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Wallpaper: Me Myself and FF

... combined to form the ultimate power of Final Fantasy Advent Children!!!

this looks kind of retarded but it serves as an okay wall paper.


for the original images that made this wall paper.. go

Sephy's half: [link]
Cloud's Half: [link]


hmm added a semi transparent border thing mwahahhaha...

[link] 1280 x 800 wallpaper version for you guys lucky enough to have wide screen. : P
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This is really quite amazing! :)

I love Final Fantasy VII Advent Children! :)

And you've made something amazing! :)

Thanks for sharing. :)


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I really like the composition of it. Very nice :D
See my hot pic here - HotGirls
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That... is.... AMAZING!!! I LOVE IT!!!! <3
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Cloud would say : great work ! ^^
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Hi Orenji-Kun really love this image was just wondering can I print it on to say my phone case or something,
Or do you have it for sale somewhere?

If you could let me no that be great. Massive fan of FF7 and this work look create on my new case I'm getting.
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wow!!! that's amazing! :horny: revamp it's like staring at a tasty chocolate cake!
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Great work! Only minor thing I think could've been done better: the rough line that splits them apart.. I think it would've looked better if it was smudged ever so slightly so you don't get that rough line down the middle.
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This is incredible :D Nice job
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I like the combination of the two pictures but I wish you had made the side characters a little bit more detailed as well. It just seems the art style used in Sephiroth's and Cloud's drawing is different to the rest
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FF7:AC is one of my favorite movies. So, I love this.  It shows a good representation of the members of the teams.  Nice.
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great little mashup
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