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Now Lie in It

There’s No Such Thing as "You Made Your Bed, Now Lie in It"

You don't have to be stuck in the past.

For many people raised in abusive, neglectful, or dysfunctional families, the message "you made your bed, now lie in it" is a common life philosophy taught and promoted throughout childhood.

Lisa Ferentz

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I love your description. I have known too many raised in those types of situations who thought it gave them a free pass to do nothing with their lives.

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Social welfare is a complex issue and you're right about wasting lives. Every story is different.
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Blankets under mail boxes, with a story to be told. Great find! :clap:

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Quite surrealistic, n'est pas? :o

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It is. Blankets for the homeless, perhaps?

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wonderful image and yes, easier said then done

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Thanks 😉Head shrinks have high hopes.
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Procrustes had an iron bed on which he compelled his victims to lie. Here, if a victim was shorter than the bed, he stretched him by hammering or racking the body to fit. Alternatively, if the victim was longer than the bed, he cut off the legs to make the body fit the bed’s length. In either event the victim died.

This is what happens when you let others make you bed for you!

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Ah, but all this is easier said than done 😡
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All rich cities have their dark side.
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Yes they do - but I have become horrified by the level of poverty and neglect I have seen in UK cities... :-(

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