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we drew trees

i'm running out of ideas for titles for this series of pictures. ha!

a friend from perceptual drawing; i hope she doesn't mind I took this.. I didn't ask, but i didn't want it to seem unnatural or whatever. -shrug-

minolta x-570, full view please
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The browns (and I think a cloudy sky) in this photo allow the other colors - the lighter skin, the by-comparison-glossy purple, the green - to engage the viewer. The background definitely does not go to waste: there's a man approaching a corner which itself seems to be a tree. In the foreground is a student lost in her work, focused on what is ahead but also strangely behind her. Taking this apart into geometric elements reveals that the negative space, the lawn, isn't just canvas that the artist didn't know how to use. It emerges from the other elements being arranged just the right way.
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thanks, someone once told me they didn't like this picture because of the guy in the background but I don't think it really takes away from it..
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Good depth of field and the natural expression on a face really makes this work as an image i think :)
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thank you, I like this one the most so i'm glad you like it :)