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Here's Thundercracker. He's standing on the open jaw of the docking tower, the telescoping exit from Decepticon Headquarters beneath the Pacific Ocean.
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Thundercracker is the best decepticon.

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Two thumbs way up! :D
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He looks ready. :)
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He's quite daring for someone who's unsure of himself.
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He gonna jump
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This looks awesome! Amazing job! XD
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TC!!!! He hates when someone calls him like that, right? I don't care!!! Favourite Decepticon!!!
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Holy cow! :wow: It looks like it came from the show! :omfg: Awesome!! :D
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Your welcome. :D
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Great posing! I love how it looks like it's right from the show. Great work! :thumbsup:
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Thundercracker Kicks Awesome!!!
:heart: Thundercracker :heart:
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Awesome picture! I like anything having to do with Thundercracker or any other seeker so, this oic was complete awesomness! ^_^
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it's Almost if He's Saying Sky I Hear Your Call and I Answer!!!

Thank You for Sharing
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Very nice Thundercracker! I still need to learn shading and whatnot,
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YAY-SEEKERS-I love seekers....okay corestion I lov eanythign with wings....or door wings....but thats not my fault....!
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