. A shame then that we were at odds with our tactics. But don’t worry. We’ll leave something of Victini behind for you”.Tears streamed down Anna’s face as she watched Victini’s life slowly fade from his body. Soon the screams had died down, as did the energy output. Nathan’s smile widened as he looked over the Life Orb’s contained energy and found that it had exceeded his expectations. The was filled to the brim with harvested energy to be used in several projects. Anna’s tears soon turned into screams of anguish upon looking at the poor Victini’s corpse. The light had completely faded from the Pokemon’s eyes and fur, leaving behind a grey and black carcass. Nathan noticed this and took the opportunity to vent his frustrations further.“Hmm…That’s interesting. I think we can still pull more energy from him. What do you think, Anna?”Anna soon started screaming various profanities at the madman, all of which made him smile wider.“Is that a yes I hear? If you say so!”Anna watched as the energy transfer device was turned back on and the last drops of energy were extracted from Victini, his ears fading from their normal orange to a pale, icy blue. However, while all person’s present were focused on Victini’s body, they didn’t notice that the orb was also changing. The bright purple color had faded to a dark, dull blue. It was only when the first crack was heard that Nathan realized he let his ego get the best of him. As soon as they turned around, the Life Orb began to crack even more, leaking some unknown black fluid. Soon, all went absolutely silent…before the orb shattered, releasing several shadowy, screaming entities. Anna seemingly didn’t know what to think at this point, having endured too much to process what was happening. Nathan however was absolutely petrified at the sight of the creatures. They soon ceased all movement, gazing at the figures below them. Suddenly, one of the guards and another of the scientists found themselves being lifted off of the ground, struggling and screaming. At once, they found their bodies being assaulted by several shadows and their flesh being ripped clean. The other guard and two other scientists were pinned to a wall by the other entities, feeling a deep, freezing pain in their bodies as if something were tearing their very soul from them. Soon, the bodies were dropped to the floor, all in various states of mortification. Nathan quickly made a retreat from the test chamber, fleeing for his sanity if not his life.Anna was still unsure of what to do. Her body still wouldn’t take commands and was practically bolted to the ground. The entities realized this and lifted her up, setting her on her feet. The screaming began to die down as the shadows flew with great speed into Victini’s corpse, vanishing upon impact. Anna had nothing to do, nothing to say. After all she had been through, what could even compare to what she just experienced? Her question was answered when she heard a shrill, pleading moan come from above her. Looking up, she saw Victini’s body twitching and moving forward, seemingly pulling on its own wings to get out of the device. The flesh soon tore off, leaving the body to fall to the ground with its wings detached. Anna felt the room grow deathly cold as she stared at the twitching carcass of her beloved cinnamon roll. Then, the body floated into the air stopping at eye level with Anna. It stared at Anna with pale blue pupils, seeing nothing familiar about the woman. Anna was finally granted control of her body at this point and looked at the thing that used to be Victini. A single word left her lips.“Victini?”The being slightly tilted its head upon hearing this. Why did this not provoke it in any way? What did it feel for this woman? What is it feeling right now? Can it even feel anything? It suddenly did feel something. An excruciating pain in the back of its mind and a single word that was endlessly repeated:FEED.Anna’s apprehensive joy quickly turned to ice cold fear as the entity that took on Victini’s form latched onto her face in a vice grip. She tried desperately to scream for help and tear the thing off, but it was no use as she felt her body quickly growing weaker. Her insides went cold as the thing stuck to her face, driving her head back into the glass and causing her to collapse on the floor, ceasing all signs of resistance. Victini soon released Anna’s head and flew back, looking upon what it had done. Anna’s face was stuck in a ghastly wail of pain and her body mass was severely low, her skin pale and her eyes pure black and leaking fluid. This fluid soon condensed into some kind of floating, pitch black orb. This orb quickly flew out of the testing chamber and into another area of the lab. Where and why was unimportant to Victini. The only thing on his mind was still that one word:FEED.It was a chilled night in the Alola Region. The kind of night that was just right for a walk with relative safety. A young man walked along a path, enjoying the cool night air as it was a change of pace from the constant heat that Alola always dealt with. He looked up into the sky, gazing upon the ever-bright moon and stars, wondering just much energy those balls of flame were outputting. Looking back upon the path, he noticed something odd. There was a floating silhouette that seemed to be staring away from him. Looking closer at the figure, the young man was surprised to find that it was a Victini, an extremely rare Pokemon around this region. Even if he couldn’t catch it, he would try to get as close a look as he could. Quietly and carefully sneaking through the tall grass, the young man was able to make out more of the Victini’s features. This one seemed quite different than the ones he heard about. Instead of a cream and orange color scheme, its fur was a sickly shade of gray and the ears were a pale, icy blue. He was met with another surprise when the Pokemon turned around and revealed its horrific facial features. It seemingly had no eyes and instead had blue, pinprick pupils hovering in its empty sockets. Its mouth was frozen in a rictus of absolute agony and both it and the eye sockets seemed to be leaking a black liquid. However, the most unnerving thing about the creature was the V-shaped cavity it had on its chest, pitch black and containing what looked like a dark blue Life Orb. The young man was about to make a run for it, but it was too late. The Victini quickly lunged towards him and latched onto his face sucking the very essence of his life from his body. Feeling his limbs go limp and his body slump to the ground, the last thing he felt before fading from existence was the deathly cold breath of the entity.The Victini had removed itself from its latest energy source and watched as the black orb it always leaves behind flew off further into the region. All those people. All those Pokemon. All of this energy and it still didn’t feel like it even had anything inside of it. This didn’t even provoke a response from the entity as it only had one thing on its mind. That it had to feed. And if that’s what it had to do to be rid of the emptiness, that’s what it would do. No matter how long it took and how many beings it killed, it would fill the Void in its life…one way or another.
Creepypasta: UB-00 (Simulacra)Cinnabar Island was once the most beautiful of Kanto’s islands, despite its relatively small stature. Formerly home to the Cinnabar Gym, where trainers would visit to challenge the Fire-type master, Blaine, it holds many hidden details. But what happened to it? The media would tell you that the island held a once dormant volcano at its base. As one can tell, that volcano soon “woke up” and demolished the only town that was established there. This is true…from a certain point of view. Most people know what happened to Cinnabar, but they never thought to ask…why?Going back to the hidden details of Cinnabar Island, more and more people are learning of the now notorious Pokemon Mansion; a place where one of the most powerful Pokemon in the world was created before promptly decimating the mansion and escaping. Another detail that was somewhat unnoticed until recently was the Cinnabar Lab, founded by one Dr. Fuji and having claimed responsibility for creating the world’s first synthetic Pokemon, Porygon. Despite how important the discoveries were, very few people know the story of either of these locations. Some claim that it was due to cover-ups from a higher power, but these claims often come with caveats that sound crazy for even the most hardcore of conspiracy theorists. No. The truth is that there was a cover-up. A cover-up of something that almost no one had a solid theory about…The answer to why the Cinnabar Volcano erupted in the first place. The one hidden detail that only a certain few know is that there is another formation that Cinnabar holds. It was a cave found off the eastern coast that either contained extremely rare Pokemon, a massive deposit of the island’s namesake, or even the experiment that scientists of the Pokemon Mansion had created. Of course, any research into this topic will let one know that there is no such cave. Traveling to the ruins of the island will show that there are no indications of a cave ever having been present. However, this is what they…or rather “it” wants people to think.It was a clouded day, dark yet fulfilling. A man stood at the coast of Cinnabar Island and gazed out to the eerily calm sea. This man, Marcus, was man who held a dark secret close to him. He was there at the mansion…he was there when scientists had conducted their experiments on the Progenitor…He oversaw the creation of one of the most powerful Pokemon in existence. For their willingness to play God, his colleagues had paid the ultimate price. Marcus could remember the sounds. Horrid yells of pain, screams of terror from men and women alike, and the ear-piercing screech that the experiment had let out before it escaped. He found it miraculous that he survived the ordeal, but also knew that he would be endlessly punished by his nightmares. Suddenly, he felt a chill run down the back of his neck along with something wet. He turned around to find his faithful Aerodactyl standing behind him, having given an affectionate lick to try and cheer up her friend. Marcus couldn’t help but slightly smile at the Fossil Pokemon before petting her, knowing that she was just trying to keep his spirits up. Just then, they both felt something cold and wet hit them. Looking up, they saw that it was getting ready to storm something fierce. Marcus looked at Aerodactyl before quickly climbing onto her back. They knew that they couldn’t take shelter in the nearby town so they would have to move on. Right as they were about to fly off however, Marcus had spotted something peculiar. There was an alcove in the eastern coast that he had never seen before. Commanding Aerodactyl to fly over to the entrance, they landed in what seemed to be a cave. Looking deeper, they found that it was nearly pitch-black.“Use Thunder Fang”, Marcus had spoken.Aerodactyl’s fangs soon gained a pale glow and were sparking with electricity. Marcus then pulled another Poke Ball off his belt and let loose his second most trusted companion, a Kabutops. He asked if he could cover their backs just in case anything happened, to which Kabutops responded swiftly. With Kabutops taking guard at the entrance of the cave, Marcus and Aerodactyl began to make their way into uncharted territory. With every step he took, Marcus become more confused. Why was this cave here and how did no one notice it? From what they could see, there were no other Pokemon present in this cave. If anything, the place was completely empty save for them and a few puddles of water. Marcus and Aerodactyl soon found a bigger “room” within the cave itself that was seemingly lit by a hole in the ceiling. This confused Marcus as he was certain that there were no entrances to the cave on the island itself. Even more mysterious was the burning sensation that he felt when he stepped into the light. As soon as he did, he immediately pulled his hand back and found that it was slightly red. This truly let Marcus know that this cave was an anomaly of some kind. Suddenly, they heard rapid footsteps approaching. Aerodactyl moved in front of Marcus, ready to fight to the end for her friend. But they were surprised to see that it was Kabutops, looking panicked out of his mind.“Kabutops? What’s wrong?”The Shellfish Pokemon had pointed a claw towards the way out. Looking at the spot he had pointed, Marcus’s stomach had dropped. The entrance to the cave had vanished. It didn’t even appear that they were caved in; the entrance had just completely disappeared. He slowly backed up into the larger room and gulped. He knew that if he tried to fly out through the hole in the ceiling, something bad would happen. What happened next would be the last thing that all three ever saw. Suddenly, a crack of thunder was heard as lightning had struck the cave floor through the hole. As soon as all three turned around, they saw a blindingly white light beginning to spread open. Eventually, the light had dimmed and what they saw was almost indescribable. It seemed to be some kind of portal…a gate to somewhere else. Marcus carefully moved closer to the portal and peered down. There was nothing on the other side; nothing but an endless void. He looked back at his Pokemon who were slightly shaking and ready to defend him. As he was about to walk back over to them however, a slight rumbling was heard. Marcus didn’t even have time to look back as he felt himself being pulled closer to the hole. He yelled in pain as he was slowly pulled into the light, feeling his skin beginning to flake and peel. Aerodactyl and Kabutops immediately came to his aid, trying desperately to pull their friend from the burning light of the portal. Just then, the floor beneath them had been swallowed by the hole, grasping at all three figures, and pulling them in. All three had screamed as they fell into the hole before it had slowly closed, silencing the cacophony. Sometime after this terror, the portal had flashed open once more. This time though, nothing had gone in. But slowly…something came out.Soon, the residents of Cinnabar Island had noticed that several strange phenomena were occurring. Sometimes people would report seeing other residents of the island in multiple places at once, even if said residents were not in the area. Other times, people would report finding several items such as potions, Poke Balls and even Rare Candies splitting into multiple copies. The strangest phenomena that only occurred at the east coast of the island is that people would claim to see three figures. Descriptions would vary, but most often they were reported as an Aerodactyl, a Kabutops, and a human male. All three would be standing at the coastline and staring out into the sea. When approached from any angle, the figures would then suddenly vanish with absolutely no trace of their existence being left behind. For a while, these occurrences were quite rare and when it was reported, the reports were shrugged off as some kind of prank. Over time though, the phenomena began happening at a much more frequent rate and eventually, had reached the ears of the International Police. Sending two of their finest agents to the island, the agency had no idea that what would occur that day would go down as one of the most tragic events in Kanto’s history.The agents codenamed Fox and Falcon, had arrived at Cinnabar Island in a short matter of time. Instantly, they went to work asking questions of anyone and everyone who was currently on the island. From what they gathered, the residents and tourists had found that the phenomena had begun sometime after a particularly stormy day. Alongside that, the anomalies mostly appeared near or on the eastern coast of the island. Hopping in their boat, the agents investigated the east coast of Cinnabar for any sign of anomalous activities. Instead they found a cave. A lone cave that was seemingly unexplored. Looking at each other, Fox and Falcon knew that the source of the incidents had to be in that cave. After parking, the agents began their venture into the cave. Upon entering, Fox instantly stopped and listened carefully. He heard what sounded like light static echoing from within the cave. Looking back at Falcon, they both nodded and grabbed their Poke Balls just in case. Moving further in, the agents had encountered even more anomalous activities. Light sources coming from the ceiling despite there being no major holes on the island; said light having almost acidic properties if anything were to step into it; they even found a strange stockpile of Rare Candies having been melted by the light. Jotting down notes in her mind, Falcon suddenly felt a surge of fear swim through her body as she saw something swiftly speed past her. Looking back, Fox found his partner looking slightly pale. When asked what she saw Falcon said that she didn’t know, claiming that some kind of entity had flew past her. Fox’s face had scowled. He now knew that whatever was causing this would be in this cave for sure. Moving onward, the duo soon found themselves in a larger portion of the cave, seeing that there was a larger hole in the ceiling letting in much more light. As soon as they had stepped into the area, Fox had heard it again. The light static sound from before. But this time it was getting closer. When he looked back, it was time for him to turn pale as he saw that the entrance to the room they found had disappeared. He ran over and touched the wall, feeling that it was completely solid. Just then, he heard the static once more…and Falcon screaming behind him and when he turned around, he knew exactly why.Floating in the light was a dark, purple entity with two detached, human-like claws, white voids for eyes and a grin that could destroy the bravest of souls. It almost looked like a Haunter, but they knew that this was no Pokemon. The entity had floated towards Falcon and stared deep into her soul, almost as if it were trying to snatch it from her. Falcon and Fox were completely frozen with paranoia, watching as the creature floated around the room and studied them carefully. Suddenly, the entity was engulfed in a bright light that when dissipated showed two horrifying visages. It had transformed into what seemed to be the fossilized remains of an Aerodactyl and Kabutops, both being animate. Falcon slowly backed away toward Fox, who was sitting on the ground with a look of pure shock on his face. No one could have predicted what happened next. A sudden crack of lightning had struck the fossils, which sent them hurdling into each other. As soon as they collided, the fossils began to melt into a chaotic mess of what seemed to be grey and tan blocks. The figure grew larger and the static sound began to grow even louder. Eventually, a bright light had appeared beneath the figure and expanded before being sucked away into a dark hole that took its place. All sound had stopped. Suddenly, the entity released a soul-rending scream that was layered with heavy static. The two agents’ skin were nearly chalk white from the display before them, their eyes never leaving the entity’s sight. Before they knew it, the entity had floated down into the dark hole with the static sound following it. Both agents slowly rose from the ground and looked into the pit. They were suddenly greeted with rumbling and something jumping over them. Turning around, the agents were once more frozen with fear as they saw that the creature had morphed yet again. This time, it had taken the form of the Kabutops fossil, but with the wings of the Aerodactyl and the face of the purple entity. Grey and tan blocks whirled around the creature as it let out the last thing that the agents heard. Another scream comprised of the wails of a Kabutops, Aerodactyl, and a man; all of them sounding as if they were being burned alive. The rumbling that came with the creature grew stronger, causing Fox and Falcon to stumble before falling into the hole that this nightmare came from. Looking down, they screamed even louder as they saw a jet of magma heading towards them. They didn’t have time to do anything as the molten rock claimed both their bodies and their lives…From this point, it’s obvious what had occurred next. The residents and tourists of Cinnabar Island heard and felt the rumbling and knew that something terrible was about to happen. Soon, the Cinnabar Volcano had exploded, releasing a massive jet of ash and lava. Several people had lost their lives, with only a fortunate few being able to evacuate thanks to the help of Gym Leader Blaine. Today, the ruins of Cinnabar Island stand as a memorial to those who lost their lives in that great tragedy. Visitors flock from many regions to pay respects to those who passed and leave gifts behind for them. Strangely, these gifts will sometimes be mysteriously duplicated or even vanish entirely. Even stranger is that visitors claim that they, rarely, will hear some kind of static-like noise when on the island. The International Police sent several more agents to the island after hearing of an unknown cave off the eastern coast. As you can guess, they were unable to locate any sign of a burrow or alcove in the island. Still, some agents claim to have seen a black, painted text on the coast that read, “There was a cave here. It’s gone now”. Perhaps strangest of all is how many claim to find symbols scratched into various sites on the island. Several have been documented, but there was always one that confused people the most…an apostrophe that would followed by a capital M.
Snow on Mount Silver (Version 2)Snow on Mount Silver[Version 2][Alternate Title: The Huntsman’s March][DISCLAIMER: I am not the author of the original creepypasta, for I am merely a fan who wished to improve upon its storyline and its old writing. I do not claim ownership of the original pasta.]Blake and I loved Pokemon. We were obsessed with it. The idea of catching and battling cute little monsters entertained us for years. Whenever we went out to play on the farm, we brought our Game Boys to relax together and return to our Pokemon adventures. Life was simple and full of happy memories.We were always given the opposite games because the opportunity was there since there were only two of us. Mom thought it was clever, but that’s what every parent did. We appreciated her recognizing our love for Pokemon, though.Days turned into years, and we found ourselves in the summer of 2010. Pokemon HeartGold and SoulSilver had just come out in North America, and of course, we played the heck out of it. We had memorized almost everything from the original Gold and Silver games but were pleased with the many new additions the remakes gave to us. With nostalgia overwhelming our senses, we took it upon ourselves to find our old copies of Pokemon Gold and Pokemon Silver. We found them in a small box in Blake’s closet, with some various other games like Link’s Awakening, and the systems we spent so much time bonding over.Later in the day that we found them, Mom took us to do some thrift shopping around town. We primarily just played Gold and Silver throughout the trip, but at one of these shops, we spotted a used GameShark. We had always been curious about cheating devices (I know Blake had used one that he borrowed from a friend), so we begged Mom to buy it for us. She eventually gave in to our pleading and bought it. I remember the look on my brother’s face when she handed it to us: lit up with glee and awe, as if this machine was a holy object he swore to protect.At the time, I wasn’t too willing to cheat because I wasn’t very far in my current save file yet - I wanted to at least beat the League before doing so. Blake, on the other hand, wanted to use it right away. I was perfectly fine with it; who was I to judge how he played his game? For the rest of the day, he was searching up codes on the computer and entering them into the GameShark.The next day I had spent over at a friend’s house. We didn’t do much except hang out, so I played Pokemon Gold as much as I could. My team was very underleveled when I reached the League. If my Pokemon managed to get past Will, they’d be immediately wiped out by Koga. I blamed it on my casual playstyle of using one or two Pokemon out of my entire party. Perhaps Blake would let me borrow one of his Pokemon to help me beat the Elite Four?Later the next afternoon, Mom dropped me off at home on her way back from work and to the grocery store. I set my backpack down near the door and called, “Hello?”There was no answer, only silence; I knew something fishy was going on - Blake was usually home at this time since there weren’t many other places you could find him. Oh well, perhaps he was in the bathroom and he simply didn’t hear me call. I dropped any suspicions and continued forward towards our rooms.I suddenly stepped on something sharp. Looking down, I saw a trail of small, plastic shards leading to Blake’s room. I inspected the plastic closer and found pieces of circuit board scattered amongst the mess. Alarm raised in me, thinking that someone had broken into our house and left an evidence trail. I ran into my brother’s room to see him on his bed, head in his hands, with a hammer and our mother’s garden clippers right by his side.His room was a complete mess. It was always a mess but never like this. Picture frames had fallen and shattered, his desk caved in, the dresser had fallen over, clothes scattered on the ground, and various pieces of multicolored plastic casing meshed with the rug flooring. I had never seen Blake that scared, and I never thought he could do this much damage. Panicked, I sat down next to him and called his name several times, trying to calm him down. He was shivering, but noticeably warm. I had asked him what happened.“White, blue… orange… and then black, and then white and black and white and I’m so cold,” he responded, still shivering, “and I need to get rid of every game we have, I can’t see them anymore.”“Blake, calm down,” I said to reassure him and convince him to talk normally. “Everything’s okay, Blake - Blake!?”Without skipping a beat, he reached into my sweatshirt pocket with a firm hold on my Game Boy Color. I screamed and took it back, putting a hand on his shoulder. “Please, please - everything is okay, Blake. I’m going to call Mom and she can help talk to you. You can tell us what happened.”He glared into my eyes with a wide-eyed expression that stabbed me with icy daggers. Without breaking a sweat, he grabbed the hammer from the bed, raising it high above his head. I bolted out of the room with a shriek and immediately reached for the home phone. Locking myself in the bathroom against Blake’s cries and demands, I dialed Mom’s cell phone number and began crying.Blake was admitted into a mental institution for about a week. He refused to tell us exactly what happened that made him go insane, but I didn’t want to believe it was just some sort of paranoid break with absolutely no explanation. We didn’t have a history of anything like that in our family, and he wasn’t that type of kid in general. Maybe a bit antisocial, but so was I. He got along with other kids as well as I did.I decided to investigate the warzone of his trashed room, examining the damages caused by its single thirteen-year-old inhabitant. I was amazed at the absolute scale of destruction brought upon by whatever happened. Almost nothing was salvageable or possibly related to his sudden outburst. The only things I was able to find that were still in-tact were his Silver cartridge behind the TV, a stack of papers and the GameShark. I picked up all three, placed Silver inside the GameShark and proceeded to read the papers. The papers were titled, “SNOW ON MT. SILVER (ENGLISH)” and contained not just one long code, but multiple codes that were numbered from one through two-hundred fifty-five. I was amused at the sheer dedication both the code-finder and Blake had to be able to find and memorize such things. It then came to my realization that these codes may have been linked to his breakdown, whatever they were. I wanted to find out if that was possible, and how and why.Since his Game Boy had been one of the things that had perished, I replaced my Gold copy with the GameShark and the cartridge attached to my own. The boot-up screen was normal, with the star spiraling and forming the Game Freak logo. I gulped nervously, skipped the intro sequence (which appeared to be normal) and was prompted to pick a save file. Oddly enough, the only word displayed was “CONTINUE.” The “OPTION” and “NEW GAME” options weren’t there. I clicked on “CONTINUE”, and it showed me Blake’s current save file: 16 badges, 251 in the Pokedex (meaning it was complete) and 999:99 of playtime. There was no possible way he had logged that many hours and completed the Pokedex, so it led me to believe it was an effect of the hack.I pressed A and arrived at a screen that simply showed a bunch of static. No map was visible, and neither was Blake’s character. Shortly after it loaded, I jumped because of the loud static noise that came from the speakers. I was confused and terrified but found out I was able to bring up the menu. There wasn’t much I thought to do except check his party Pokemon, which turned out to be a pretty standard team consisting of Typhlosion, Meganium, Feraligatr, Pidgeot, Lugia and Tyranitar. All of them were frozen, and except for Typhlosion, they were at half HP. All I needed to do was go heal at a Pokemon Center.I closed out of the menu and it finally revealed a map, which I recognized as the final room before Red in Mount Silver. The static that had lessened was supposed to be snow, I figured, and it wasn’t treating my Pokemon well. There was a doorway to the south, which I attempted to walk through.“BLAKE can’t turn back now!”I was even more confused but wondered if this was a one-time thing. I tried again.“BLAKE can’t go back anymore!”This wasn’t good.“BLAKE can’t get away!”I got fed up with trying to use the door, so I went to my party. Pidgeot knew Fly, so I selected it but was denied with the message,“The snow is blinding! FLY can’t be used!”I tried once more to go through the southern exit.“BLAKE can never go back.”That statement sent shivers down my spine more than I expected it to. Although I wasn’t Blake, I still felt the cold rejection resonate throughout my body. I felt helpless, but there was a path forward. There was no other way to go.I begrudgingly trudged forward, noticing mysterious black smudges all around the map. They stuck out like a sore thumb because of the static. I didn’t even want to know what they were but judging from the highlights, they were possibly splotches of blood or oil. It wasn’t that long of a journey until I heard Meganium’s cry. My character stopped, and a textbox said the following:“MEGANIUMis frozen solid!”I wasn’t in a battle, and the only status condition to affect the overworld was Poison. Concerned, I checked my party. From the menu, Meganium’s sprite was a dull light blue and completely stationary. Horror quickly replaced my curiosity as the summary screen showed a dull teal Meganium with two pitch-black eyes and a very similar mouth. The beautiful flower ring around its neck was now a wilted mess of withered skeletons, with frost sticking to almost every inch of them. To no surprise, it had fainted. I hadn’t bothered to check the moves before, but it had Blizzard in its first slot and nothing else. Deeply inhaling, I backed out of the menu and continued onward. The black splotches became more frequent, and the static noise very slowly faded out as Blake walked. I didn’t want to keep going, but at the same time… I wanted to figure out exactly what’s happening here. I challenged myself to keep playing this game and figure out this sick code maker's deal.It wasn’t long before I heard the cry of a Pidgeot, and a textbox appeared to notify me that Pidgeot was now frozen solid. It suffered a similar fate to Meganium, with most of its feathers plucked out and its beak missing. The feathers on top of its head were missing except for a small portion in the middle; and two long, blue feathers that formed the shape of a V.I forced myself to move on and adjust to the grotesque depictions of Pokemon death. The front part of Tyranitar was completely split open and bone poked out of where the spikes on its back should be; Feraligatr lost an arm, a tail, and a single mangled spike was visible from its back; and Lugia was covered in blood with various features missing. Afterward, the only one of Blake’s Pokemon that had survived by the time I saw an exit was Typhlosion. After the loss of Lugia, I checked on Typhlosion.Typhlosion was surviving with about 6 HP, and its sprite had changed. It was a more lively blue than the others, missing an arm and an ear, wrapped in bandages and appeared to be crying. The poor thing broke my heart, and I appreciated it staying with me. “Hang in there,” I whispered to it. I backed out and went through the exit I had noticed prior.The static on the screen was still as harsh as it was before, but I was able to arrive at the top of the mountain - the location of the final battle in Gold and Silver. The game was completely silent. I wasn’t in any condition to face Red right now; but, I thought, perhaps it’s completely possible that they didn’t want to mess with just my team.Quickly, however, I was disappointed. In the place that Red was supposed to be standing, there was a Poke-Ball. I blinked, suddenly feeling uneasy, but walked on. A battle initiated immediately without giving me a chance to press A, and the most horrifying Pokemon I’ve seen yet appeared on my screen.A Celebi in a purple color scheme. The hand and antenna that were visible appeared to had frozen off, its wings were a scrambled mess, and blood leaked from a spot on its head that appeared to have caved in or fallen off. Its eyes were distinctly out of proportion, with a single purple pixel staring outwards into nothing at all. It looked dead, and I felt horrible for it. Worst of all was its cry; its terrifying, ear-piercing cry that seemingly never ended. It started and stopped at random, consisted mostly of static and random chirps. For an estimated one and a half minutes, I was forced to stare at this creature of the damned.Blake sent out Typhlosion, who again broke my heart with its helpless, depressed face. Its cry was slightly lower-pitched than before. I wanted to stop playing just for the sake of this poor Pokemon, but at the same time, I wanted to end its suffering as much as I wanted to end mine from playing.Typhlosion had moved first, but it was frozen solid, so it didn’t get to move at all. The opposing Celebi used Perish Song; its “song” turned out to be a gruesome series of glitched screeches that came out of my Game Boy, causing me to scream and drop it. The screen flashed white several times, eventually fading out of the battle entirely. It was a couple of moments before I realized the game had continued after that. I took a second to recollect myself and continue with the game.This time, I was on an unrecognizable cave path. There were still many black splotches, with each of them becoming bigger and more frequent as I progressed. Blake’s sprite was now a dull blue, which made me assume that he was beginning to suffer a similar demise as his Pokemon. Oil barrels (which confirms the black stuff being oil) could be occasionally seen inside the walls and on the path. It wasn’t long before I was prompted by dialogue.“HELLO?”I had no choice but to keep on walking. Barrels formed a neat line inside the walls on both sides, parallel with each other.“Is any-body there?”The walls began to fill up with barrels, and the path itself was now pitch black except for sporadic white highlights.“Can anyone help me?”The walls had narrowed into a single black line leading forward, and the “cave” was now made entirely of oil barrels. At the end of the path, a single figure awaited me, facing north into the sea of containers. I quickly realized who it was: Red. My Typhlosion wasn’t healed since I last checked, but I was fully prepared to lose against the ultimate trainer.When I talked to him, he displayed his signature “...”, and the battle commenced. There seemed to be no changes to Red’s sprite (for the moment), but Blake’s face and arm were missing. There was something about the color pallet that gave away his deadpan expression without needing to see his eyes. Red decided to lead with Venusaur; where was his Pikachu? The lack of order wasn’t the absolute worst of my worries, however.Oil sprayed everywhere from the pistil of its flower, completely coating the petals and its leaves, combining with leakage from its mouth and its pitch-black eyes to form a puddle of black beneath it. Its color scheme wasn’t exactly the most surprising (a deep icy blue), but it did look barely alive as if it were a zombie. It was level 0, with no cry. Blake had sent out Typhlosion, who didn’t change. It was more relieving to see a living (even if barely) Pokemon. The turn played out like this:“TYPHLOSION is frozen solid!”“VENUSAUR usedSTRUGGLE!”Due to the level difference, it only knocked one point off from my bar. The Venusar’s bar, however, depleted entirely.“VENUSAURis frozen solid!”I can’t explain how unnerving it is to see a Pokemon being “frozen solid” when they faint. At once, the battle continued onward. Red’s next Pokemon was his Snorlax, which horrified me more than anything than I had experienced. Its head was lobbed clean off, and the entirety of its body was covered in black. It was, again, at level zero; the battle played out similar to the previous turn. Snorlax was frozen solid, leaving my Typhlosion at four HP.Charizard was sent out next. Its lower jaw was completely ripped off, oozing black. The upper part of its head looked like a skull. From the neck down, the entire lower half of its body was doused in grim liquid. The flame on its tail no longer burned. I desperately wanted to find the sick twat that made this and chew them out - even pixelated monsters had feelings, too! The turn repeated itself, and Charizard went down. Three HP.The following Pokemon was his Espeon. This Pokemon looked more lifeless than the rest of his party but wasn’t completely drenched. Only two legs were covered, about half of its tail was still intact, and mordant ink leaked from its gem and eyes. The unnerving grey-purple hue made me shiver; it didn’t even look like it could stand up properly. Espeon used Struggle, leaving Typhlosion at two HP.Next was Red’s Blastoise, which had a more saturated color scheme when compared to the rest of the team. More of the rich man’s blood poured out from the cannons on its back and a gash in its head. Only one foot was visible, of which a big black puddle formed under. Blastoise seemed the most alive out of Red’s Pokemon. It even looked like it was doing a silly handstand because of how its paw was positioned.As predicted, it used Struggle and sacrificed itself. Typhlosion was now at one point, and I could feel my heart racing.I anxiously awaited his last Pokemon and speculated how anything could be worse than what this sick code has shown me so far. My predictions were no match for what followed, as a Poke Ball appeared on the screen and released the horrible, nightmarish monster from its home.It was his Pikachu - Red's supposedly most trusted partner - or was supposed to be. It was a heavily saturated blue, deformed and covered in oil; its face was entirely blacked out. With two white, beady eyes, it stared straight past the wounded Typhlosion and toward the screen as if it was gawking at me. A long, sharp-toothed smile ran from cheek to cheek, distorting the initial proportions of its face. The cry was ear-piercing and stretched way too wide, and was glitched like Celebi's cry from earlier. I was appalled and began to cry.Pikachu's level was "?55", unlike Red's other Pokemon, and its health bar wrapped around the screen. I was almost certain this Pokemon would defeat Typhlosion, and I held that thought close to my heart. The sooner Typhlosion got knocked out, the sooner this torture would end. I braced myself for Pikachu's action as I clicked Flamethrower."RED used HYPER POTION on PIKACHU!"Through my tears, I noticed that Red decided to... heal his Pikachu? Out of sheer confusion, I began to sob harder. I didn’t understand why the game wanted to make it harder for me than it should.My heart skipped a beat when I realized Pikachu's HP bar began to go down bit by bit. From the amount of HP Pikachu had (due to its high level), it took approximately two and a half minutes to finally fully deplete. For a moment, I had stopped crying. The beast was slain... for now.I stared in disbelief at my screen for a few moments, regaining focus when Red’s sprite appeared. Now, however, he was kneeling with the same black ooze dripping down his face and a missing arm. The only response he gave was “...”; I felt mocked by his silence. I whimpered as the screen faded back into the overworld.The background behind Blake disappeared, and an Escape Rope animation played. As much as I wanted this to be over, courage rose from the ashes of fear. I wanted to see how the entirety of this would play out and figure out whatever this person was trying to show me. When the screen faded back into a map, it appeared to be the Indigo Plateau with a very sullen color scheme that heavily contrasted with the light blue of the character. It seemed damaged, too, as if it were in ruins after an accident.I moved forward, stopping at the door only to be met by the PokeGear phone ringing. When the text box popped up, it was blank with no contact to be seen other than the phone icon. It rang for longer than the initial time as if Blake was hesitant to answer it. When I pressed A, the notification disappeared with no dialogue to be seen. Perhaps it was good that I wasn’t all too curious to know what it would have said.Entering the door led straight to Will’s room, skipping the Pokemon Center and the Poke-Mart. That meant I had to go through this challenge with just my frozen Typhlosion by my side. Several tiles seemed broken off of the initial platform and floated in the water below. The room was a dull grey, with various hints of blue and purple. In front of me was the pitch-black sprite of what was supposed to be Will. Engaging with it resulted in seemingly nothing.A click was heard and the gate to the next room unlocked, and a sense of relief washed over me. I didn’t need to fight with my poor Typhlosion. I didn’t have to cause it any more pain than it already had to suffer through. By now, it was my only Pokemon (the others had disappeared from my party). I pulled up its summary screen to check on it, lifting a finger to pet the screen. Sympathy for Typhlosion welled up in me. It was alone, suffering and bound to reach its finale in due time; but at the same time, I was proud. It was able to survive this long, running purely off of its bond with Blake.The phone rang again right before I walked through the door. This time, the notification stayed instead of immediately disappearing. No text was visible, but I could hear something faint from the speakers. Right after a click, it vanished, and control was given to me again.Koga’s room was a pale, dead brown in all colors. Unkempt flowers and grass littered the floor, and there was scarcely any space to move around. Once-flourishing trees were now just stripped-down trunks left to rot like everything else. It seemed cold and abandoned, but was inhabited by a single black blob near the center. Due to the abundance of flowers, the game began to lag slightly. I was able to make it to the shadowy Koga without losing my patience (I had a lot of it by now) and the gate on the other side opened. The phone rang again, and this time mild static played. Repetition was tedious and eerie; I didn’t like where this was going.Near-complete darkness filled the next chamber, with a white narrow path stretching up the screen. Everything was completely still as if the path was simply floating on nothing. Walking forward revealed that the path eventually thickened, and revealed the silhouette of Bruno looking out towards the darkness, refusing to face Blake. The door, this time, was automatically open. Blake picked up the phone before proceeding through, but I was shocked witless once a loud, processed “scream” of sorts blared through the speakers. In a daze, I repeatedly pressed A until it stopped, and continued forward.Within the fourth and final room, Karen was nowhere to be found - not even a shadow. The floor tiles were deep blue and sporadically black, with cracks and crevices that lead up to an enormous hole in the wall where the final door should have been. Streaks of light blue surrounded it, which I presumed to be frost. The phone did not ring this time.Lance’s room was entirely a blinding white, with blemishes of indigo shades dappling the walls and floor. The statues that normally ran parallel through the hall were now scattered in indistinguishable pieces. I reluctantly trudged on and was surprised to see a normal Lance in his normal position, waiting for Blake. I held my faith close to poor Typhlosion and approached the Champion."WINTER. Ice. Cold.Life is a never-endingseries of WINTERs.Years begin in WINTERand end in WINTER.I do not expect you tounderstand it.You don't knowwhat it feels like to be WINTER.You don't know what it feels like towaste away by yourown hands.You don't know what itfeels liketo playGod."Actual music played for the first time: a slow, hypnotic rhythm that blared through the speakers accompanied by a soft melody. The screen faded into battle, revealing a de-limbed and decayed corpse of a discolored Lance. As disgusted as I was, I tried my best to keep my focus.Lance’s Gyarados didn’t look much better than its owner. Half of its body was missing (including its lower jaw), dripping with some sort of dark-colored blood. Blake sent out Typhlosion; a little bit of false hope made its way into my mind like a parasite, knowing that it was fighting for Blake and me. I selected a move for Typhlosion to use, hoping it would thaw that turn. Suddenly, Lance did the same thing that Red had done to his Pikachu: used a Hyper Potion on it. I clutched the Game Boy Color in my hands so hard that I began to lightly shake. This hell was never going to end until it wanted to. Abhorred, I watched Gyarados’ HP slowly drop down to zero, each painful second being a grim memento. I began to cry again out of desperation.The second Pokemon Lance sent out was the top half of a dull blue Dragonite that was cut at the waist, and the third was the matching bottom half. His Aerodactyl exposed bone and was missing various features, such as a wing and part of its tail. His Charizard gaped at me with its circular white eyes and its dark, wide mouth; pairs of spikes lined its back and its neck was separated from its torso. All of these Pokemon were “healed,” with no text displaying that they fainted or were frozen solid. They simply disappeared with the game not acknowledging they existed in the first place.His sixth and final Pokemon was his third Dragonite but distorted in such a way that made it look like a Dragonair. Its wings and limbs had been removed and replaced with stitches. A mysterious substance dribbled from its hollow, soulless eye sockets. A cheeky, disproportionate smile was sewn across its face. This Dragonite affected me more than the prior Pokemon and made me pause to stare at it through teary eyes.I snapped back to focus, determined to finish albeit horribly disturbed. I felt mixed emotions when the Dragonite used a move to break the pattern."The opposing DRAGONITE used CURSE!But it failed!The opposing DRAGONITE is frozen solid!"Two whole minutes was how long it took for its bar to go down as if it had some abnormally high amount of HP. By the time it had finally “froze,” I was convincing myself to not cry again and that it would all be over soon. I’d be able to relax and take a very long break from video games.The battle cut immediately to the overworld once the Dragonite had gone down. Lance was now missing, leaving the doorway open in his place. The only thing left to do was to walk through. However, it didn’t work.Past the door, I continued through the nothingness. None of this made sense, and I was so confused that I started laughing. My already-exhausted brain couldn’t comprehend the fact that the game was potentially broken now, possibly because of an unintentional glitch.After what seemed like forever, Blake stopped walking while I was holding down up on the D-Pad. It took me a second to notice and lift my finger off. A few long, mysterious moments went by before the flying animation played without any bird icon. Blake’s sprite zoomed around the screen before being placed in a white background. I realized it was the top of Mount Silver, but covered in snow. The doorway to turn back was blocked off, so the only path was forward.The path stretched much farther than it should have, narrowing down to a single tile wide. At the end of the mountainous path was a blue bird Pokemon, perching on the edge like a king sitting on a throne. When approached, it said,“WELCOME,my prey.Are you here to ask for FORGIVENESS?Unfortunately, there is nothing I can do for you.You must REPENTand deal with your punishmentas a result of your selfishBELIEFS."Another battle began, and the haunting face of the most hateful, predatory Articuno I had ever seen stared straight into the depths of my soul.“ARTICUNOappeared!”I didn’t want to continue; not after having a staring contest with a computerized nightmare for five minutes. With massive reluctance, I gained the strength to press on. Seeing Typhlosion again made me calm down and regain my senses. It occurred to me that it was never going to thaw, so I just absentmindedly pressed A. Instead of attacking, Articuno spoke every turn."Do you think you HUMANSare deservingof my MERCY?""Do other beings notEXIST to you?""HUMANSare only selfish.""The only thingsthat drive HUMANSare their BELIEFS.""There is NOTHINGyou can do toCHANGE your-self.""Your partner is DYING."“You areONE OF THEM.”"You are HUMAN.""You are SELFISH."The last few sentences hung heavy in my mind. Suddenly, I didn’t want to feel like myself. I was questioning my humanity. I didn’t want to be there playing this dumb hacked game. I wanted to just float away like some spirit being released from its shackles of a physical form.Articuno had fled the turn after it spoke for the last time, fading the screen back into the overworld. Blake’s sprite fell as if he had just stepped into a hole. He landed inside a part of the cave I didn’t recognize, and a pale blue Lance stared towards him. Without any animation, Lance “floated” downward and stood in front of another pit."What does itmean to be FORGIVEN?"He fell through, and Blake followed. The regularly-colored sprites of the Elite Four members lined the walls of the next floor and interacting with each of them only displayed a question mark. Lance, again, stood at another drop."Are you freefrom all SIN?"Third from the bottom held a mangled sprite of Red, who only said “...” when interacted with. Lance continued when approached."How can you befree from SINif YOU ARESIN?"On the next floor, the walls were lined with dull-colored Pokemon sprites. Interaction revealed them to be, in order: Meganium, Pidgeot, Tyranitar, Feraligatr, and Lugia. At the very end, in front of the last hole, was Typhlosion patiently waiting for Blake.“TYPHLOSION: Phlo…TYPHLOSION isstaring warily intoBLAKE’s dying eyes.”Typhlosion’s sprite disappeared and I lost control of the game. On his own, Blake fell down the last hole and dove into a wide-open river of orange. The screen began to flicker and static blared from the speakers. In between the black and white flashes, I saw his sprite disappear into nothingness. The screen went black, the static continued for a few seconds, and then the entire system shut off.Reality snapped back to me just moments afterward. I was in my brother’s bedroom - my brother who was in a mental hospital - sitting on his bed, with cold hands firmly holding my teal-green Game Boy Color. I stood up and walked over to the window facing the bed, carefully and slowly opening it and the screen. I stuck my head out and took as many deep breaths as I could, preserving every ounce. The wind felt cold on my tear-stained cheeks.When I had enough, I closed the window, walked to the bathroom and vomited.Blake got out of the hospital later the next week after, and I eventually found a comfortable time for us to talk about what happened with that code. He said he found it on an obscure Japanese website while looking for different things to do, and that he didn’t know what it was. The title sounded cool to him, so he decided to give it a go. When I told him that I played it too, he began to cry. For an hour and a half after that conversation, we cried together in his bedroom.That winter, we received a cryptic letter from Hokkaido, Japan. It consisted of a single sheet of paper, with the following written in bold, blue Sharpie: ハンツマンズマーチSNOW ON MT. SILVERさよならリチャード・カーキンスキー・アイスマン
Juni (Creepypasta)Misfortune could be cruel, ruining innocent people’s chances of having a normal life. No one deserves to go through what the kids of Harbor View High had gone through. Unfortunately, life will be unpredictable. Someone would try to change everything. The cycle repeats. Different towns, different groups of friends, and one killer. This story is one of many, but the question is: what happened to the last survivor?Juniper Adora Villanueva had a perfect life. Parents who didn’t show mental health issues, addictions, and their familial bond wasn’t dysfunctional. Their little Juni had been the light of their lives, and the reason they opened a family-run Diner in town. Her parents wanted the best life for her.However, little Juni was a Freshman in high school. She stayed on top of her class, and teachers liked her. No, she wasn’t bullied, nor was she unlikable. With a pretty big friend group, and a boyfriend since middle school, Juni thought of this being her future.Spring Break of 2015 crept around the corner. Finals were over, with kids planning what they planned to do during Spring Break. Juni strolled along the halls, greeted by a couple of friends.“Juni,” one of the friends piped up. “How did your finals go? I can already tell you passed.” The eager friend said with a grin, pushing curly, ginger locks aside. The other friend raised an eyebrow in confusion, looking back at Juni. “Don’t mind Amelia. She is just a little too excited because a girl and her twin brother just invited us all to a party they’re going to be throwing on April 20th.” The friend said, rolling her eyes.“Hey, you would feel the same way if you were in my shoes, Aaliyah!” Amelia said, her cheeks red like a lobster.“So, you’re telling me you accepted a party invitation because you like both twins throwing the party?” Juni asked teasingly, an eyebrow raised. She didn’t care much for parties, but if her friends were going, she was going. “You do realize that this party could get us all in trouble right?” Juni asked, fiddling the straps of her book bag. Amelia and Aaliyah looked at each other and burst into laughter, making Juni start laughing. “That’s the point! We have fun, not tell our parents, and it’ll all be good!” Amelia said, shrugging it off like it wasn’t such a big deal. Juni couldn’t understand how that did it but didn’t question either.“This will be the first party to kick off our High School experience!” Aaliyah exclaimed, “Come on, Juni. You have to come! Brent is going to be there.” Aaliyah nudged Juni, who blushed. Juni playfully punched Aaliyah.“Come on, you doofus. Let’s find the others and discuss this over lunch.” She said before wandering off, her friends soon followed after her.At lunch, the friends talked over the details. “A party? No way!” An astonished male friend piped up, taken back by the information. “This is going to be awesome! I can’t wait to get someone’s number.” He folded his arms behind his head, leaning back in his chair. This was one of Juni’s least favorite friends, considering he was flirtatious, getting into the friend group because of Amelia. “Don’t make this party about getting a date, Karter.” Juni said rolling her eyes, “didn’t you have a crush on Amelia a week ago?” She asked, looking between the two. Amelia turned red again and coughed. Karter looked to Amelia, then back to Juni, his face also red. “Hey, look we don’t,” he trailed off. “It didn’t work out, okay?” he mumbled to Juni.“Sounds about right,” Juni scoffed without a second thought.“I overheard a party. What time is it?” Brent said while sitting down next to Juni and putting an arm around her.“Around 5 PM, but we don’t have to be there right away. The party doesn’t end until really late.” Aaliyah responds. “Well, is everyone going or not?” An impatient Aaliyah asked. Everyone agreed to go to a party.The night of the party, something felt off. Juni’s stomach danced nervously. Anything could go wrong at the party. It was just a party; Her first High School party. However, Juni still finished getting ready for the party. Her short, dark blue hair pulled back into two small pigtails, resting near her shoulders. Juni had thrown on a favorite band tee, a loose-fitting pencil skirt, stockings, and a pair of black converse. Sadly, it was the only outfit she could throw together in the niche of time.After saying her good-byes and hugging her parents, Juni made it to the big party. Waves of people there arrived, more than Juni could count! She pushed through the crowd, finding her friend group huddled on a sofa close to the refreshments. Giving a small wave, Juni made her way over and sat down.“Hey, Juni. Glad you could make it!” Aaliyah exclaimed, sipping from her cup. Juni wanted to get a drink, yet felt that weird gut feeling again. It was like her gut was telling her not to drink the punch, she still ignored it. Getting up, she went and got herself a drink. The punch tasted funny, but Juni wasn’t a fan of Hawaiian Punch. Her mind occupied her, sitting back down on the sofa. “Hey, does this punch taste funny to any of you?” Juni asked curiously, staring down at the red liquid in her cup.“No, it tastes fine to me. It’s probably just spiked with alcohol, you’ll be fine.” Amelia said, immediately reassuring Juni. Shrugging it off, Juni drank the rest of her punch. The party was pretty nice, even if the music was loud. Going to another party would be fun, but Juni didn’t want to think ahead. Now was the time to enjoy the ongoing party.Time passed and Juni began to feel funny. Her mind swirled like a merry-go-round, and she began to feel rather numb. She began to see a shadow in the corner of her eye. A dark figure stood across the yard from where she and her friends sat. The figure was sporting a red coat and a mask that had a singular red eye and a jagged smile on it. Juni tried to hand her cup to Brent, her eyes still focused on the figure. Was it real, or was it the punch? It was hard to tell.“H-Hey guys,” Juni stuttered, her speech rather slurred and shaky. “I think I’m going to use the bathroom. I am not feeling so good.” she added on, getting up and wandering off to go wash up.Closing the door, Juni held the rim of the sink, peering at her reflection in the mirror. She couldn’t believe what she saw. The masked figure couldn’t leave her mind, sitting in the darkest corners. Why were they staring at her friend group? Juni shook her head and began splashing water on her face. It helped, but she decided to sit in the bathroom until the nauseating feeling passed.Once she left the bathroom, she made her way back to the friend group. All eyes were on her as she wandered back to her friend group. Maybe she overreacted to the drink she had? It wasn’t too concerning to her at the time. Making her way back to the sofa, she stared at her friends, noticing something was missing. Brent wasn’t on the couch. Juni rubbed her head in confusion, having a hard time forming coherent thoughts.“Hey guys, do you know where Brent is?” Juni asked after mulling over what to say.“Yeah, he went looking for you. He seemed really worried. I personally think he chickened out and went home.” Karter replied, snickering. Juni raised an eyebrow at this.“Chickened out?” She asked, plopping herself down on the sofa. “Why would he chicken out? There’s nothing to be scared of.” she added on, feeling disoriented. Her hand hit a small box that was sitting next to her. She picked it up and opened it. Inside was a small gold locket, the initials ‘J’ and ‘B’ were on it. Juni found this sweet, but couldn’t bring herself to cry. The anxious feeling returning as the masked figure appeared in her mind again. “Hey did any of you see a masked figure across from us earlier?” she asked, her tone becoming a tad panicked.“No? What are you talking about? Are you sure you didn’t do anything besides wash up in the bathroom?” Aaliyah asked teasingly.“Never mind that, I’m going to text Brent to see where he is.” Juni said, pulling out her phone. She began tapping keys, until a hand reached out toward her phone. Looking up, she saw Brent. “Brent!” she exclaimed, getting up and hugging him. “I was so worried about you.”“Whoa, I should be the one worried about you.” Brent said, with an anxious chuckle. Patting her back, Brent sat them both back down. He glanced over, seeing Juni had the locket he planned to give to her. However, he didn’t say anything and kept an arm around her. Brent seemed off, not particularly being this quiet. It had been like he was protecting Juni. The party continued, and the group went back to socializing like nothing happened.The next day, Juni came to school, expecting it to continue like normal. What she saw at the party last night was just from spiked punch, and nothing else. This strange gut feeling she experienced had returned, yet she couldn’t ignore it. Pushing open the school doors, Juni didn't expect a crowd of people staring at her. Halls drowning in silence, making it easy to hear people whispering. Something wasn’t right. Bowing her head, she began walking a little quicker to her locker. The whispering was quite loud, and making her very anxious. Were they assuming something about her? That’s when a bad smell hit her.The locker before her omitted a nauseating smell. A mix of rot and decay, the scent filling the section with which she resided in. A thick, red substance oozed from the bottom of the locker, smelling metallic and appearing to have been there a while. Juni doubted herself, feeling that it was just a packed lunch she forgot. She had done it before, and surely this was just a container that spilled.Upon opening her locker, a body fell out, barely missing her, but spraying her down with the same red liquid. Juni froze in shock, peering down at the body before her. This is a joke, right? Is this why everyone was staring and whispering? The body, being torn up and almost unrecognizable. Almost completely pushing it aside, she saw the last name on the letterman jacket the body was wearing. “A-Ashida?” she mumbled to herself. It took a moment before it all registered. That was Brent’s last name. She nudged the body over with her foot, seeing a part of his face.Falling to her knees, Juni began screaming and sobbing over her lost love. It took many staff members to pull her away from the scene, so she tamper with the body. Juni screamed and kicked, pulled to the office. The police arrived to the scene and questioned Juni in the office. After police questioning her, Juni fit unwell to continue her schooling.Months had passed, and Christmas fell upon Harbor View. Juni barely left her house, let alone her room. Missing school, isolating herself from her family and friends. She didn’t feel like a person without Brent around. The images of her Brent’s body haunted her mind. Barely sleeping, barely eating. Juni wanted her lost love still there. It felt like a nightmare, and Juni couldn’t wake up from it. Her thought spiraled into much darker places every time she thought about him, about her friends, and what ifs. Curled up in a blanket, Juni held the locket given to her close. This was all she had left. This was all she wanted. A few stray tears escaped, sliding down her face. This was Christmas now. Well, it had been Christmas plans, until her phone rang.The ringing of the cell phone startled Juni as she picked it up, putting it to her ear. The sounds of talking can be heard, like subtle arguing. Sighing in annoyance, Juni finally was the one to speak up “Hello?” she asked, not willing to put up with whatever is happening. “Please don’t be another spam call or one of those scary prank calls. I’m exhausted and would rather sleep right now.” she added on, then hearing a loud rustling on the other end of the phone. She pulled the phone away from her ear quickly, putting it back to her ear to hear the quiet arguing again.Soon a voice she hasn’t heard began to speak “Hey Juni, this is Miranda, one of your friends.” the voice said softly, “I know you don’t really want to talk to any of us. That is okay. We were really worried about you though. I wanted to know if you’d like to come with us to a Ski Resort?” Miranda added on, sounding unsure of what reaction she was about to receive from Juni.“That… That sounds nice, but I don’t really want to go anywhere.” Juni replied, rubbing the bridge of her nose. Deep down, Juni liked the idea of wanting to go, but she felt she wasn’t ready to leave the nest yet. It was too soon, and she needed more time alone.“I understand you don’t want to go anywhere, but we’re worried about you Juni. This place is safe. The staff already knows of your situation, and will be happy to have people guard the area.” Miranda said, again trying to convince Juni to come along. “We can keep you safe Juni, Karter and the other guys can keep watch too if that helps.” she added on. “Please, Juni. I honestly don’t want to be stuck with Amelia going ape-shit over the next attractive person she sees.”“Alright, alright. I’ll go I guess.” a very irritated Juni replied, getting up from her bed. “Drop by the diner, I’ll meet you all there. My parents work today, and they’re willing to give me the week off if needed.” She added on, hanging up before anyone else can get on the line. She flopped onto her bed and sighed. Why did she have to say yes? She felt safe at home. She felt her stomach drop at the thought of leaving. There’s no way this will go well, she just knew it.Walking up to the resort to check in felt like hell. So many people, so many stares. Oh, how the stares burned into Juni. She felt like the people staring judged her, and it all reminded her of that day. Her vision began to blur, the memories came flooding back. The figure, Brent’s dead body, all the people that watched as her removal, covered in his blood caused a bigger scene. She wanted to find an exit. Then, Dizziness set in, everything went to black, and Juni began to fall forward. Karter, being the brawn in their friend group, caught her, and ended up having to carry her bridal style to the cabin.“Juni,” a voice rang through her head. “Are you even alive?” it asked. Juni’s eyes fluttered open, seeing they settled in the cabin. It was much cozier than she thought it would be. She looked around to find the voice, coming face to face with Aaliyah.“Morning, sleepy head.” Aaliyah said, getting up from the couch they were on. “You passed out, so the lug head over there carried you.” she added on, gesturing towards Karter.“Someone had to do it, and I was the only one who qualified.” Karter chimed in, deciding to show off by flexing.Juni grumbled a bit, rubbing her head. “Where are the others? Amelia? Miranda? What about the guys Miranda mentioned?” she asked, feeling a wave of panic. The more she thought about it, she decided to start getting up.“Whoa, whoa, whoa. Chill, girl. They’re fine. Amelia and Miranda are unpacking. Also, the guys that came with us? Those are some of Karter’s friends.” Aaliyah said laughing a bit. “If you’re wondering who’s who,” she pointed to a tall, pretty lanky looking man with a dark complexion and curly black hair. “That’s Ajani, he doesn’t talk much."Aaliyah’s finger extended toward another man, a bit shorter with short, dirty blonde hair and a pale complexion. “That’s Chase, he can be all bite at times.” she said, looking to Juni hoping she was listening. Then, her finger fell on the last guy. He had long shaggy black hair, and dark eyes. “That is Andy. He’s just intimidating all together, and no one will want to come near him.” she said, getting up. “Just holler for them if something happens.”Juni nodded slowly, unsure of what to think. A knocking sound began, startling Juni. “H-Hey… I think someone may be at the door.” she mumbled, wanting to run and hide. This proved too much for Juni, if knocking became scary.“Hello, anyone here?” a feminine voice can be heard. The door knob rattled, eventually, opening, and a woman stepped in. “Oh, there are people here! I was beginning to think I was going crazy!” she exclaimed, shutting the door and clasping her hands together. She looked around at everyone, a smile on her face. “You must be the guests I heard so much about. My name is Janice, and I am your hostess! I just wanted to give you heads up that there are security and people keeping an eye out for any suspicious activity.”“Oh, thank god!” Juni mumbled to herself, letting out a relieved sigh. This was the first good thing to hear in a long time.“Now, if you have any trouble with any of the utilities or see anything suspicious, you call us. We’ll come deal with it, okay?” Janice said, the warm smile not fading. She stepped back toward the door. “You kids enjoy your stay, and don’t get into trouble!” she added on, leaving the cabin. Left behind was a phone book with numbers listed in it. One of them, being Janice, which Juni did her best to memorize in case of an emergency. She felt she needed it.That night, Juni tossed and turned. She didn’t touch her dinner, since she had a knot in her stomach. Food repulsed her at that given moment. All she thought about was the bad, and closing her eyes just made it worse. This place wasn’t safe, and she didn’t want to stick around too long, or find herself distracted for a second. Eventually, her eyes began to shut and sleep began to take hold of her. For a second, Juni believed that everything settled. No masked figure, no more of those closed to her dying. Still, something felt off about that night. Juni thought more about this odd feeling as she dozed.A hand touched Juni’s shoulder, gently shaking her awake. She jolted up, swinging at whatever woke her up, luckily missing. Panic set in and her breathing pattern became rampant. Looking around, Juni turned on her bedside lamp, seeing Karter there. Her expressions went from fear to anger in an instant. “Did you really have to scare me like that? At least you could have told me it was you, instead of just touching me like a creep and standing there.” she muttered, rubbing her eyes. What could be so important at this time of night? Annoyingly, Juni would have to let this slide. It was just Karter; if it had been the masked figure, Juni and the others would have been dead already.“Jeez, relax!” Karter exclaimed, stepping back, so he’s out of reach of Juni. He looked around, bringing his voice to a whisper, “the pipes froze up, everyone’s asleep, and I really have to piss.” he added on. The disgusted, yet confused look Juni gave made Karter feel embarrassed.“So? There’s a phone book, just call someone to come and fix it.” Juni sleepily said, laying down and covering back up. She didn’t understand why he had to tell her all this. No one could leave that cabin, nor will they want to with a killer on the loose. She began to sleep again, not bothered again.The next morning, Juni awoke, unprepared. Coming down the stairs, Juni saw everyone sitting around the table. Everything was… eerie, weirdly quiet. Another thing that stood off was a note sitting on the table next to the phone book. It read:Hey,I know you guys were sleeping, but the pipes were frozen over and none of the numbers in the phone book were picking up. I think the signal was just bad in the cabin, so I went out to the woods to do my business. If I’m not back by morning, I’m either lost or staying in another girl’s cabin if you know what I mean.Hope you see this,Karter.A rush of emotions hit Juni all at once, causing her to panic. It was a weird occurrence that none of the numbers worked at night, resorting to Karter having to leave the cabin. Sadly, no one else had been thinking the same way as her. This annoyed her, causing her to run back to her room to change. Though she didn’t like Karter, he was still a part of the friend group, and she wasn’t going to forget about him disappearing. Running to the front door, she stopped, looking at the group still sitting there. Anger set in, and she whistled at them. She cursed in under her breath in Spanish, speaking up. “Our friend could be dead, and you all are sitting around, still twiddling your thumbs! Get moving!” she yelled, pulling the door open and running into the snow. She began running into the woods, her friends calling for her and running after her. Frantically, Juni ran through the woodsy area, calling for Karter. It wasn’t certain how far out he went, or if he were still in the area. Juni Just wanted him safe.A big lump in the snow caused Juni to trip and fall. Her friends caught up with her, watching in concern as Juni began digging at the snow. The digging didn’t seem to end, and Juni’s fingers began to feel numb. Eventually, determination and fear got Juni through the rest of the digging. Pulling herself away from the lump she uncovered, she stopped to think about what they just found. It looked like a slaughtered game, but very disfigured, so it made it hard to assume.“Oh my-... oh my god,” Amelia said, putting a hand to her mouth. Her eyes were tearing up, and she felt sick. “There’s no way this isn’t Karter.” she said, beginning to trail off. Her voice wavered like she’s about to cry, Miranda coming to comfort her.Aaliyah gasped, noticing a black converse sticking out of the snow close to the body, covered in blood. “Guys, I think this is Karter. He was wearing this last night…” she trailed off, beginning to cry. Looking to the three friends that came along with Karter, Aaliyah sent them off to go get help.A wave of nausea came over Juni, as she began to fall back into her own headspace again. It all happened again. The party, seeing the masked man, Brent’s body. After coming back to reality, Juni began violently retching. This was too much for poor Juni to handle. Anger and fear set in at once, Juni beginning to sob soon after retching once more. This wasn’t over, and that made her mad. If God existed out there, Juni wondered why they hated her so much.A rustle in the distance soon caught her eye, and she saw the figure again. They were holding a wooden bat covered in nails and barbed wire. The bat, riddled with chunks of flesh, skin, and hair. The figure just stayed there, still as a statue, and keeping an eye on him. This only made Juni cry more.Death became prominent as time went on. Juni lost friends, new and old. These deaths were at the hands of her tormentor. They took a lot from her, her friends, the person she loved with all her heart, and her pride. Time flew by, it being her Junior year of High School now. At this point, all she had was Aaliyah and Amelia. God, Juni was so glad that they were still alive. Those two were like sisters to Juni, and they’ve held a close bond since Elementary School. Though, Juni wondered if her closest friends didn’t want her around anymore, since she changed… particularly in a negative way.With the amount of torment Juni fought through over that year, she had become paranoid, delusional. Setting up traps at night just to feel safe, and keeping a dream journal to document her night terrors. Therapy assigned to Juni, as she found herself in and out of a ward when her thoughts spiraled, and couldn't take it. Doses of meds made it hard for her to keep her appearance up, leaving her very unkempt. Her hair was curly and needing a re-dye. It framed her face, some of it hanging over her eyes. Bits of red still stuck in the tips of her hair.Hazel eyes stared into the distance, dim and barely showed anyone was still behind them. Juni hardly looked up at her friends when she spoke, constantly losing herself in flashbacks. The medication prescribed made her feel like a zombie, but they were keeping her from ending it all. She didn’t want anything to do with life, and that was clear to see. Motivation was rare, and led to Juni rarely wanting to do anything. Her skin, desperately needing the suns kisses, and shades lighter than Freshman year. That’s when Aaliyah and Amelia had an idea.Arriving at the house, Aaliyah and Amelia sent a text, waiting for Juni. It took a few moments before she answered, looking like she had just woken up. Yawning, Juni held the door open and rubbed her eye, not seeming too pleased to have guests. “Hey, Juni” Aaliyah said softly with a smile. “My parents are out for the weekend, and we wanted to have you over.” she added on.“Yeah, it’ll be fun. Aaliyah’s house is the safest house,” Amelia chimed in, grinning like usual. She had always been the more optimistic friend of the group. “Her house has a built-in alarm system, and we can set it before we go to bed.”Blinking slowly, Juni took a bit to process this sudden request. A safe house? She didn’t really believe that, since the ski trip they took. Mulling over the right words, she finally spoke “That-... That sounds nice, but I’m not too interested in going anywhere.” She mumbled, beginning to close the door.“Wait! It’s also in a safe community, people are always prepared to come over in case of emergency.” Aaliyah said, which stopped Juni from closing the door completely “you’ll be safe, Juni. We promise and mean it this time.” she said, her smile faltering, concerned about her friend’s well-being. She knew it wasn’t like her to turn away an invitation.Juni took a slow, deep breath before sighing. Maybe this could be a good thing for her. Opening the door back up, she looked between the two. “Yeah, this will be fun. Why not?” she said, moving aside to invite them in. Soon closing them, Juni went upstairs to retrieve some of her things. Things could be turning around, and deep down, Juni felt excitement.A few moments later, Juni had her stuff together, and they had gone back to Aaliyah’s house. The place was definitely safer than Juni thought. A motion detecting light, an alarm with devices hooked around the house, and the front and backyard would have been difficult to get into without a pin. Relief hit Juni like a gust of wind, making her instantly feel better. This wasn’t so bad after all.A day had gone by, and it was Sunday night. Finally, things were a bit better, and she felt like she could breathe for the first time in a year. Juni and her friends sat poolside, talking, drinking soda, and eating snacks. Music played on Amelia’s bluetooth speaker, and they finally were catching up on lost time without Juni shutting down. The smile on her face was contagious, making Aaliyah and Amelia happy. Soon, all the soda went right to Juni’s bladder. She needed to go to the bathroom. Climbing out of the pool, she took off to find relief.Coming back down the stairs, Juni deafened by the sudden silence. She found that a little odd, since music had been playing not too long ago. “Aaliyah? Amelia? Are you there?” she asked, slowly walking into the living area. The television was on, and playing a movie on low volume. Juni looked at the time. 12AM. Well, maybe it was time to sleep anyways. Juni began to go to the stairs, but realized something was off. The sliding door to the front yard was still open, the lights in the kitchen were on, and the alarm wasn’t set. Juni’s heart dropped into her stomach. She turned around, approaching the couch. She found her friends sitting there, and they looked like they’re sleeping.“Aaliyah? Amelia?” Juni asked softly, reaching out to touch Amelia’s head. Upon contact, Amelia’s head felt cold and wet. They were just swimming, so it was a normal feeling. It was a normal feeling, until something squishy sloshed between Juni’s fingers. Quickly, Juni turned on the light. Words couldn’t form, only tears. Her only friends left, gone before her eyes. She had nothing left. Anger set in again and began frantically looking around the house.“Hey, I know you’re still around here, you sick freak! Show yourself! I’m offering you my life now, unless you’re a coward!” Juni screamed, continuing to look in places a killer could be hiding. Deathly afraid and ready to face her fate, Juni heard a rustling, now faced with the figure who found joy in tormenting her for so long. Realization kicked in, making Juni make a run for the kitchen. She had to find something to defend herself with, but knew she had very little time.After looking around, she found a moveable island counter. Footsteps drew closer, Juni pressed her foot against the counter, ready to push. Finally, the killer was in her sight. Pushing as hard as she could, charged toward the figure, pinning them. It is the perfect time for Juni to call the police. Pulling out her phone, she began dialing 911. A few rings, and someone finally patched through.“911, what’s your emergency?” A voice spoke on the other line. Juni glanced over to make sure the killer was still there before answering.“A man just broke into my friends house, he killed my friends, and is going to kill me!” Juni’s voice wavered, tears forming in her eyes. She really hoped the operator listened and took her seriously this time.Keys tapped, making Juni anxious. “Ma’am. Can I get a name and address please?” the operator asked, ready to type again.“Juni-… Juni Villanueva,” Juni began, hearing creaking from the other side of the room, but didn’t pay too much attention to it. She thought for a moment before continuing “The address is 335 North…” before Juni could finish, she heard a gust of air, like something being swung before suddenly blacking out. Is it finally over? Is she dead now? This felt really peaceful. All the people she cared about, she can be with them again. She felt at ease.Loud beeps began to play in her ears, causing her to cover them. It sounded like a monitor, specifically a heart monitor. She’s still alive? She could hear a man talking to someone, and a woman started crying. Was that her mom? Juni wanted to wake up right away and let them know she was okay. This is when Juni began to finally awake. The beeping got louder, and she can finally see where she is. Her vision was quite fuzzy, which she didn’t understand. Did something happen? It looked like a hospital room, the light causing her to wince.“Ah, you’re finally awake. Good morning, Ms. Villanueva.” The doctor said, turning his body towards her. He cleared his throat, unsure of where to start. “I’m sure you are wondering where you are, and that is perfectly normal.” he began writing down stuff on his clip board, quietly excusing Juni’s parents.“What happened,” Juni asked tiredly, trying her best to look at the doctor. “Did they catch the killer?” she added on, feeling a bit uneasy.“Well,” the doctor began. “The Authorities arrived at the scene, but they only found you unconscious in a puddle of blood. We weren’t sure you were going to make it with how much was already lost.” He gripped his clipboard against his chest, unsure of what else to say. Juni found this odd, tilting her head in confusion.“I woke up in a puddle of blood?” Juni asked, her stomach sinking.“Yes, that’s correct.” The doctor moved a bit closer to look at vitals to write them down. “Even though we were able to save you, we tried patching you up the best we could.” he added on.Either Juni was still very groggy, or she just heard the doctor mention she had gone through some patching. She blinked slowly, “wait, patch me up?” she asked. A lump in her throat formed, making it hard to speak or swallow. That couldn’t be right. She’s hearing him wrong! That’s it, right? Then again, seeing anything had been trouble for Juni.“Yes, the severe damage to your face required a bit of surgery. However, we can’t guarantee you’ll be able to see out of your right eye. I’m sorry.” The doctor grimly said, bowing his head.“My-... My eye? No, hold on. Give me a mirror.” Juni said shakily, holding her hand out. A melt down started to brew like a hurricane, ready to strike at any moment. Tears welled up, but the pain to even cry. She was suffering.“I don’t know if that’s a good idea. Are you sure you want a mirror? I can get your parents in-” the doctor began to say, before Juni cut him off.“GIVE ME. THE DAMN. MIRROR.” Juni screamed, gesturing her hand. “GIVE IT TO ME!”All sanity crept out the window, yet the doctor wasn’t as frightened by the meltdown before him. Hesitantly, the doctor gave over a small hand mirror to Juni, continuing to speak. “Ms. Villanueva, I am dearly sorry. We tried our best to fix it,” he said. “There’s a very slim chance of your eye ever regaining the ability to see.”Somberly, Juni gazed at what her appearance had become. Her skin, paler than snow and the only color she had was the dark circles under her eyes. No light shown in the eye she could still see, like a shell without a soul. Gazing at her reflection more, Juni went up to touch the bandaged wrapped around her face where her other eye was, hidden beneath. The bandage speckled with claret and being due for a redress. No tears could form as Juni continued to stare, trying to find something within her own reflection. It was like she could barely recognize herself anymore, yearning for the person she once was.“Are-… Are you alright, Miss?” the doctor asked, now very concerned for the well-being of his patient. He witnessed many events, but never felt as uneasy as he did at that moment. No one had ever stared like the way Juni did at her own reflection. It was… strange.“Get out.” Juni mumbled, starting to become shaky again, tears finally forming in her eye.Baffled by what Juni said, the doctor wasn’t believing what he was hearing! “I’m sorry I didn’t quite-” he began, only to yet again be cut off by Juni.“GET OUT!” Juni screamed, starting to thrash and throwing the hand mirror across the room, shattering it against the wall. “GET OUT, GET OUT, GET OUT, GET OUT!” She continued to scream before violently sobbing, which led to the doctor leaving to go get help. Soon after, Juni needed sedatives to put her to sleep while they redressed her wounds, and made sure she didn’t try anything hasteful.A few months had gone by, Juni moved from recovery to a psych ward for evaluations. Spending weeks on end, they evaluated her mental state, trying to find the steam of all the problems in hopes of getting her cured and moved out of the ward. Doctors increased dosages in meds, used sedatives when her breakdowns started, affecting other patients in the ward, and did all attempts to prevent her from shutting down completely. Nothing seemed to work, but they felt like they tried their best.After prescribing Juni with more medication to help with her insomnia, anxiety, and depression, eventually cleared and put back into her parents' care. This was a poor decision on the medical staff's part, for Juni wasn’t better. The medication only made her want to sleep during the day, missing more school and work, leading her to quit and drop out of high school. Meltdowns still pursued, and she still had nights where the sleep-deprived hallucinations kept her awake for two days at a time. No sleep, no desire for keeping relationships, and wanting to make the lethargic, depressed feeling to go away. Juni didn’t feel human.Night had fallen, and Juni prepared for bed. Redressing her wounds and taking copious amounts of medication had become the new normal. The gut-wrenching sensation Juni felt while gazing upon her new face, a scar taking up a large portion, and her eye, blind and pale as the moon light. How could someone still see her as a person? She couldn’t understand. Finishing up dressing her wounds, Juni decided to lay in bed. Sleep wasn’t going to come any time soon, so Juni cracked open a comic book.Something moved in the corner of Juni’s eye, making her look away from what she had been reading. The masked figure stood before her, near the edge of her bed. Juni couldn’t help but giggle at this, believing it was just another hallucination from not sleeping so well. Soon enough, she went back to reading. Oh, if only the figure at the foot of her bed were a hallucination. Grabbed her collar, Juni lifted from her bed and flung to the ground. Anxiety soon set in, leaving Juni to stumble to her feet.The masked figure began swinging his bat around, trying to hit Juni. It was too hard, since she desperately dodged and tried her best to move out of the way. Denting the walls, floor boards, and breaking valuables, the killer just couldn’t land a hit on their prey. They watched the fiery red head crawl around and stumbling, starting to enjoy playing around with Juni like a toy.Sadly, Juni thought this was her demise, starting to become tired of trying to slip by the killer. Eventually, Juni tripped over her vanity’s chair, falling to the ground. Footsteps approached, getting closer. Watching with wide eyes, Juni thought of what to do. Using the last bit of her strength, she shoved the chair with her foot, knocking over the masked figure. They fell like a giant, dropping their weapon. Exhaustively stumbling back to her feet, Juni picked up the bat, walking over to the masked figure. How she desperately wanted to see what was under it. Anticipation couldn’t hold on, and she had to peak.Peeling off the mask, Juni saw a face that looked… just like Brent’s, bot a bit older. This couldn’t be her boyfriend though, he had been dead for almost two years! Juni thought, the bat still pointed at the man’s face, who now looked very scared. Could this be a brother she didn’t know about? “Alright, just who do you think you are?” she asked coldly, glaring down at the man before her.“N-... Nate Ashida, we went to school together! Don’t you remember me? You were dating my younger brother!” the man replied, an anxious smile appearing on his face. That only disgusted Juni.“Why did you do it?” Juni began to ask, holding back tears. “Why did you kill them? Your own brother, my friends. You have no idea how much they all meant to me!” her voice wobbled and a lump began to form in her throat, yet she couldn’t stop the tears.Silence echoed on Nate’s side, like he was unsure of what to tell Juni. He sat there, frozen in fear and the anxious smile still plastered to his face. Anger began to boil over in Juni, not being able to handle the sudden quiet. Cracking her neck, Juni began to raise the bat. That was all it took to get Nate to finally speak. “Okay, I’ll talk! I’ll talk!” He yelled out, beginning to panic.“Then speak already. Keeping that thumb up your ass will only get you hurt.” Juni snarled, keeping the bat steady.Nate sighed shakily, a bit relieved he was still alive for the moment. He thought a moment before speaking, “I admire you, Juni.” he said, staring right at her now, his eyes not moving. Wanting to move away before he got hurt, he began to shimmy back. Juni stepped closer to stay close.“Go on,” Juni said, her hands shaking and gripping the bat tighter. Admiration? She couldn’t believe what she had been hearing! “Tell me more. NOW” she demanded, getting a whimper out of Nate this time.“Okay, okay!” Nate quickly said, his tone becoming more frightened. “Ever since you came around, and started to date my brother, I wanted to be just like you. I wanted the friend group you had. The chance at a relationship as well! I wanted to be just like you, Juni! We’re both outcasts. We should have been together, not you and Brent!” he added on, reaching out a hand to Juni in an attempt to get her to put down the bat.“That’s why?” Juni gripped the bat tighter, more tears began to fall. “That’s why you killed them? All because you were jealous of my life?” she asked, stepping closer to him, her feet now near his head. She could kick him if she really wanted to, but no, she had better plans for Nate. “You admired me?”“Y-Yes, I did. I-... I still do, Juni! I’m sorry for what I did! I swear!” Nate began to cry out in a panic. “Please, you have to understand where I’m coming from!”A smile crept into the corners of Juni’s lips. Oh, how she really liked seeing her tormentor cry. It was like music to her ears, watching him cry and try to squirm away. Poor, poor Nate. If only he knew that sorry wasn’t going to fix two years worth of trauma and death. Slowly, her small smile turned into a painful grin, and she began to howl with laughter. “Oh, look at that! He’s sorry! Sorry for taking away everything I cared about, sorry for taking away my vision, and taking away my chance of being a normal teen!” she said breathy to herself between laughs. “Oh, Nate. I admire you too,” she added on, now tenderly running her fingers along the spikes and barbed wire on the bat. “You know what, I should show you how much I admire you!”A panicked yelp from Nate, and the swing of the bat, Juni began to bash Nate over, and over again. Each swing began to become lighter, and Juni listened to the crunching sounds. Her whole life began to flash before her eyes when doing this. All of it could now rest. Swing after swing, Juni stopped once the guttural, sputtering noises were over with. The walls, floors, her clothing, and bed now painted in bits of Nate. Breathing heavily and extremely exhausted, Juni dropped the bat. She plopped down on her bed, easing up for the first time.“Finally, it’s over.” Juni mumbled to herself, catching her breath. All the weight on her shoulders seemed to have lifted for the moment. Even though she had finally defeated the man who desperately wanted her gone for so long, realization would always come back to bite Juni. Widening her eyes and jumping up from bed, Juni began to panic. She just killed someone! Although it was a bad man, she knew it was a bad idea to stick around after killing them. Quickly, she began packing a small bag with some of her belongings, putting on some boots, and taking the bat and coat from Nate’s body.Once she slipped boots on, and Nate's coat, Juni began writing a letter, which would go to her parents. Rallying her belongings, then climbing out the bedroom window, Juni fled into the night. Juni made sure to cover up her tracks out of town. No one had seen or heard her room since, and all her parents had left of their only daughter was the note she had written that night. Her whereabouts couldn't be traced, and the note left behind gave no details as to where she possibly ran off to.Dear mom and dad,I know you tried so hard to raise the perfect little girl. Life just didn’t go the way it was planned, and I have done something I dearly regretted. I am not stable and should have gotten more help than what was given. Once you are reading this, I would have already left town. I don’t know where I am going, but please do not send anyone for me. Hopefully, wherever I go, I’ll get the help I need. My life will be better off without being around you. No one will suffer because of me anymore, and I think it’ll be better that way. No more death, no more pain. I will eventually find myself again out here. Please take care of each other and know that I still love you guys very much.Thanks for being the best parents a girl could have.Take care,Juni.
Nina The Killer (2021)“¿Habias oído de los rumores de esa sicaria super peligrosa?”“ay, no de nuevo con tus datos horrendos, ¿puedes dejar de ver esos videos? Me pone los pelos de punta”“¡no no! Este es muchísimo mejor, anda, déjame que te cuente”“de todos modos me lo contaras, ya que…”“bien, ¿has oído de…Jeff The Killer?”“ah, es el tipo de ese horrible creepypasta”“¿sabes que el tipo existe?”“ah, ¿no? No no, es imposible”“¡si! Esa sicaria que te mencione dice que existe”“ah, no me digas, ¿esa sicaria también es un creepypasta?”“bueno, si y no”“¡ay no jodas! Solo me jodes”“ no! Existe, dicen que tienes que buscar bien en la red profunda, saltando de pagina en pagina hasta encontrar la suya , mira”,“¿Nina The Killer? Que estúpido nombre”“ella dice que se puso asi para llamar la atención de Jeff”“¿Por qué? ¿esta enamorada o algo?”“¡ni de coña! Lo odia, dice que quiere matarlo”“¿y por que?”“nadie sabe”“esta historia se torna cada vez mas tonta, ¿Cómo quieres que te crea? Son solo cuentos de terror para dormir”“tal vez, pero déjame que te cuente mas de esto”24 de noviembre, 2014Durante los últimos meses la estación de policía de chicago había estado hasta el cuello de casos, dos veces por semana se encontraban cadáveres nuevos, toques de queda fuertemente reforzados no había tardado en aparecer a la segunda semana, y las personas en la ciudad trancaban con doble llave sus puertas y ventanas, la ciudad se había sumergido en un gran caos desde que aparecieron los primeros cuerpos, apuñalados y destruidos en una plaza, una pareja iba de paso y al parecer alguien los ataco y asesino brutalmente, se encontró el hombre junto a la gran fuente y a la mujer a la salida del parque, seguramente en persecución.Todos trabajaban en los casos pero el detective en jefe era David O’brain, quien desde hace 5 dias no había vuelto a casa a ver a su esposa y a su hijo, ¿Cómo hacerlo? Si casi a diario le venían con nuevas victimas, personas que no habían entendido el toque de queda o incluso…personas encontradas en sus casas.- ¿Cómo se supone que encontremos un patrón si en cada asesinato es un desastre diferente? – David parecía fuera de sus cabales, había dormido solos una hora en las sillas de la sala de espera, su mente estaba cansada.- el único patrón que tenemos es que mata con cuchillo, uno de cocina, por lo que encontramos en las heridas – explico uno de los policias, tenia su cara en el ultimo informe de la autopsia, que ni siquiera era de la ultima escena encontrada – eso y…las horribles sonrisas que les hace a las personas -- este tipo es un jodido lunático, desmiembra, rebana y deja tripas por doquier – David recibió su café de una de las asesistentas, lo tomo y dio un largo trago, ese sabor amargo parecía su único consuelo y ancla a la cordura - ¿Cómo es que alguien tan lunático no deja ni una pista? ¿sudor, pelo, lo que sea? Ni siquiera un jodido testigo de improviso, es como una sombra – mientras mas hablaba David parecía mas molesto.- un tipo con capucha blanca – una voz llamo su atención, al voltear, Erika Montez, otra detective que le ayudaba con el caso apareció con una carpeta amarilla – llegaron las imágenes de las cámaras de seguridad – - ¿¡despues de que 12 personas murieran!? Me cago en los estúpidos… - vio que Erika le vio con reprimenda, hablaba de la alcaldía en si, debía mantenerse a raya cuando se referia a ellos, David solto un suspiro resignado y se acerco a Erika - ¿se vio un tipo con capucha blanca? –- si, pero no es muy alentador – David empezó a pasar las hojas, pareciendo desesperado al percatarse que no había nada – no se ve la cara, su imagen…por alguna razón esta mas pixelada que el resto de la imagen y jamas logra verse su cara, solo se ve un tipo con capucha blanca, jeans negros, tenis, su cabello luce extraño, negro tal vez y largo, y en comparación con las victimas quizás mide 1.79m – explico Erika viendo la mirada desesperada de David, no podía entender como alguien asi se estaba burlando de ellos.- ¿¡esto es una jodida broma!? ¿¡y por que hay saltos de tiempo en las cámaras!? – pregunto el detective alzando la carpeta.- eso mismo les pregunte pero, dijeron que la cámara solo empezó a fallar – comento la mujer cruzándose de brazos.- …. – David avento la carpeta contra la pared en un arranque de ira, cuando pensó que encontraría algo, no había nada, solo una mancha borrosa en el lente.Erika suspiro mirando la figura estresada de David, no podía culparlo de sentirse asi, esta agotado, viendo tantos cadáveres, gente muerta, incluso…niños, David trabajaba para hacer la ciudad un lugar seguro para su familia, para la justicia de aquel sitio, y ahora no podía, sentía que estaba contra una pared, y ella también.Se acerco acariciando el hombro del hombre mayor, que al sentir el tacto amable bajo un poco los hombros, suspiro pasando su mano por su cabello.- será mejor que busquemos de nuevo entre las pruebas, y buscar gente que encaje con la descripción que tenemos – dijo el hombre inclinándose a tomar la carpeta.- si – Erika asintió y se inclino a ayudarlo, pero de pronto un policía llego con una desagradable noticia.- ¡David! ¡encontraron nuevos cadáveres! – hablo el policía.- ¡Si Carlos no me digas! Ponlos con el montón – David ya parecía cansado de oír lo mismo.- no, David, hay una sobreviviente – el detective volteo rápidamente, incrédulo de lo que escucho.David estaba ahora en el hospital, tenia a un policía y una doctora a ambos costados, veía a través de la ventana a una niña en una camilla, tenia parte de la cara vendada, y estaba pegada a unos tubos, dormida y recién operada, a diferencia de su familia que había muerto de apuñalamiento, ella solo recibió apuñaladas en su hígado, el cual sufrio daño pero no tardo en regenerarse gracias a la atención medicada adecuada.- ¿Cómo que estaban de campamento? ¿no escucharon el toque de queda? –- no, son turistas, llegaron hoy de Inglaterra – explico la enfermera mirando con profundo dolor a la niña que luchaba por su vida.- ¿y les parecio buena idea un campamento…? – se quejo el detective recibiendo el informe que habían hechos los policías de la escena del crimen.- el señor y la señora Monic y Joel Hopkins llegaron esta mañana con sus hijos, Christian y Nina Hopkins, habían alquilado una casa rodante, eran unas vacaciones, al parecer iban a recorrer el país o algo pero…bueno – el policía explico lo sucedido mirando a la niña.- entiendo, ¿todos fallecieron excepto ella? – pregunto David mirando al policía.- el padre estaba vivo cuando los encontramos pero de camino murió desangrado – explico.- ¿no estaban…? – - no, había un guardabosque cerca, cuando escucho los gritos llamo rápido a la patrulla, no tardo en llegar ya que había una cerca patrullando y lo encontraron atacando a Nina – apunto a la niña – le había abierto la mitad de la cara –- ¿y que vieron? – David parecía impaciente de escuchar una descripción.- la misma capucha, no logramos atraparlo, el tipo escapo saltando por los arboles como un jodido animal, y perdimos el rastro rápido, como si se hubiera desvanecido en el aire – explico el policía. - ¿cree que sobreviva? – David ahora se fijo en la doctora. - esta estable ahora, pudimos cerrar las heridas y mantenerla estable…pero es difícil saber, recibió dos puñaladas en su hígado…bueno, una, la otra lo esquivo, y la segunda no fue demasiado profunda pero sigue siendo peligroso – explico la doctora.- ¿Cuándo crees que sea apropiado que hable? – pregunto el detective.- por ahora esta en recuperación, dele una semana, además, también es ver si puede hablar por la herida en su cara – dijo la doctora, David suspiro, no quería presionar a la niña, que había sido atacada y ahora era huérfana por un lunático.La semana pasaría rápido, y para sorpresa de muchos, esa semana el ultimo ataque fue el de la familia Hopkins, David había estado reuniendo la misma información, pero velaba porque Nina sobreviviera la recuperación, y que pudiera decirle que sucedió.La doctora le llamo un jueves, ya era diciembre y David esperaba resolver este problema antes de navidad, no solo por desear pasarlo con su familia, deseaba que todos en chicago disfrutaran con su familia.El detective entro al cuarto, Nina estaba sentada, comiendo con ayuda de una enfermera como podía, aunque abria su boca lentamente por el dolor de la gran herida en su mejilla izquierda, la cual tenia una enorme gaza.- Nina Hopkins, ¿cierto? – el detective se sento a su lado, la niña dejo de masticar, y miro al detective a su lado, David sintió un terrible escalofrio bajar por su espalda al ver los ojos de Nina, había una mirada muerta, pero llena de odio y rencor, no hacia él, hacia alguien mas.- si… - su voz sonaba débil, y con su mano aparto la comida, ya no quería mas, la enfermera entendió y tomo todo para retirarse, una vez la mujer salio, David volvió la mirada a la niña, algo tenso por su mirada, no parecía la mirada de alguien de su edad.- vienes de Londres, ¿verdad? – pregunto el detective abriendo una pequeña libreta.- sabe quien soy, pregunte lo que va a preguntar y apresúrese a dejarme en paz – su voz, cortante como un cuchillo de carnicero, desvio la mirada a la ventana, David hizo una mueca, no esperaba su reacción.- supuse que debes estar en shock todavía –- shock no es la palabra con la que definiría como me siento – dijo sin mas - ¿quiere saber que paso verdad? – - si puedes contarme lo que recuerdas – David incito a Nina a hablar con un tono calmado, Nina mantuvo silencio por breves segundos.- …para ser honesta, nunca espere que esto parecía – explico – se supone que el no existe… - - ¿Quién? ¿sabes quien mato a tu familia? – - su nombre es Jeff…Jeffrery Wood, en las historias de internet dicen que solo es ficción pero…allí estaba, podría creer que es un imitador pero…pero sus ojos, su sonrisa macabra, su piel como caucho… - explico Nina, no miraba a David, pero parecía consternada – fue…fue tras ellos por mi culpa –- Nina, no te culpes de esto, en el trascurso de un mes ha matado a 16 personas incluyendo tu familia -.- pero el mismo lo dijo… - comento la niña – “tenía planeado matar a un viejo imbécil, pero cuando te vi hablando tan entusiasmada de mí, no podía no hacerlo” – imito su voz llena de locura, sosteniendo su mejilla, parecía a punto de ahogarse en lágrimas.- Tranquila, Nina…dime que paso desde el principio – comento el detective mirándole con preocupación, tocando su hombro, la niña tembló y lo aparto suavemente.- …recuerdo…papá había aparcado allí, era una zona de acampada, el guardabosque dijo que no podíamos entrar, que había toque de queda, papá había planeado estas vacaciones desde hace meses, así que le pago al guardabosque porque nos dejara estar, sin preguntar por qué toque de queda o que sucedía – Nina parecía con remordimiento al recordar eso – llegamos, nos instalamos y Chris estaba conmigo en una de las tiendas, yo…de nuevo estaba leyendo esas historias de terror que me gustaban…hablaban de un personaje que se llama Jeff The Killer –- ¿es el que mencionaste antes? – pregunto David.- si…me parecían entretenidas, como algo de que reír o disfrutar, Chris y yo la solíamos leer pero…luego escuchamos un sonido raro, un sonido que me recordaba a esas películas de terror, el sonido de un cuerpo apuñalado, y un grito ahogado… - Nina bajo la mirada recordando todo frescamente, de sus ojos empezaron a salir lágrimas.- puedes detenerte si quieres… - vio a la niña negar, respiro profundo, apretando con fuerza las sabanas de su cama, podía ver sus manos golpeadas y con morados en una de sus muñecas. - me apresure a salir y vi a un chico, quizás…18 o 19, alto, en la oscuridad no podía ver su cara por su capucha y el cabello cubriendo su rostro, tenia unos jeans negros y una hoodie blanca, y…pude ver…a mi madre en el suelo, estaba desangrada, grite cubriendo la cara de Chris, para que no viese nada… mi padre salió, le grito y el tenia un bate en la mano, intento pelearle pero…ese chico era muy rápido, empezó a cortarlo a cada que mi padre arremetía contra él, escuche a mi padre gritarme que tomara a Chris y escapara, no quise pero…volvió a insistir y cargue a Chris, que ahora estaba llorando asustado, empecé a correr a la salida del campamento, pero…vi algo que me lo impido –- ¿algo no te dejo salir del campamento? – pregunto David confuso, Nina asintió.- había algo en la entrada como…arboles negros, secos, intente acercarme pero sus ramas crecieron como púas – Nina explico aquello y sus manos empezaron a temblar, David parecía confundido – de pronto escuche una risa y una voz tarareando una canción, recuerdo que Chris me dijo algo – se detuvo un segundo – dijo…es Jeff Nina, ese es Jeff – comento tocando su cara – por un momento no quise escuchar a Chris, era mentira, ¿verdad? El no…podía existir – dijo en voz baja, respiro y continuo contando – sabía que nos estaba siguiendo así que empecé a correr a través del borde del bosque, los arboles aparecían mediante corríamos y desaparecían cuando dejábamos el camino atrás – explico – podía escucharlo seguirnos, caminar pero se escuchaba tan cerca…entonces corriendo como pude me tropecé, era un tronco, me lastime el tobillo – David checo su pierna, tena un yeso en su pie concordando lo que explicaba.- ¿allí el…? –- le dije a Chris que corriera, porque ya no podía caminar, que escapara, Chris no parecía dejarme pero empezó a correr…mi alivio duro tan poco cuando…e-él apareció enfrente de Chris – de nuevo Nina tiembla, sosteniéndose sus hombros, su mirada se vuelve al frente, sus ojos llenos de lágrimas y rojos – l-lo…lo levanto del cuello y…abrió… -- Nina, Nina…no tienes por qué contar eso…la autopsia mostro que abrió su estómago y decapito, tranquila, sabemos que paso… - Nina sollozaba en voz baja, asintió con dificultad.- grite pero…nunca se detuvo, intente arrastrarme pero me sostuvo de la muñeca – dijo la chica – recuerdo que se subió sobre mi y me corto la cara, y esa risa…esa maldita risa no sale de mi cabeza – la niña empezó a golpear su cabeza con ambas manos, David se apresuro a sostenerla.- hey hey, tranquila…tenemos lo necesario, dime, ¿vistes su cara? – Nina levanto la mirada rápido, mostrándose asustada y enojada.- ¿¡su cara!? ¡Eso no era una cara! E-era…como una ventana a las peores pesadillas que se pueden tener – explico – sus ojos, eran como dos hoyos horribles, sin parpados, secos…y su sonrisa abierta, grande, asquerosa, su cara era blanca y quemada – dijo con los ojos llorosos.- Nina, porfavor se coherente, nadie puede vivir sin parpados -.- ¿¡le parece que miento porque soy una niña!? ¡no miento, jamás poder sacar esa mirada de mi cabeza! ¡es Jeff! ¡es Jeff! – entre gritos los enfermeros entraron y empezaron a calmar a Nina, sosteniéndola contra la cama.- Nina! ¡Cálmate vas a sacarte un punto! – grito preocupado el enfermero.- ¡es Jeff es Jeff! ¡no va a poder atraparlo! ¡e-es Jeff! – sin más remedio la niña fue anestesiada mientras uno de los enfermeros saco a David.Algo desconcertado por lo que escucho, el detective se quedó en el pasillo preocupado por la reacción de la más joven, la doctora salió cuando ya no se escuchaba nada, mirando con cierta severidad al detective, este se encogió un poco en hombros por la mirada.- perdone, no esperaba que ella… -- está bien, lo importante es que atrapemos al que le hizo esto para que esté tranquila, pero será hora de que se vaya, ya Nina ha pasado por mucho – explico la doctora soltando un suspiro.David accedió y se retiró, estaba dispuesto a investigar lo dicho por Nina, sobre Jeff The Killer. Volvió a la estación de policía y allí en su computadora empezó a buscar sobre esta “historia”, obviamente no tardo en encontrarla, se catalogaban como creepypastas, historias urbanas de internet creadas por las personas, incluso esta historia era narrada por alguien, David veía la historia como poco correcta o muy fantasiosa, quizás al fin y al cabo si era un imitador.Sin embargo no había que dejar cabos sueltos, el detective se comunico con el escritor de esa historia, preguntando sobre que mas podía saber sobre Jeff. Su creador, quien, para su sorpresa no tardo en responderle, pero no era lo que esperaba, solo había unas fotos tomadas con un celular probablemente, de recortes de periódicos, hablaban de dos accidentes, uno en una casa de los suburbios, donde un chico sufrió quemaduras de lejía luego de haber asesinado brutalmente a los niños de la fiesta, y fue llevado al hospital, su nombre, Jeffrey Woods. David ya tenia la atención, el segundo recorte hablaba de la muerte de la familia Woods en el mismo vecindario, como la casa fue quemada en cenizas y no se encontró rastro de Jeffrey.David quedo sorprendido, parecía un recorte original, sin embargo busco en la base de datos del país sobre el caso, cosa que casi lo saca de su silla cuando no obtuvo resultados, nada, incluso al buscar ese periódico de ese dia en la red, había otra noticia, similar, con nombres diferentes, y con el resultado de que la familia murió por completo.David se sintió timado, este chico le quería meter en su juego de que quizás existía, y había una sospecha de que ese mismo idiota sea el asesino.No perdió el tiempo y se levanto para pedirle a los técnicos que rastrearan la ip del que le envio eso, Mike, el ingeniero no tardo en darle el resultado al cabo de unos minutos, diciéndole que era una señal de alguien en otro estado, el creador de dicha historia se presentaba con su nombre, no había rastro de que el fuese ese Jeffrey o si quiera pueda ser culpable de dichos asesinatos ya que ni siquiera habitaba en chicago.- este tipo… - David volvió a su escritorio, tomando su teléfono logro conseguir su numero y le llamo, sono y sono…hasta que alguien contesto.- ¿si…? – su voz sonaba nerviosa.- ¿tu eres el que escribió la historia de Jeff The Killer no? – David sonaba severo, se escuchó un suspiro relajado.- oye esta bien que te guste la historia pero no debes… -- mi nombre es David O’brain, soy detective de la estación de policías de chicago, tu me enviaste los recortes falsos de Jeffrey Woods – hablo de nuevo con poca paciencia.- … - silencio – no son falsas, lo que usted ve en la red lo es, es lo que el quiere – antes de que David pudiera explicar algo el chico colgó.El detective se sorprendió al oír que colgaba, intento marcar de nuevo, pero ahora el número no estaba en línea.David maldijo golpeando el escritorio mientras veía la pantalla, se estaba quedando sin opciones, y este caso solo daba más y más vueltas absurdas, de pronto el teléfono volvió a sonar, David se precipito a responder.- ¡sabia que…! –- ¿detective David? – era la voz de la doctora, sonaba alarmada, David se sorprendió, no era el chico, se repuso y se enfocó en lo que le decía.- Doctora Eliz, ¿Qué sucedió…? – - es Nina… ------------Las noches en el hospital se volvían cada vez mas difíciles para Nina, no era la cama, el ambiente o la comida, eran las pesadillas, cada que cerraba los ojos veía los intestinos de su pequeño hermano en el piso, la escena le provocaba nauseas, ya incluso en la noche acostumbraba a despertar vomitando, no le sentaba nada bien a su hígado a decir verdad.Pero esa noche estaba especialmente inquieta, despertó de una pesadilla, los árboles, la risa, Chris y…Jeff, pudo haberse calmado en ese instante, de no ser por que se dio cuenta que estaba amarrada a la cama de brazos y piernas.Nina empezó a hiperventilar al darse cuenta de eso, aun mas, cuando se percató que no estaba sola en la habitación oscura, junto a su cama de hospital, sentado a su lado, pudo ver la figura causante de sus pesadillas, sentando allí como si nada, mirándola fijamente.- no…no no – sollozo, buscando zafarse de las correas que la sostenían a la cama.- eres una chica especial, ¿verdad Nina? – su voz sonaba ronca y sin humanidad, quizás su sonrisa era permanente, pero sin duda parecía disfrutar ver a la chica asustada.Eso le dio repudio, no, no quería estar asustada, no de ese maldito, el que asesino a sus padres, el que abrió a su querido Chris como si fuera un pavo en navidad, no, no iba a temer de ese mal nacido. Frunció el ceño apretando sus dientes.- ¡callate! ¡eres un maldito! ¡si vas a matarme hazlo! ¡no te tengo miedo lunático asqueroso! – grito la chica pero Jeff se aventó sobre ella, sosteniendo su rostro, abriendo un poco la herida de su mejilla, Nina chillo, pero no quito su mirada retadora y llena de odio.- ¡jajaja! Bien dicho, bien dicho…pero no Nina, no vengo a matarte – su voz sono calmada, como si estuviera hablando con un amigo – eso ya paso, iba a matarte, pero…te encontraron, nos encontraron cuando iba a poner una linda sonrisa en tu rostro, eso no es algo que sucede a menudo – - uhg… ¿q-que demonios eres…? – dijo al recordar los arboles.- quien sabe – empezó a decir alejándose un poco de ella, palmando la herida en su costado, saltándole un pequeño quejido a la joven - ¿Quizás un chico loco de los suburbios? ¿Quizás solo una historia? ¿Quizás un demonio? ¿O quizás la idea de un colectivo asustado?...¿O quizas todo? – Jeff empezó a reir como un lunático, de su boca salía baba que no era retenida por sus mejillas, ya que estas estaban abiertas.Nina apretó sus dientes y al tener la mano del asesino cerca se lanzo a morderla, penetrando su piel de caucho sin mucho problema, se sentía desagradable bajo su boca, Jeff solto un pequeño quejido y aparto la mano, riendo entusiasmado.- Sin duda no eres como Jane, eres mucho mas divertida…por eso te dejare vivir Nina, tu y yo – Jeff saco su cuchillo de su hoodie, y con su otra mano saco aguja e hilo – vamos a ser amigos por siempre ­–.David no tardo en llegar al hospital al recibir la llamada de la doctora, se apresuro a ir con esta, la cual estaba junto a la habitación de Nina.- ¿Qué sucedió? – la doctora vio a David con una cara asustada, y lo llevo a la habitación de Nina, lo primero que vio fue escrito en la pared “vete a dormir” con sangre al bajar la mirada se encontró con Nina, estaba viva, pero su mirada parecía ida y enojada, su otra mejilla estaba abierta - ¡Nina! – se acerco el detective a la joven, la cual lo miro con un ojo, y alzo la cabeza, dejando ver su otro ojo, sus parpados habían sido cocidos para quedar abiertos – mierda… - - ….voy a matar a ese hijo de puta –---------------------------------David O’brain había pasado años siguiendo el paso de Jeff The Killer, aquella figura fantasmal que dejaba muerte a su paso, incluso, debido a ello, la alcaldía lo despidió, David no supo cual era la causa.Después de la muerte de la familia Hopkins los asesinatos en chicago cesaron, pero continuaron en otro país, de la misma manera, durante mas meses, pero eso era un continuo, asesinatos que iban en masa y luego se detenían de la nada, siempre, sin pruebas suficientes para apuntar a alguien o a veces encerrando al equivocado, dependiendo de como funcionara la ley en dicho sitio. David pasaba tiempo con su familia, pero de vez en cuando hacia trabajo de detective privado, buscando aun mas pistas sobre Jeff, para exponerlo, había descubierto mucho de él, al parecer trabajaba con magia negra, desapareció hacia mucho del mundo, haciéndose pasar por una historia falsa, había logrado hablar con el escritor de su historia, el cual afirmo haberlo conocido y haber sido testigo de lo que paso, en su momento escribió la historia como una forma de lidiar con el trauma, y tiempo después la publico, pero sabia que Jeff lo mataría eventualmente por haberlo hecho, sin embargo no lo hizo, quizás, por el mismo hecho de que le gustaba la atención.Sin embargo, David no iba a detener aquello, iba a exponer a Jeff aunque fuese lo ultimo que hiciera.El timbre lo trajo de vuelta a la realidad, alguien había tocado a su puerta, David se levanto de su despacho, su esposa e hijos habían salido por las compras asi que estaba solo. Abrió la puerta encontrándose con una invitada peculiar.- ¿si puedo…Nina? – David quizás no la hubiera reconocido de no ser por las marcas en su cara y el parche en su ojo, tenia esa mirada fría y vacía como el ultimo día que la vio, pero ahora era una mujer, de 19 años.- Detective David O’Brain…ha pasado demasiado tiempo – su voz, como siempre cortante.- no esperaba…verte – dijo algo sorprendido – oh, ven, pasa – dijo invitándola a pasar, la chica se encamino dentro de la casa, lucia muchísimo mas delgada que cuando era joven.- Vine a hacer algo a la ciudad, y pase a saludar – comento la chica mirando alrededor con su único ojo.- oh, ya veo… ¿Cómo has estado? Supe que te internaron en un orfanato después de tu recuperación -.- si…y escape al mes – dijo sin mas, mirándole sobre el hombro – no me gusta la gente extraña, a decir verdad, jamas me han gustado –.- ¿y como has…? – - dejemos de hablar de mi, hablemos de usted, ¿su familia esta bien?, supe que…lo despidieron, lamento eso, me siento algo responsable, al fin y al cabo usted se creyó lo de Jeff y lo despidieron a cabo de eso -.- ¿Qué dices? No, no no, Jeff existe, tu misma… ¿has ido a terapia a caso? – Nina soltó una risa amarga y sarcástica.- ¿terapia dice? Por favor… - volteo entrando a la sala de estar, con las manos en el bolsillo de su gabardina.- no no, tu misma fuiste su víctima, lo vimos, ¿Por qué ahora dices eso? -.- porque solo fueron alucinaciones, me diagnosticaron esquizofrenia, ¿recuerda? – dijo alzando una ceja y mirándole, el psicólogo del hospital la había tratado y con todo lo sucedido le diagnosticaron esquizofrenia traumática – explico.- pero…uhg, espera, traeré mis archivos – dijo el hombre queriendo exponer sus pruebas, subió al segundo hiendo a su despacho, empezó a tomar unos papeles, pero algo no le cuadro…ella misma dijo que era Jeff, incluso juro que iba a matarlo, sus palabras no concordaban con la de alguien “curado” y que asimilaba sus alucinaciones, ¿verdad? Parecía tan…rencorosa.David de pronto miro a la puerta, medito y antes de bajar, se sentó en su escritorio, empezando a teclear la base de datos de la policía de chicago, aún tenía acceso gracias a la ayuda de Erika, empezó a buscar los datos de Nina en el sistema…NadaNina no existía, no había ningún rastro, en su lugar, estaban otros nombres, eran las fotos de sus familiares, pero con otros nombres, y según los archivos habían muerto, todos, incluso la hija mayor había fallecido en el hospital y tenía un acta de difusión.David no pudo entender lo que leía, busco incluso los datos de internación en el hospital, y su revisión psicológica, no existía tal cosa porque esa persona que buscaba no existía.- ¿Qué…? -.- al menos… - la voz de Nina se escuchó por el pasillo mientras se asomaba por la puerta con una escopeta en mano, Nina tenía esa misma mirada fría de siempre, como si lo que estaba haciendo no tuviera importancia.- ¿Qué demonios…? – David se mantuvo en su sitio, buscando su arma bajo el escritorio - ¿Cómo…? –- solo lo hacké, hace unos años, acta de nacimiento, incluso la existencia de mis padres dejo de existir, y de Chris – explico – si si, Jeff existe, bravo detective, misterio resuelto, ¿ahora va a querer saber un poco de la verdad antes de que riegue sus sesos al suelo? – - ¿Por qué haces esto…? ¿de qué hablas? -.- ja…Jeff es un asesino, pero no es un tipo convencional, bueno, eso lo sabemos tu y yo ¿verdad? – Explico – pero no es solo él…son varios, es como…si viviesen en otro plano – explico la pelinegro – o como una secta secreta, pero tenemos que no existir en la sociedad para tener más acceso a ese otro sitio donde esta Jeff…si quiero llegar a él, debo hacer lo mismo que él –- ¿Qué? ¿Matar y desaparecer? Nina tu… -- ah no, cállese, nada de moral, ni de si Chris le gustaría verme así, ¡me importa una mierda! Ellos están muertos, ¡muertos! Y lo único que me mantiene con vida…es mi odio a Jeffrey Woods – explico – usted se interpone en eso, usted es el único que sabe que existo, y que puede poner el peligro el que yo no mate a Jeff…si el mundo supiera que el existe y la policía lo buscase como un asesino más, ¿Qué crees que pasaría? –- ¿Qué…? –- ¡el bastardo se mataría! ¡Quitándome a mí, mi único deseo! No permitiré que eso pase…perdóneme detective – sus disculpas sonaron hipócritas – no es personal, y agradezco su intento de hacer justicia, pero la única justicia que yo quiero es por mi propia mano – explico Nina, David no dejo que terminara, y sacó su pistola, bien cargada y disparo al pecho de Nina…pero ninguna bala salió.- ¿Qué demo…? –- ah… que audaz – Nina rio amargamente – otra cosa de los asesinos como nosotros, es que…no somos convencionales – dijo Nina mientras de la habitación empezaba a salir púas negra por todos lados, que se volvieron manos, tomo su mano con su arma y la apunto a su cabeza – me ahorra el show – Nina levanto la escopeta y la guardo de nuevo en su gabardina mientras salía del despacho de David.- ¡NO, NINA-¡ - el grito fue cortado por el sonido de un disparo, y el cuerpo cayendo.La habitación volvió a la normalidad como si nada hubiera pasado, en la computadora no había ninguna búsqueda de Nina Hopkins, y la asesina salió por la puerta trasera, yéndose lejos de la vista de todos.Camino por las calles con total calma mientras su celular sonaba, la chica saco el teléfono, recibiendo un mensaje, un nombre, una dirección, y un pago, era lo necesario para cumplir el trabajo.- bien, a trabajar…duerma ahora detective, es una lástima… -.
Punk's Dead by Samrot
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Pokemon Lost silver - Celebi used Perish Song by NitrusBrio68
With Every Move, I Die by tonyboyy

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Tall, Thin and Faceless  by Ufazak360
BEN Drowned  by Ufazak360
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Juni (Creepypata OC) by Forevealuna
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Visual Creepypasta
For fandom the whole truth about Stasy The Killer Nowadays, in the Russian fandom creepypasta, everyone is actively discussing the girl who has nickname StasyTheKiller and her character named as well. Everyone is just fixated on 2016, when she fought for Nina, everyone is just fixated on 2017-2018, when she spread incredible facts about Jeff the kiler and everyone is angry at her for allegedly creating a fan-girl-oc for him in 2019, but is it really so? Guys, Stasy has been a fan-girl of Jeff for many, many years! You are obsessed with the years when StasyTheKiller was noticed by most of you (her popularity started to grow in 2016), but do you think that her character is new?It was worth starting with the fact that I personally communicated with the creator of Stasy for some time! I'm her classmate, we studied together from the first grade, but later (I don't remember, maybe in the 7th or 8th grade) I changed schools and we continued to communicate in VK. In 2014, I left the fandom, but recently I accidentally asked her ”do you still love creepypasta?". And StasyTheKiller told me everything that happened to her from 2015 to this day. My jaw dropped in shock!!! You all know that she translated a lot, wrote a lot, made friends with many people and quarreled, so let's skip this topic. I want to tell you about what happened when we were still in the same class with her (namely, her fascination with horror in the period from 2011 to 2014)So. From the first to the fourth grade, she was a simple girl, loved all sorts of girly cartoons (I remember in 2007-2010 were very popular “Winx club” Xd). But when StasyTheKiller came to the fifth grade, she talked more and more about cartoons like “Monster High”, “Corpse Bride”, and all sorts of emo and goth. I didn't see a pretty girl anymore. She was very modest, didn't talk to many people in class, everyone was used to the fact that this kind and naive child loves cartoons about fairies and other nonsense, so no one except me and a couple of people in the class didn’t know that StasyTheKiller was really into horror. Why am I writing this? Yes, because just in the fall of 2011, the popular story of Jeff the killer was written. Already in November, we noticed that StasyTheKiller started making some strange jokes about death and all sorts of nonsense. There was another boy in our class named Matvey. He became obsessed with Slenderman so much that by the spring of the following year he had reached hallucinations, he was taken to a psychologist, and fortunately he was cured. Creepypasta was at the peak of popularity at the time, and many guys throughout the school were really obsessed. Back to StasyTheKiller. She felt sorry for Matvey and I warned her that it would be better if she got involved with something other than Jeff, otherwise it might end badly. But that was the beginning, my friends.And now an important point: in DECEMBER 2011, STK CREATED STASY THE KILLER!1 ) We were kids and didn't know much English (we were 10-11 years old, we only learned the English alphabet a couple of years ago), so this explains the error in the character's name. But later she liked this writing and she began to specifically register in all social networks just like that (but this is already 2016)2 ) unlike Nina's creator, the author of Stasy didn’t register for any foreign sites (DeviantArt, Facebook, Twitter, etc.) at that time, and in Russia, she also didn’t talk to anyone in the comments, groups, so no one knew about her character. 3 ) art with Stasy Was first published in mid-December 2011. StasyTheKiller published it on her real page (the real page is the one where her real name and surname is, she communicates there with classmates, not with people from the fandom).In fact, Nina and Stasy were created almost simultaneously, but the only difference is that Alegotica12 immediately ran to publish Nina's story, created an account on DeviantArt in 2012 and instantly became famous while StasyTheKiller sat quietly and told only a few people from the class about Stasy. But the fact remains - the character is NOT NEW, and if you didn't know about her, it's not my problem. Stasy the killer was a fan of Jeff Woods for just a couple of weeks. In late 2011 or early 2012, StasyTheKiller found out about Jeff's canon and started watching the sesseur’s profile (which was created not so long ago at the time - July 25, 2011). At first, she couldn’t understand much, but then she learned that the story of Woods was written in 2011 (and at that time he didn’t even have a surname), and as a character, Jeff the killer has existed since 2008. Then she decided to fix something in her character. In the end of 2011, StasyTheKiller said that she was tired of the Jeff that burned, and she was interested in the Jeff that was doused with acid. None of the Jeffs had a surname at the time. "Jeff 2011" got the surname "Woods" in 2012 thanks to the story of Homicidal Liu, "Jeff 2008" also got the surname "Hodek" sometime in 2011 or 2012. StasyTheKiller continued just to read other people's stories and sometimes drew Stasy the killer. And for many years, her character also didn’t have a last name (the surname "Blackwood" appeared only in the spring of 2019, until this point it was just Stasy the killer) In the spring of 2015, StasyTheKiller wanted to compose a fan fiction. She knew Jeff's canon, Stasy was a Hodek fan, but in those days, her creator liked Woods more. StasyTheKiller wrote her first pretty cute fan fiction. I found the very first publication of that fan fiction (but there she calls her heroine Nastya, not Stasy, although there is no difference, because the full name sounds like Anastasia in both cases). now you are probably waiting for a link with the first publication of art with Stasy the killer. But I will disappoint you.1 )As I said, she was a Woods’ fan-girl for only a couple of weeks (mid-to-late December 2011) and was portrayed as a girl in a white hoodie and black jeans. When she became a Hodek’s fan-girl (December 2011 or January 2012), StasyTheKiller portrayed her as a girl in a gray skirt, black and pink socks, and a red HOODIE! Also Stasy was an emo girl with black hair and a pink line in her hair! But StasyTheKiller got involved with Woods again in 2015 and wrote those fan fictions. And then, in 2017, already almost an adult 16-year-old StasyTheKiller, decided not just to study the canon of Jeff, but also to distribute it in the Russian fandom. She abandoned her character for almost a year and spent all of 2018 fighting for Jeff's canon. And now, in 2019, she rewrote the story of Stasy the killer, !changed the red hoodie to a shirt!, and also !made Stasy a blonde, because Jeff Hodek became a blonde in 2016, she also added a blue strand of hair, because blue is Hodek's favorite color!, and this was also mentioned in the story of Stasy the killer. Also, StasyTheKiller mentioned in her Ref that this character is from 2015 and there she meant the fan fiction written in the spring of 2015!, the character was created in 2011. Also in that Ref there is a certain Stasy with brown hair and a scar on her face, but this is a separate story about how in March 2019 StasyTheKiller reconciled with the haters and they tried to help her update her emo girl... but they betrayed her. StasyTheKiller removed that remake and returned to the old version, changing the hair color and replacing the red hoodie with a shirt. 2 ) Family conflict - the reason why all the evidence and the first publications of Stasy the killer were deleted. Mother of StasyTheKiller didn't know that creepypasta is a fandom of killers. She perceived this fandom as another cartoons/dolls that StasyTheKiller was fond of as a child in 2005-2013 (Bratz, Winx, Totally Spies, Monster High etc), but when she saw that her daughter writes fan fiction about how her character kills people, she was scared and banned her creepypasta (August 2015). StasyTheKiller said that there was a scandal and her mother made her DELETE EVERYTHING related to this fandom. So all of her art from 2011 to 2015 has been removed and I can't prove to you that Stasy the killer is a long-standing character. I understand that you are all surprised, even not many Russians knew everything from beginning to end. So don't write "you're lying" or "where's the evidence?!" There is no evidence. As I said, her mother made her delete everything in 2015. StasyTheKiller started showing activity here in 2018. And if you didn't know about it before, it doesn't mean that she is new. Just stop hating. I know that these people are so nasty that they are able to calculate personal data and throw correspondence under the door. StasyTheKiller also told me that in the summer of 2019, these people even hacked her real page (not StasyTheKiller, but the one where she communicates with classmates) and found her aunt and even wrote to her! How do I know everything? Hey, I've been communicating with StasyTheKiller since first class (since 2007)! I know this girl. She is quite nice and nice to talk to. Yes, since 2011, she's become obsessed with Jeff, but that hasn't stopped our friendship in any way. I just want people to know the truth, and not discuss this 2018, which was the peak of the heyday of the Jeff’s canon in Russia. Now you know the whole truth, but please don’t arrange a barrage of criticism/hatred in the comments....
Emilly (Youtube Video) by KupcakeKitty
Hime-San by SketchyOwlet
HELP by Hekkoto
Comics and Memes
No tenderness - PG23 by GongpoMochi


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The boy’s parents are both abusive to him, so his mom deserved to get called that
Extra0rdinaryCPasta Featured By Owner Oct 25, 2018  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I’m nervous just asking it ok if I submit my comic about my monster oc rescuing a Hispanic boy? He’s bilingual but the only “offensive” thing I can think of is his dad calling his wife a “puta”, they’re both Hispanic too though. I submitted pages but quickly withdrew them because I didn’t want to offend again
Eclipse-The-Awesome Featured By Owner Oct 26, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
That's fine! By all means, you can have people of color in your stories even as villains. Human beings are like, copyrighted. Swear in whatever language you want. 
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