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Oreo reference sheet 2019 UPDATED VERSION

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  • Dec 11, 2003
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My Bio

I'm mostly a gamer which my old account used to be Moonstar2016, which this is my newer account from moving. But here I'll be posting, animation, gaming, thumbnails (if needed), and other random crap you might like. My age is not much important right now, except my bio, which ALSO means I'll be busy often on my channel as I make speedpaints/bases, and my gaming videos, and the same with high school.

Yes you may find me as an annoying child but I can reassure you, I only set my own opinions, which, if you don't like, don't get mad it's only what I think. I can request art trades, and/or art requests if you'd like. If you'd like to make me fanart, go ahead I'm not gonna mind and send me it on my Twitter account (which I'll link too lol) or comment page below this bio.

Pretty much that's all. I'm also wanting to experience how to animate on SFM, so some help or tutorials on explaining as best as you can to me will do. Also, thank you SOO much to my friends for making me the fanart for my profile!!

Oreo reference sheet 2019 UPDATED VERSION
Meet the artist

Favourite Visual Artist
Gildedguy, Sagutoyas, WeHaveCandy, thegreatrouge, SquigglyDiggs, Torriku Sotaru (Animator on Youtube), Emala Jiss, Roseshards, GinjaNinjaOwO (aka skitea.), yumuchii
Favourite Movies
My little pony the movie, Ralph Breaks the Internet, Zootopia, Melanie Martinez: K-12, Coco, Little witch academi, DF: the movie, Onward
Favourite TV Shows
Mlp, Eddsworld (Ik it's not a tv show but I consider it one) Steven Universe, Ed, Edd n Eddy, Little witch academia, the boondocks, she-ra and the princesses of power (Basically a cartoon network old fan)
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
CG5, Dagames, Blixemi, Melanie Martinez (CRYBABY FAN YAY!!!), Three days grace, Breaking Benjamin, SquigglyDiggs
Favourite Books
Warrior Cats: "Omen of the stars" series, "Rise of Scourge" Manga, "Fnaf The Twisted Ones", Batim "Dreams come to life", Batim "Employees handbook", "The witch's house" manga
Favourite Writers
Erin Hunter
Favourite Games
FNaF, Cattails, WoW, Minecraft, BATIM, Cuphead, D:BH, Stardew valley, Undertale, The Witch's House, IB, Little Misfortune, Little witch academia: Chambers of time, hollow knight, Just Shapes & Beats, Tattletail(pretty much my most favorited game)
Favourite Gaming Platform
Steam, Battlenet, Discord.
Tools of the Trade
(Have NO idea what the hell this means)
Other Interests
Gaming, Youtube, Animation, Drawing, Writing, Roleplaying, Voice Acting

Donation Pool


To start off simple, if you really like my drawings and my personality, then you can donate here. Honestly, it doesn’t matter reallly if there’s 5 or 1, everything counts just by giving it your best.

2/100 points

Toy house codes ya'll???

Toy house codes ya'll???

I'm wanting to make a toy house account for someone special, and yet also I need a code to give them in order to make one. If ya'll have any codes, NOTE ME! Please, this is in order to prevent others from taking the code in the comments instead.



I found a site that can code like DA!!!! https://toyhou.se/OreotheCookieArtist Here's what my profile looks like so far! I actually really like this! I will tweak around and see if I can mess with the coding a bit and get it to match my DA's profile code

artri.se discord link (replacement for DA)

artri.se discord link (replacement for DA)

Since DA is now going to be forcing ALL old deviantart artists to use eclipse THIS LATE MAY, I might as well give the link to this server for everyone to go to this place than DA. https://discord.gg/ywd3Qxy join if ya'll don't want to switch to eclipse. Some popular deviantartists are switching to this server too. And who knows, maybe I'll meet ya there :3 Anyways, the server is quite nice so far. If you guys are looking to find a place other than DA'S new eclipse coming, then look no further than to the discord Artri.se. I've joined there myself to see if I'll like it better than DA. For now, I will keep using DA until this late may when th

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eY there

OreotheCookieArtistHobbyist Digital Artist


Thanks for the watch keep up the amazing art
OreotheCookieArtistHobbyist Digital Artist

np! Thank you for compliment! ^^

Your welcome my friend you deserve it