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+Vizard Ichigo+

By Orenji-kun
Vizard Ichigo from BLEACH.. Because he is badass.

Ichigo Kurosaki is © Kubo Tite
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© 2008 - 2021 Orenji-kun
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il est trop classe
OptiMario94's avatar
This is so badass!!
shadowdotm's avatar
Badass Ichigo!
NobleWolf1990's avatar
I actually bought this at OTAKON 2010, and to this today it still on my wall. :)
ASkinnyWhiteGuy's avatar
This is epic. Made even more epic by listening to Skillet's song "Live Free or Let Me Die".
Citthru's avatar
it looks great!!!
Pudgyfudge's avatar
I like how you got the blowing wind effect
LexCorp213's avatar
wow! looks awesome!
HayleyFeatRuki's avatar
it's awesome!!!!!!! may i ask you how you did the coloration? (in which program maybe too?)
chaos-of-vinnie's avatar
Wow awesome perspective. I love the colours, and his nose, mouth and the way you've done his hair.
Kaishiru's avatar
I have to fave this because it looks so amazing~
r-o-b-i-n-i's avatar
Wow! Really amazing! I love how his cloths blend and how realistic his hair looks! To me, he looks kind of childlike in this .. I love it!
GoblinCrusher94's avatar
I like how you gave his hair some realistic movement instead of going for the static animé look, it really makes the whole image pop. ;)
Mgon's avatar
Very nice work.
TheRevfoREVer's avatar
Wow! :D This piece is great! I love the colors! Nice piece here! :D
DAfela's avatar
coshyr's avatar
niiiice work mate !!
steole's avatar
thats amazing bro
Tanglecolors's avatar
yes he is, yes he is.
prettypinkwhale's avatar
kaiguy's avatar
that is 2 bloody frikin cool
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