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Don't Push!

One of my last new pictures for a while.
The Canon around my neck didn't make it around the next corner and pushed me back.
After a week in the hospital everything seems to be ok.
Just a broken hand and a lot of scrapes and bruises but no more cameras.
One memory card survived ;)
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Image size
2173x3260px 8.23 MB
Shutter Speed
10/300 second
Focal Length
10 mm
ISO Speed
Date Taken
Oct 20, 2015, 2:40:18 PM
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"Adventure" at its real definition.  You are a man and I am not going to say "sorry" because that will make 'soft'.  Just a tough experience.  Go there again and you will be wiser next time around!  all the best- heal soon!    :D (Big Grin) 
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As a mountain climber I had lived many adventures but this was quite strange because I was doing nothing adventurous.
Falling 20 meters does leave a mark in the memory cells ;) Before hitting the water I had accepted my death. In the water it was like a resurection.
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A nasty experience - I believe and imagine.  I did not want to say sorry but, I now feel sorry for that as you've unpacked some details.  Not an experience one would like a repeat on.  That you are still alive; is just great.  Heal soon, friend!        Wink/Razz 
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Oh no! Poor you.
At least you did not fall in here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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yes, I did, 2 minutes later. This was the last shot. It was a miracle!
jennystokes's avatar
You fell down there????????
Sweetlylou's avatar
Oulàlà ! J'espère que tu vas mieux !
organicvision's avatar
Merci Lou :hug: J'avais beaucoup de chance, après une chute de 20 métres. Je n'ai q'une fracture à la main et beaucoup de contusions.
J'ai fini ma chute dans l'eau sans perte de connaissance. Je me déplace un peu maintenant mais sans appareil à photo.Waaaah! 
Sweetlylou's avatar
C'est effrayant ce que tu me raconte là ! Heureuse d'apprendre que ce n'est pas trop grave même si cela doit être handicapant !  Je te souhaite de vite te remettre. Tes belles photos vont nous manquer ! :hug:
organicvision's avatar
C'était effrayant pour moi, mais sans graves conséquences. Il faut que je revois mes archives... 
Merci chère amie :heart:
Sweetlylou's avatar
Prenez soin de vous cher voisin :hug:
channellehazel's avatar
Oh gosh, hope you're OK! That's sad about your camera. :c Will you be buying a new one?
organicvision's avatar
Thanks Channelle. I'm ok considering the accident. My doctor says I should be up and running in a about 6 weeks.
I'm aiming to reinvest in a new camera but I'm not sure when. I have some time to think about it with my broken hand in a cast ;)
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pleased to hear you are home, time to relax now.
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Now it's time for insurance claims,work organization, etc.
but it is good to be back.
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Have you still got your lumix or was it your other camera, or did they both go with you?
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I lost all my cameras including my new found gopro and even my cell phone, I'm happy to still be alive and walking even if it's difficult for the moment. Anyway with the brace on my hand it would be hard to take photos ;)
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Agree all our camera etc don't mean anythink in comparison to health. I find I can use either hand for writing but not as good as my right hand
Arrheikin's avatar
gute Besserung

will there be a "new Camera" project at Your profile where one can dump äh donate points?
organicvision's avatar
That might be a good idea but I might have to wait too long. In any case there will be a certain limbo.......
WalnutHill's avatar
Oh no!  :hug:   Good health to you quickly!  :hug:  :sniff:  Sorry about the cameras - they can be replaced, you can not be replaced!  :hug:

organicvision's avatar
Thank you so much :hug: I thought this was the end and you're right the cameras were not my biggest concern.
It's great to be alive:heart:
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:hug: I am glad you will be well!! :tighthug: 

seek-and-hide's avatar
Prenez soin cher ami, je l'espère vous récupérez bientôt.Hug 
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