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Lower Town

along the Rhone River in Avignon, France
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Canon EOS 6D Mark II
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1/83 second
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70 mm
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Dec 27, 2020, 12:29:15 PM
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I got an idea for another beer of the week. Somewhere at the Vaucluse, a craft brewery called "Biéres des Cigales" makes a tasty local beer. Unfortunately I wasn't able to get some information about it at the web (and I am good in that!). I know that I drank it often at the Restaurant "Le vieux café" at Uzès. Maybe you can find out more?

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Thanks 🍻There are lots of quality breweries around. I remember a few years ago when the big breweries were buying and closing down the small ones. In the north of France Pelforte and Jeanlain closed down many of the local brews. 😭

If you can't beat them, join them. If you can't do that, buy them! The law of the bigger ones. We are lucky in Switzerland that many craft breweries aren't stock companies so it isn't so easy to buy them. But there are also losts. For example the very iniative brewery "Brasserie des trois Dames" at Ste-Croix. They announced last summer, that they will shut down at the end of 2020. Very sad! At least, the owner keeps the rights at the name, so maybe a comeback sometimes? Let's keep the fingers crossed!

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The smaller breweries are under a lot of pressure because they sold a lot of beer to bars and restaurants and that market is nonexistent with the covid situation. :-{

That was also one of the speculations why the mentioned brewery at the Jura decided to leave the business. However, there was no official or inoffical announcement so we don't know it.

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love these old places the history that goes with it if wall could talk

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Thanks. I like that too and we have a lot them around here. I prefer to shoot the ones that are not restored.
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:) so cool ... I love such stuff :D

... and I also like the contrast between the left and the right part :D

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Thanks! I think it's important to show people what we are losing through forgetfulness.

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:nod: ... it's really astonishing how fast demolished stuff disappears from the thoughts, if you ask people a couple of month later what it was, how it looked like, they mostly can't tell you anything about it

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I always said the same thing for politics. Most people seem to forget the past yet it can be easily repeated.

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... yes, people tend to remember mostly only positive thinks

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Gorgeous,my dear -creative composition

Welcome-visit me,pls!

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Thank yoooooou :)

I often visit you :gallery:

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Appreciate- dear friend-have a great day !

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Thanks a bunch 🙂
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Buildings might look abbandoned and not nice, but the photo itself is beautiful. Great capture of an aspect of life.

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There is often some beauty in the abandoned as well as a feeling of regret. Thank you.
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D'une autre époque !

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Oui, elles ont vécu 🙏
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